The Fitbit app receives an update with improvements in sleep tracking

Direct access to the Fitbit app on a mobile.

This April 2024, Fitbit, the leading brand in fitness trackers and wearable devices, has released an update for its mobile app, focused on improve sleep tracking experience.

With this renewal you will be able to access detailed information about your sleep cycles, in addition to new functionalities to analyze patterns and trends over time.

Sleep tracking and other news from the Fitbit update

The Fitbit app is a tool widely used by many people who are looking for stay active and healthy. This is characterized by monitor basic statistics such as steps, distance traveled and calories burned. The app also allows you to access audio and video workouts to do at home.

Likewise, Fitbit has tools to improve sleep, such as Nightly sleep score, sleep goals, reminders to go to sleep and graphs of light, deep and REM sleep phases.

In their latest announcement, the creators of Fitbit announced the news of the recent update. This brings significant changes to the sleep section of the app. Now, relevant data such as sleep duration, sleep score and a detailed timeline of the stages of sleep. You'll be able to long-press the timeline graph to see precise timestamps of events like awakenings or the end of a deep sleep cycle.

You can also View sleep patterns in weekly, monthly and yearly views. This will allow you to analyze changes in rest habits over longer periods. Through this new tool you will have a broader perspective and will be able to identify factors that may be influencing the quality of your sleep.

Requirements to use the Fitbit app

Download Fitbit app on iOS.

If you want to take full advantage of the new sleep tracking features in the Fitbit app, you'll first need to make sure have a compatible Fitbit device, such as the Inspire 2, Inspire 3, Luxe, Charge 5, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa 4, Sense, Sense 2 or the Google Pixel Watch models.

Regarding operating system requirements, Fitbit recommends Android 10.0 or later and, in the case of Apple devices, the app requires iOS 15.0 or later.

How to use the new sleep tools

Once you meet all of these requirements, the app will automatically track your sleep every night. When you wake up, you will be able to see your sleep duration, sleep score, and a detailed timeline in the sleep section of the app. shows the different stages of sleep (light, deep and REM) that you experienced during the night.

To get a broader view of your sleep patterns, you should access weekly, monthly, or yearly views from the same sleep section. There you can identify trends, such as nights with prolonged awakenings or days when you took naps. Besides, the app will assign you a “sleep animal” every month, which represents your predominant sleep style during that period.

Since you will have access to this detailed and long-term information, you will be able to adjust your habits and routines to optimize your night's rest. For example, if you notice excessive variability in your sleep schedules, try going to bed and getting up at more consistent times. Or if you see that your levels of restful sleep are low, Try relaxation techniques before bed.

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