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Apple has generated a lot of expectation with the presentation of its new range of iPhone 12, undoubtedly something that many of us were waiting for, since it is an annual event that has followed us for more than 10 years. But The expectation is not only focused on those new models presented by Apple but also on the previous models that it maintains on the market. And is that Apple this year has left a catalog of terminals more than extensive for all types of users.

This wide range of terminals that we find when looking for an iPhone makes us doubt, since many may doubt the performance of a 3-year-old terminal. If Apple users boast for something, it is that their devices have an exceptional useful life and I can say with total certainty that it is so. If we add to this product quality that its update support is the best in the segment, we have product for very long term. In this article we are going to see the iPhone before 12 that continue to perform at a high level.

iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

We start with a model that, although it has been on the market for 3 years, stands out for having a classic design, moderate size and specifications worthy of the high-end range. Without bragging about hardware, we found a terminal that mounts a processor A11 Bionic, a processor with which Apple marked a before and after, today continues to perform like the first day under any situation.

iPhone 8

The terminal made of aluminum and glass, has wireless charging and a camera capable of capturing high quality. It was one of the first iPhones with iP67 certification so it has resistance to water and dust. At the current price of the iPhone 8 Black Friday version very few terminals offer these features. In addition, you can save even more if you buy it reconditioned at Back Market, getting discounts of up to 70% compared to its new price.

The screen has a brightness more than enough for any situation and its Retina display panel offers a very remarkable quality.

If we are to consume a lot of multimedia content, its plus version with a 5,5 ″ screen is advisable compared to the 4,7 ″ of its standard version. We also have a larger battery in its Plus version that will give us greater autonomy. Thanks to its powerful processor it has iOS 14 so we will be updated to the latest version. Regarding the camera, perhaps its weakest point, since despite having a sublime quality in good light conditions, it falters when the lighting is not good, the Plus version has a second telephoto camera for portrait mode.

iPhone X

Let's go now with the iPhone X, an emblematic terminal that made a giant leap and set a trend in the mobile telephony market. Without a doubt, it is a terminal that to this day continues to have a very current design accompanied by hardware capable of everything. It was a radical change when it came to unlocking the terminal, since We left behind the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) giving way to facial recognition (Face ID), adding an eyebrow at the top of the screen (notch) housing the front camera, the speaker and the Face ID. This model has stereo sound.

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It set a trend in the market both for 3D facial recognition using a point scanner system, which scans our face in detail, both for the notch. Notch that to this day continue to keep the most current models like the new iPhone 12. It also meant a change in construction materials, making the leap from aluminum to stainless steel, a material more resistant to shocks but more fragile to cracks, which offers a more premium finish thanks to to its chrome finish.

Inside we find the A11 processor (the same as the iPhone 8) so as with the iPhone 8 we will be updated to the latest version and the single camera of the 8 joins a telephoto sensor to improve the quality of the zoom. Without forgetting the IP67 certification and wireless charging. Another notable leap had to do with its screen, going from Apple's IPS Retina display feature to a OLED panel manufactured by Samsung. A great opportunity if we find it at a good price.

iPhone XS / XS Max

Here Apple took advantage of the good reception of the iPhone X to continue the model, improving only specific aspects With respect to its predecessor, aspects such as a slight improvement in its photographic sensors, slight improvement in all the sections that made its star model even more rounded. These improvements also include a better certification against water and dust, going from iP67 to iP68 allowing the terminal to be submerged. The improvement would also be found in its processor and RAM, with the A12 processor and 1GB more of RAM.

iPhone XS

Where we see the biggest jump with respect to the iPhone X is in its Max version, which went from 5,8 ″ to 6,5 ″ of screen, with the same OLED technology manufactured by Samsung, with results above its competition. This growth of the terminal also affects the autonomy since the size of the battery is considerably larger. Undoubtedly a terminal that has a lot of useful life left and that today has nothing to envy to the current high-end range.

iPhone XR

Model that undoubtedly marked a milestone in sales when Apple gave way to its commercialization, considerably lowering the price compared to the iPhone XS, in exchange for using an IPS panel on your screen again, this time it would be a screen size of 6,1 ″ falling between the XS and XS Max models. A screen that despite returning to IPS Retina display technology is undoubtedly the perfect example that IPS screens have a more than fruitful life, since it sports vivid colors and very pure blacks.

iPhone XR

The price reduction is also reflected in its construction materials, returning to aluminum at its edges. It only has one camera, but this one The camera is so well used in terms of software that in some situations it is even superior to that of other models with 2 cameras, especially in portrait mode. The edition iPhone XR Black Friday It is a highly recommended model if what we are looking for is a comfortable screen size to view multimedia content and a large battery that gives us autonomy for 2 days of use. It also has the same processor as the iPhone XS, the A12 Bionic.

We have wireless charging and water resistance as Apple has been doing since the iPhone 8, although the certification will be lower, remaining at iP 67.

iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

We come to what is one of the roundest terminals that Apple has manufactured in its history, combining all the advantages of the iPhone X and XS, but taking it to the next level. It is a terminal that inherits a design that has undoubtedly become a hallmark of Apple. Adding to this a matte rear glass that prevents fingerprints from being marked as happens with glossy models. As every year the processor will change its nomenclature giving way to A13 bionic, slightly increasing its power.

iPhone 11 Pro

Continuing from the rear we find 3 cameras that excel in all aspects, from video recording, zoom or wide angle. Without a doubt a a knock on the table by Apple in the photographic field that will delight the most gourmets. To this we must add the inclusion at last of a 18W fast charging charger in its box, leaving behind the 5W that came in the box until now. In the aspect of the screen we find an improvement of the OLED that the X and XS already mounted but with a slightly higher brightness.

The biggest jump of this terminal with respect to its predecessors is the inclusion of a larger battery without increasing the size, which is reflected in an autonomy never before seen in the brand. Maintaining water resistance with iP68 certification and wireless charging. With the release of the new this model is among the best options if you are looking for the most premium from Apple, at a somewhat lower price.

iPhone 11

The best possible continuation of one of the most sold terminals by Apple, the iPhone XR, it is a terminal that comes to inherit everything harvested by its predecessor but improving it in each and every one of its points. It is one of the roundest terminals that we can find today in the market, offering a very attractive price with the A13 bionic processor and a screen with IPS Liquid Retina panel that improves on what seemed unbeatable on the XR.

iPhone 11

In the photographic aspect, it hardly cuts out compared to the Pro models, losing only the telephoto sensor for the zoom, so the photographic quality is not affected, a prodigy of mobile photography that will undoubtedly perform in all situations environmental, even indoors. Its construction is made of aluminum and glass reminiscent of the XR. It is capable of recording at 4k with the best possible stabilization.

The most substantial improvement over its predecessor XR, will be reflected in the autonomy since it incorporates a larger batteryWe also found an iP 68 certification against water and dust, as well as fast charging and wireless charging. A very round terminal that has managed to position itself as the best-selling terminal of 2020 far surpassing all his rivals and it is not for less.

iPhone SE 2020

We end this compilation with the heir of the first terminal on the list, the iPhone SE has exactly the same design that we already saw with the iPhone 8, with a compact size. Made of aluminum and glass with a wide variety of colors. In the photographic section we find a single sensor, but despite being inferior to those of its older brothers, it performs very well, being quite similar to what is seen with the XR. The screen will be exactly the same as the one found in the iPhone 8, a 4,7 ″ IPS panel of very good quality.

iPhone SE 2020 colors

The best news about this terminal is that Despite its low price, it retains the A13 processor that all the iPhone 11 range uses. This terminal supposes the return to the fingerprint sensor, which also inherits from the iPhone 8. Perhaps its design is somewhat out of date if we compare it with the rest, since it has quite pronounced frames, but on the other hand we have a moderate size and a button Home.

It also preserves the Dual speaker, wireless charging and iP67 certified water resistance in this case. Without a doubt we are facing a terminal for a fairly defined audience, looking for a reduced size and a Home button without trimming in terms of Hardware and very Premium features that are only seen in terminals with a much higher price. It's also a great entry-level option for anyone who wants to try iOS without spending a lot of money.

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