10 PC Games that require few requirements

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and we can see this reflected in any area of ​​our lives. In the world of videogames this advance does not go unnoticed and we see more and more games with greater graphic potential and much wider worlds. This implies that if we want to continue playing the most current games, our teams will suffer more and more to execute them., since they require us more power.

On platforms such as consoles, we do not have this problem, because instead of needing to improve the equipment, it is the developers who seek to optimize their games to be executed on each system. This does not happen on the PC where we, the users, must configure the game or our equipment to enjoy video games in a stable way, that is why In this article we are going to help you by making a top of the 10 best games to which we can play with an old or more humble team.

What are the requirements of a game?

Video games are software that require hardware to function, these requirements range from processor, graphics, memory type and quantity, or the operating system itself. The newer the game is, it usually asks for more power and more modern and current hardware. But there are exceptions and that is indie games despite being new, tend to run on older hardware and with the lowest ranges.

Another point to keep in mind is that buying a new computer does not necessarily give you access to all current games, since there are different ranges of components, so an old high-end computer will continue to be much more capable than a new computer. mid-range or low-end. We can see this especially in the range of laptops, where we can find completely new computers that are not capable of moving the most basic games. This is because the components of these laptops are inexpensive or built into the motherboard itself and are designed for the most everyday tasks.

To ensure that our PC meets the requirements of a game, it is best to use the program CPU-Z and make sure that the components of our computer are compatible with the minimums required by the game in question. The game requirements can be seen in the Steam or Epic store itself.

The 10 best games with few requirements

Diablo 2 resurrected

It is a classic among classics that has been resurrected with a new and very renewed graphic section. This video game is about a Old-fashioned RPG, where farming and creating our team is a very important part of the game. The original version dates from the year 2000 and revolutionized the action role genre, becoming a pioneer in this type of video game.

The video game stands out for its depth when creating our character and improving it to unsuspected limits, creating a monster capable of destroying numerous amounts of enemies in one hit. We have multiplayer mode up to 8 player co-op via Battlenet. In addition to sharing our experience annihilating demons with 7 other companions, we can also trade and duel with them, thus making a game with infinite possibilities, from which we never stop discovering secrets.

We can buy Diablo 2 Resurrected in the Battlenet store for € 39,99


Minecraft can not be missing in any top worth its salt, much less in this case, we are looking for the best performance with the least hardware. It is a game of Action role in which we interact with an open world based on construction and farming. We can also share the experience with friends through the network and face the challenges that each world brings us.

While the game is huge, its graphics are anything but demanding, so any team will be able to move it around without a problem. Its duration is infinite so we will not detach ourselves from our PC if we do not want in many hours.

We can buy Minecraft on Steam for € 19,99

Counter Strike GO

The father of competitive first-person shotters, it is also an undemanding game when it comes to hardware as it uses a fairly old base and has been little changed over the years. Although the game graphically is not very attractive, it is the most fun we can find if we want an online shooting game.

The premise is simple, a battle breaks out between two teams and we choose whether to be the police or the terrorists, Our only mission is to win on the contrary, we choose the side that we choose, the weapons and skills will be the same and we will depend exclusively on our aim. Of course, the police will have to deactivate the explosive that the terrorist has placed and if you are the terrorist you will have to prevent the police from deactivating it.

We can buy CSGO on Steam for free

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition

This time we refer to the strategy game par excellence for PC, it could not be other than the immortal Age of Empires in its final high definition version. Yet with these improvements the game has quite low minimum requirements and he will be able to run on almost any team.

The remastered version of this classic includes 3 campaigns and 4 civilizations with which to spend countless hours creating our armies to conquer enemy territory, now with improved graphics but maintaining the essence that captivated us more than a decade ago.

We can buy AOE 2 DE on Steam for € 19,99

Stardew Valley

Jewel, is the perfect word to describe this game, rated by both players and critics as a masterpiece despite what it may seem for its retro aesthetic. It may seem simple but the game involves a deep and long adventure like few others, in it we have to give life to the old farm that we inherited from our grandfather.

The premise seems simple, but in this role-playing game we will not only have to take care of all the cultivation and livestock of our farmIf not, we will also have to be aware of relationships with the rest of the farming community and to improve both our character and our home. We have the possibility to explore other farms.

We can buy Stardew Valley on Steam for € 13,99

Two Point Hospital

If, like me, you are one of those who enjoyed the mythical Theme Hospital 20 years ago, you will surely enjoy this Two Point Hospital, it is a strategy and resource management game in which we take charge of a hospital that does not stop arrive crazy patients and we must attend to them whatever their ailment.

Our goal will be to take care that our patients arrive safely at their respective consultations and leave our hospital completely healthy.. A sense of humor abounds as well as tension when we fight with great epidemics or cold waves among other events.

We can buy the fun Two Point Hospital on Steam for € 34,99


Survival and open world come together in this spectacular game that proposes us to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where our enemies are the rest of online players. They will try to kill us and rob us to get our resources, using weapons or traps.

We will start the adventure empty-handed But while exploring, we will discover raw materials and recipes to make our home, such as weapons or work tools. Time is short since danger is always lurking and we do not know what we are going to find, since the enemies can ally to go against us if we have many resources and we are well armed.

We can buy Rust on Steam for € 39,99

Fall Guys

Game that caused a sensation in times of pandemic was this party game full of yellow humor style mini games that unites us in a fun proposal in which we compete with up to 60 players. The game consists of a series of tests and obstacle courses in which we must be faster than our rivals to win.

The technical section is quite simple so we will not have problems when executing it on our computer, no matter how basic it is.

We can buy the crazy Fall Guys on Steam for € 19,99

Among U

Another of those games that caused a sensation among the Streamers was this fun multiplayer, where we meet between 4 and 10 people, of these two groups are formed where two are impostors who want to kill the crew of a spaceship. While the objective of the crew is to carry out their morning duties on the ship, the impostors must wreak havoc by manipulating the ship.

Our actions will separate the crew and we will have to take advantage of when one of them is alone to kill him, since if another member of the crew sees us committing a murder he will give us away and the crew will expel us from the ship. Even after death the players continue playing as spectators without being able to interact with the rest, but doing missions.

We can acquire Among us on Steam for just € 2,99 now in promotion


We finish the top with what is both for the critic and for the player, one of the jewels of the last decade. Action and shooting with the typical mechanics of platforms that we can see in games like MetalSlug but with a nice aesthetic set in old cartoons, very similar to what the first Disney films were at the time in the 30s.

Make no mistake, its nice and pleasant aesthetic does not mean that we are facing a walk, the adventure stands out for its difficulty so crossing their macabre worlds full of enemies will be a challenge for our protagonist. An authentic masterpiece that we have to prove yes or yes, especially considering that almost any team will be able to run it with ease.

We can buy Cuphead on Steam for € 19,99

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