38 Chrome extensions from 2014 that you will continue to use in 2015

most used Chrome extensions

The Google Chrome browser can be one of the best tools to use, if it is increased or added, certain number of "extensions" that practically, make it a completely different work environment. As in Mozilla Firefox their respective "add-ons" are presented, this small group of tools is intended for their users to use the Internet browser instead of downloading third-party applications to install on Windows or any other operating system.

There were a lot of extensions for Google Chrome that were proposed during 2014, which became the most used and the ones that offered the best work to those who used the browser and the functions offered by these «extensions». There are a total of 38 that we will deal with below, which you can use on any platform as long as it accepts Google Chrome as a web browser on its system.

Why use extensions for Google Chrome?

Depending on the type of extensions that we add to Google Chrome, the browser could become in a music player, file viewer and even, in an office suite to handle within your environment. Most of the Google Chrome extensions do not require a browser restart as all of them are found hosted in the Chrome store, There are very few exceptions in which the user will have to download them from third party websites.

  • 1. Sticky Notes Collector

This extension for Google Chrome is intended to help users send notes from one computer to another. The only requirement is that both teams are synchronized.


  • 2. Mute Inactive Tabs

If you are listening to music from the web in Google Chrome, with this extension you will have the possibility to "mute" the volume and thus, comfortably work on any other additional task.


  • 3. Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail

This extension is primarily synchronized with our Gmail email account. It will help us to keep all the messages that have arrived in the inbox organized.


  • 4. Unsticker Me

For those who hate to see the "stickers" in the comments of a Facebook message, this extension for Google Chrome will surely fascinate them because with it, these small graphics will not appear.


  • 5. Iodine's Medical Translator

With this extension for Google Chrome, your users will have the possibility to «translate »to basic English (understandable to everyone) what certain medical terms represent, which may be part of a prescription written by the specialist.


  • 6.Taco App

This extension creates a new "Desktop" to handle different types of tools within Google Chrome.


  • 7.DashNotes

If you find an image, text or any web page that is of interest to you, with this extension you can locate these elements as a small "foldable" note within the browser.


  • 8.Context Menu

In order to open the "bookmarks" tab in Google Chrome, you can use the keyboard shortcut · Shift + CTRL + O », although you could also install this extension so that an additional option is created in its context menu with the same objective.


  • 9. Annotate Attachments in Gmail

If you find an interesting image and want to include it as an attachment in your Gmail message, then use this extension to be able to perform the operation automatically.


  • 10. Graphi Tabs

If you want to check how your personal computer is organized and the different options in Google Chrome you could use this extension. In a very easy way, you will be shown a kind of "tree" with its respective branches.


  • 11.Fast Bookmark

From the same Internet browser you can search for any file on your computer (or in a specific folder).


  • 12. Remarkable PDF

You can add a text file to the browser window or import one found in the Drive service to automatically convert it into a PDF type.


  • 13. Notes for GMail

To remind you of an important aspect in an email message (or in one from gTalk) we recommend using this extension, which will place a small note.

thread note

  • 14. Tabs Board

If you want to use a voice command to be able to switch from one tab to another (among a few other operations) in the Google Chrome browser, then this extension will help you immensely.


  • 15.Block Sender

An excellent option to block messages from a specific sender or from a domain can be achieved with this extension.


  • 16.Complete For Gmail

Beyond being a spell checker, this extension for Google Chrome will help its users with certain suggestions of phrases and words to use in their messages.


  • 17. Draftable for Gmail

For those who have used attachments in their email messages (sent or received), this extension will easily differentiate them when they have the same name.


  • 18.Download Notifier

In fact, this extension even places a notification tool in the operating system. With this, any activity that reaches Chrome (messages in Gmail, YouTube or others) will appear as a small message in this icon in the notification bar.


  • 19.Balloon

With this tool we can save purchased articles, images or PDF files in a more creative (graphic) way within our cloud service (Drive or DropBox).

  • 20. ReplyNow

By using this extension for Google Chrome, a new column will be added to the inbox of our emails in Gmail. It offers chronological information on the messages.


  • 21. Now - new tab

With this extension the user can create a new "Card" in your Google Now service.


  • 22. Hush

If you want to protect bookmarks in Google Chrome you can use this extension.


  • 23. Now

Very useful for comparing prices and products from different stores.


  • 24. Faces.im

If you don't want to use the native tool to chat on Facebook, you can use this extension for Google Chrome.


  • 25.Music Bubbles

Specially dedicated to the Google Music service, this extension will place a floating menu with options to play, pause, fast forward and a few other options.


  • 26.Cache Killer

So that your Google Chrome browser always works quickly and efficiently, you could use this extension that eliminates data and cache before each execution in the browser.

Cache Killer

  • 27. Socioclip

With this extension, a user can create a certain number of bookmarks on the most important posts on his Facebook profile.


  • 28.Raindrop.io

The bookmarks that we have created in the Google Chrome browser can be easily read from another computer or mobile device with this extension.


  • 29.Helium

By using this extension for Google Chrome, you will have a window with important information about the weather, a direct access to your bookmarks and even a reader for the most important news from Reddit.


  • 30.Smart QrCode Generator

When you visit a web page, by using this extension for Google Chrome you will have the possibility to convert its information (the URL) into a QR code that can be easily read on mobile devices.


  • 31. Category Tabs for Google Keep ™

If you create different types of reminder notes in Google Chrome, with this extension you can give each of them a different color.


  • 32.Facebook Chat Pop-Outs

With this extension you will open a new pop-up window to chat with your friends on Facebook.


  • 33.Screencastify

Very useful for creating tutorials or recording any screen activity from the Google Chrome browser.


  • 34. Dewey Bookmarks

If you have a Pinterest account you can use this extension for Chrome that will help you manage it easily.


  • 35. Gmelius

Of the many functions that this extension offers for Google Chrome, one of the most important is to remove the chat area (and advertising) from the sidebar in Gmail.

Gmelius -_- Options

  • 36. Flint by Viralheat

If you work on a specific website, with this extension you will have the possibility to share or schedule a publication.


  • 37.ExtShield

For those who do not have a good antivirus system, this extension will help to protect the Google Chrome browser from malware or adware attacks primarily.


  • 38.Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics

In order not to go to a website that helps us measure the speed of our Internet connection, we could simply go to the use of this extension for Google Chrome.


How to add these extensions to the Google Chrome browser

Each of the alternatives that we have mentioned above can be easily installed in the Google Chrome browser although, you must first enter to the Chrome Store and write the name of any of the alternatives that we have listed in this article in the respective field. You will immediately get the link that will help you add said extension in your Internet browser.

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