5 great hoaxes about WhatsApp that all or almost all of us believed at some point


WhatsApp It is the most used instant messaging application in the world and one of the most popular along with Line or BlackBerry Messenger. Property of Facebook after it paid an astronomical amount, hundreds of things have been said about it, most of it lies, that have made the most painted redden and smile that we had never seen a smile before.

Today we decided remember some of the great lies that have been told about WhatsApp and group them in this article, to remember them, laugh for a while and enjoy the 5 great hoaxes on WhatsApp that have spread like wildfire on the network of networks not too long ago.

Get ready, we started, and in the end we are going to ask you how many of these hoaxes did you believe and which ones did you worry about;

There are applications with which to spy on conversations

If you ever believed that there could be one application, that you can download on your mobile device and with which to spy on the WhatsApp of your girlfriend or your friends, they have cast it but well cast. And it is that this one of the biggest hoaxes about the instant messaging application that we can still see circulating around there daily, especially on Facebook and other social networks, and that many people still believe.

These applications, which are presented as the great solution to your need to know what others are doing and what they are talking about, are actually the door to sign up for premium SMS message services, without your full consent and that will make you spend a few euros almost without realizing it. In general, it also tends to give users enough problems to unsubscribe.

Our advice is not to be so delusional and especially if the application is not in Google Play or the App Store or in any fairly reliable app store, don't believe anything. Today, spying on the conversations of another is a crime and it is also very difficult to carry out in the simple way that some would have us believe.

The double blue check has destroyed thousands of couples


No one can deny that the double blue check that confirms the reading of a sent message It has gotten many into more than one problem, since many find it difficult to find how to deactivate it and betray themselves by reading a message that later they do not answer or try to excuse themselves that they have not received it. However, from there to having destroyed thousands of couples there is a very large stretch that I do not think too many people are created.

And is that For not reading a message or reading it and being clueless, the love of any couple does not end. It is often said that if you do not read a message it is that you are doing things that you should not or that you no longer love your partner or your mother. What all those who think that don't understand is that you may be doing something important, sleeping or that you simply don't look at your mobile every 5 minutes and you can't give an immediate answer.

Does anyone really believe that a couple has broken their relationship due to an inopportune double check?

WhatsApp changed the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE)

One of the most curious things that have happened with WhatsApp in Spain is when A year ago the rumor was spread that the instant messaging application had managed to sneak into the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). And it is that even several national newspapers published that the Spanish institution had accepted the terms "wasap" or "wasapear".

Of course this was one of the great hoaxes that surround WhatsApp and the RAE at no time accepted these terms, nor many others that were placed next to amóndiga, one of the great novelties of the new dictionary and that will make us no longer quarrel nobody when I use that word, so reviled by almost everyone for years.

If you do not trust me and you are completely sure that at some point you have seen words such as "Wasap" o "Wasapear"Do as I did and look for them in the Spanish reference dictionary and you will realize that although we use them daily, they are not yet collected by the RAE.


WhatsApp and Facebook will be a single application

Facebook not too long ago pulled the checkbook and acquired WhatsApp after many rumors. At the same time that the news became official, many began to say that soon the social network and the instant messaging application would soon be a single application. This caused many WhatsApp users to close their account due to fear of Facebook, but once again they were just a bunch of lies, which by repeating themselves, became news.

Several months later Facebook and WhatsApp are still two completely independent applications And although they have winked at each other, they will never be a single application as confessed by several of the top leaders of Facebook.

And it is that in addition to that it will not make much sense because the social network already has its own messaging application, Facebook Messenger, this would only do terrible damage to WhatsApp, since there would be thousands of users of the instant messaging application who would run in search of better options.

WhatsApp members read our conversations


To close this article we could not stop echoing all those who claim that WhatsApp workers are dedicated solely and exclusively to reading conversations of random users. There will be some users who believe this conspiracy theory, but we certainly have a hard time believing this story. And it is strange that a company is dedicated to reading the private conversations of its customers, which will not bring them any benefit.

In addition to the fact that no evidence has ever been found that users' conversations are reviewed and read from WhatsApp, this practice could constitute a crime and the end of its success for the instant messaging application. If this hoax is proven, imagine the time it would take for most users to run off in search of another totally safe application.

These are only 5 of the hoaxes about WhatsApp that we have all believed ourselves at some point or at least they have made us doubt for a moment. We know that in the short history of the instant messaging application there have been many more hoaxes, but we did not want to bore you either and we preferred that you participate in this article and tell us some other great lie about WhatsApp that you remember or that you have even believed.

What was the hoax about WhatsApp that made you doubt and even believe it?.

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