7 Telegram tricks with which you will be a true expert


Telegram It has become over time one of the best instant messaging applications and also one of the main alternatives to WhatsApp. The application owned by Facebook is today one of the most popular and used applications in the world, although its failures and problems have put it in recent times in the trigger and more and more users decide to start using Telegram .

On more than one occasion we have told you about Telegram, and we even told you a long time ago 9 reasons why, in our opinion, it far exceeds WhatsApp. As we already know that little by little you have been communicating and using this instant messaging application, today we want to offer you 7 tips with which you will become a true expert. We have decided to offer you only 7 so that you reach the level of expert, waiting for you to reach the level of guru with other tips that we will publish in a few days.

Start a private conversation

Telegram is already an application that offers us a huge priority, but if this still seems little to you, you can always start with any contact a private conversation. In any conversation that we carry out in this instant messaging application, it will be encrypted, but through a private conversation it will be encrypted even more.


Besides these private conversations They cannot be forwarded and will not leave any traces on Telegram's servers. To start one of these conversations we just have to open the application menu and select the option “new secret chat. Next you must select the contact with whom you want to start this conversation, highly private and that will be far from the eyes of any gossip.

Before you start a private conversation, we are going to give you a warning; If you take a screenshot of a conversation of this type, be careful because a warning message will appear to the contact with whom you are talking about what you have done.

Message self-destruction

In case the privacy that private Telegram conversations offer you is not enough, you still have one more option to prevent anyone from gossiping or spying on your conversations. In any private chat we will have the option to activate the self-destruction of messages.

To activate the option that the messages we write and receive self-destruct, we just have to click on the icon that shows us a small clock and that, although it depends on the version we use, is usually in the drawer where we write the messages to send .

Double check


Although many of us believed for a time that WhatsApp had invented the double check so that users would know when their message had been read, we were very wrong. And is that for a long, long time that this double check exists in Telegram.

The operation of the double check is very similar to what we know in WhatsApp, although with some difference. The two checks painted in blue indicate that the message has been read by the user who received it and the appearance of a single check means that the message has been sent. If a double check appears that is not painted in blue, it means that the message has been received by the recipient but that the conversation has not yet been opened.

Block users

Most messaging applications allow us block those contacts that bother us every little or time, or simply those users with whom we do not want to talk for whatever reason.

To block any contact we only have to access the application settings and access the "privacy and security" menu. Once in this menu we must select the option "Blocked users" where we will find the possibility of adding any user to our list of blocked contacts.

Create a wide collection of stickers


One of the best known features of Telegan are its stickers, which do not replace traditional emoticons, but offer us a more interesting way of communicating with other users. Today stickers of all kinds are available, but if they are not enough you can always create your own, as we explained to you in its day through this article.

If what you want is to make a large collection of stickers, you can save all those sent to you by clicking on it and selecting the option "add to stickers". From that moment, you can send that stored sticker to any user and continue taking steps to expand our album.

Enjoy Telegram on your computer

Using Telegram from our mobile device can become a real nuisance, since by not having a physical keyboard, if we want to have a long conversation. However, there is a more than effective and interesting solution that consists of making use of the Telegram version for computers or rather for web browsers.

If we access Telegram Web we can use our instant messaging application account from our computer with the advantages that this entails. Of course, the same functions and options that we enjoyed in the smartphone version remain intact. Among the advantages will be to be able to write with the keyboard of our computer, which will allow us to write at a higher speed and also be able to hold conversations, for example while we work without any problem.

Canceling your account and deleting your data is not an impossible mission


Unlike many other applications of this type, Telegram allows us to delete not only our account, but also delete all our data quickly and easily. Through the next page We can leave our account completely deactivated by indicating the number to which it is associated.

Of course, not everything could be so easy to deactivate the account, in an application that boasts its privacy and security. As soon as we indicate the phone number associated with the account, we will receive a code by text message that we must enter on the next page that is shown to us. If the code is correct, our Telegram account will be history.

In addition to this option, there is also the possibility of setting the self-destruction of our account if we do not access it. To do this, you must access the settings menu, then the "privacy and security" option and finally activate the "Account self-destruction" function, selecting the period to wait for the self-destruction to take place.

Ready to become a Telegram expert with these tips?.


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