Stadia, Google's new online gaming platform, arrives

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We had been announcing it, it was only a matter of time before the giant with the capital G took an interest in video games. And as has been speculating in recent months, that moment has come. Stadia, the brand new platform for "gamers" with which Google enters fully into the world of video games already a reality. And for better or for worse, has not left anyone indifferent.

Finally We will NOT have a Google console. For many it is a disappointment since they wanted to see what Google was capable of manufacturing and contributing to this industry. But on the other hand, the concept of being able to play all your games, on any screen and at any time, has also attracted attention and has been liked a lot. We knew Google wouldn't summon us for a presentation with something mundane, and it has.

Stadia is not a console ... but we like it

Knowing the potential that Google has at the development level, we expected something important. For weeks it has been commented in various media that what he would show us would be something similar to a Netflix of games. But this is something that it has not been clearThere has not even been talk of a subscription or uniform prices for games. So we cannot speak for sure about the type of service we can count on.

What Google has endeavored to send us a very clear concept. In the future, ever closer, we won't need a console to play our favorite games. We can follow the game that we start on the laptop on our TV. And when we go out, follow the same game for the same time we were on the smartphone. Both situations seem like a real breakthrough, and we love this. But with many details to be specified at the moment.

Another novelty talking about the gameplay that Stadia will offer is the possibility of having a shared screen. A possibility that depending on the game, until now it seemed complicated. The computing power required to offer this option was unattainable, although it appears that Stadia will remove these barriers very soon and will be welcomed by gamers.

Google wanted to have the best in the world of video games. And it has had companies that are a benchmark in the sector. But also with the contribution that small factories in the world of games can offer. Thus, Google offers all the news created to developers of all the companies that have collaborated in the creation of Stadia. In this way it is ensured that, with all the potential of the big G, they bet on creating content for this new platform.

Share your game with whoever you want at the moment

One of the things that game fans like the most is be able to share your game with the rest. The integration of other players in our game will be done automatically. And as we have seen in the demonstration video it will be a lot easier thanks to a dedicated button for it. Being able to invite other players to our game will be intuitive and fast. And above all we can do it from the platform itself and without the need to stop our game.

Stadia devices

Having options like this of adding players to a game on the fly can only be assured by a few, and Google is among them. It was also announced during yesterday's presentation that Stadia will feature some specific guides for each game. Something about what had been speculated in recent weeks. But something we didn't have is the integration of the guide itself in the game. And that will help us to offer «Solutions» at the exact moment in which we are starting. Another breakthrough that we love.

Stadia, at least for now, is nothing more than a platform for games with a great conceptual part about which there is much to be specified. A platform, yes, with a size as huge as Google. And that it is based on the data centers that Google has throughout our planet. Not surprisingly, one of his most repeated slogans today has been "The data center is your platform".

No more Stadia devices

Stadia no more devices

As we said at the beginning, knowing that Google finally did not bet on creating a physical console disappoints some. But the idea they propose of not needing another device is also an advance. Game fans and users of more basic technology use a minimum of two, three and up to four devices a day. At least, and almost necessarily, we use the smartphone daily. To this we add, perhaps, some headphones. Then the laptop, and if we want to play, also the console.

Although we cannot get rid of one essential element to make the gaming experience totally rewarding, the controller. The Stadia Controller, on which images had already been leaked, we liked it. With a traditional design that hides the latest technology such as button to share our game directly on Youtube, or the one voice assistant. It will have charging via USB Type C, connectivity Wireless, port headphone jack and three color settings.

Stadia controller colors

We see how "Remove" devices without losing alternatives, and gameplay is not really something new. Being able to play the same games as up to now, and many more, without needing the console. Or the television where we always have it connected makes mobility much greater. And that as we have commented, we can do it without losing the game and following just the same point makes it even better. No boxes, no downloads, no limits.

We always like to witness progress. And Stadia will undoubtedly be a before and after in the huge video game industry. An advance that as always will be positive for users. And that we wait which serve so that the most direct rivals such as Microsoft or Sony take note of the improvements and try to overcome them. It is clear that the industry undergoes changes and we will see if the rest of the firms are able to follow Google in this new stage.

What we still don't know about Stadia

After a relatively entertaining and dynamic presentation, a number of questions remain in the pipeline. We stay with several really important questions. We are placed by Google to know more about the catalog of games that Stadia will have in summer. But there are many things that they have not told us, and among them several of great importance. One of the big doubts during these weeks, and that will continue to remain in the air, is the business-level operation of Stadia.

Will it work with a monthly subscription? We do not know if we will be able to use Stadia by paying a monthly fee. And of course, we do not know, if so, how much we would be talking about. This has not been clear. The other option, in case it is not a subscription service, could be to buy the games, or there could even be a kind of "rental" of each game. We will continue to make speculations until Google clarifies us much more.

Stadia platform

Another of the vitally important points, we do not know the minimum requirements for connection speed that we will need to be able to use Stadia. Especially taking into account the resolutions that are discussed in the presentation of 4K HDR at 60 FPS. A crucial detail for, taking into account the connection we have, to know if we can play through the new Google platform.

And of course, for all fans of the gaming world, it is it is essential to know the game catalog we can count on. In this sense, Google quotes us in summer. So we will still have to wait several months to find out this unknown and many others that were left up in the air yesterday. Betting on a platform on which there is still so much to know, and so important, seems risky. Although we love the concept shown and the improvements are substantial at the level of game and technology we keep waiting to learn more about Stadia.

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