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Summer has already arrived, for many almost without realizing it, and for those afternoons in which the heat makes it impossible to go outside or at least it does not recommend it, there is no better plan than to watch a movie in the living room at home . It may also be a good idea to go to the movies to see one of the new releases. For all this today we want to propose 12 movies with which to enjoy this summer and have a good time.

In these 12 films there are all kinds and we can laugh a lot, but also cry and even scream with fear. Of course this is our list, but we will be happy if you tell us that we should not miss more movies this summer. Of course, for the record that we only provide you with the list of movies, where to see them and how to see them is up to you, although I hope you do not forget on any occasion the popcorn and either a soft drink or a good cold beer .

The minions

One of the most anticipated films of recent times is The Mininios, those little yellow beings who speak incomprehensibly and whose only mission is to serve the most villainous master they find. Despite being an animated film, it can make a person of any age smile and it can be the perfect movie to spend a pleasant afternoon at the cinema.

An important recommendation is that you do not try to understand the minions, because then you will lose the whole thread of the movie, trying to understand what Kevin or Stuart say.

Gru, my favorite villain

The Minions were not characters in a main film like the one that these days premiere in cinemas around the world, and that is They made their first appearance in Despicable Me Gru, a new animated comedy with which your children will surely laugh non-stop, and you may even end up crying with laughter. If you also want to continue with the laughs you can see the second part of this film.

Ready to be the most villainous villain in the galaxy?


Although Pixels will not be released in theaters until next July 24 in theaters, we can already see the official trailer at all times in the television commercials.

The movie, apart from being a big geek, it doesn't look bad. Let's read part of its official synopsis; «In 1982, NASA sent a capsule into space in the hope of contacting other life forms. It included examples from our life and culture. It was intended to be a message of peace, but there was a misunderstanding ... Some aliens They have sent real video games to attack us«.

Does anyone still doubt that we should go to see her this summer at the movies?

Gran Torino

A summer without enjoying a movie, not to say a masterpiece, of Clint Eastwood it is not a summer. For this list we have chosen Gran Torino, although any of the films by this legendary actor would make us enjoy and have a pleasant time this summer.

Ready for a dose of the best Eastwood?. Of course, do not try to imitate him because he is inimitable and could also bring you dire consequences.


This terrifying movie where the Spanish actress Macarena Gómez embroiders a macabre roleIt may be one of the best dramatic films to hit theaters in recent times. Now that it is available to watch it at home, relaxed on the sofa, it must be one of the essential films of this summer.

Of course, before launching yourself to see it, you should know that there is blood everywhere and a good handful of unpleasant scenes not suitable for all stomachs and that can turn anyone's stomach. Even if it is summer, take a small blanket and every time things get ugly, cover what eyes that do not see ...



There is no complete summer if a great film classic and we have decided to include Casablanca, the legendary film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and that we have all seen on several occasions, but that it is never too much to see again to enjoy it. You know, this summer play it one more time and take it out of its box to put it on the living room DVD.

If you have already seen Casablanca too many times, you can replace it with another great classic of all those there to enjoy.

San Andres

Despite the heat that makes these days one of the best places to be is in the cinema and watching for example San AndresWhere Dwayne Johnson It will give us a huge dose of action and special effects, sometimes not very credible.

In this film, Johnson plays a rescue helicopter pilot who has a huge number of problems in his life, to which is added a huge earthquake of no more and no less than magnitude 9 on the San Andreas fault.

Does the thing promise true?.


It was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of this 2015 and it is already on the billboards around the world J. In this film we will see many dinosaurs and as it happened in Jurassic Park the project does not go as expected And it ends in a tragedy that will keep us glued to the cinema chair. Luckily you won't have to run to save yourself, although I don't know if you'll be able to eat too much popcorn.

If you have not seen the original film, do not worry, it does not matter since you can position yourself perfectly and enjoy this new installment without problem.

Ted 2

Summer is to laugh and enjoy and Ted, that cheeky and daring teddy bear to the utmost limits, may be the perfect character for you to laugh until you cry. He already showed us what he was capable of in the first of his films and it seems that in this second he is ready to overcome it.

We broke down with laughter at the first of Ted's movies, but if you didn't find it funny or found it disgusting, maybe it's a better idea to pick another movie from the list. Ted in this second enters continues in the line of the first or even worse. You are warned.

Road to Perdition

If a summer without a Clint Eastwood movie is not a normal summer, another without seeing Paul Newman, with its usual swagger, it won't be a good summer either. Road to Perdition was one of the last films in which this great actor participated and if you allow me I can tell you that it is one of my favorite films. If you have not seen it yet, I can only highly recommend it..

Are you ready to go your way to doom at the hand of Paul Newman?


In the last times Spanish comedy films have raised the bar and Primos is one of those that no one should stop watching, this summer, this winter or next year, although our recommendation is that if you have not seen it yet, you will sit down any day this summer to see you and laugh without stopping.

If you need a short synopsis of this movie, because being Spanish you doubt it (something normal), you have to know that the groom is abandoned 5 days before his wedding, but he decides to show up at church in case the bride regrets later embark on an endless adventure.

Kill Bill

To close this list I have not been able to resist putting here a quentin tarantino movie. I have specifically chosen Kill Bill It is certainly not the best film by the bloody director, but it can be to almost everyone's taste, although I already warn you that we are going to see blood everywhere.

Despite the fact that it came to the big screen divided into two parts, it is a single film with a duration of more than 4 hours. You can start by watching the first part, and finish with the second if you haven't fallen asleep and bored with the first, which can be perfectly.

¿Ready to slip into a yellow jumpsuit and be the closest thing to Uma Thurman you've ever seen?.

These are our 12 recommendations for moviegoers this summer and now we just hope that you like each and every one of the films that we have proposed, but I also would not like that now you are the ones who recommend us some, whatever the type, so that we can expand this list. It will also serve for those who have already seen most of the movies on this list can continue to see more and enjoy the summer.

You can send us your list of films for this summer through the space reserved for comments that you will find a little below or through one of the social networks in which we are present.

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