The next Apple Watch Series 10 will include a long-awaited battery improvement

apple watch series 10

Ten years have passed since the launch of the first apple smart watch and the new update comes with interesting new features. The next Apple Watch Series 10 will include a long-awaited battery improvement, although there are many more aspects to comment on, as we will see below.

In reality, until the day of its official presentation arrives, everything we know is based on rumors, leaks that appeared on various internet sites and partial information provided by the brand itself. Despite this, there are some things that seem clear: the new design will be thinner than the previous one, we will see new functions related to health monitoring, probably a new magnetic system for the straps and, above all, a much better battery .

The latter is one of the aspects that will undoubtedly be better received by Apple Watch users. In previous versions, the battery capacity never seemed to be up to par. In fact, between model 8 and 9 there was no improvement in this regard. Something that was disappointing for some.

In the 2023 model (Apple Watch Series 9), the manufacturer claimed that the smartwatch had an autonomy of up to 18 hours with normal use and up to 36 hours in low consumption mode. However, customer ratings refuted these data, which in practice were below expectations.

Now Apple Watch Series 10 (or Apple Watch X) improves the characteristics of your battery to try to correct this small mole on your history.

Improved autonomy: these are the keys

apple watch 10

Everything suggests that the Apple Watch Series 10 battery will have a much greater autonomy, thus finally meeting the wishes of its users. This will be possible thanks to the improvement of three specific aspects:

  • Capacity.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • OLED screen.

First of all, we must point out Apple's decision to provide its devices with LTPO technology (low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxid), which involves applying a thin layer on the transistors that control the brightness of the screen. That is, they consume less energy.

If all this ends up being confirmed, Apple's smart watch could manage the voltage in its liquid crystal cells, with a tighter regulation of the amount of light emitted by the screen.

Finally, we must highlight the success of introduce OLED technology on the panels of the Apple Watch Series 10. The idea is to reduce consumption in a very specific aspect: always-on display function. Although the refresh rate used in this mode is only 1 Hz, the energy consumption was still excessive. Hopefully this will end up reducing it.

So what will be the final autonomy of this new version of the Apple Watch? Impossible to know precisely, although there is no doubt that it will surpass the previous record of 18 hours with normal use.

Other possible improvements to the Apple Watch Series 10

apple watch

As we indicated at the beginning of the article, many more positive surprises are expected beyond the improvement in the battery of the Apple Watch Series 10. Although we have to insist that at the moment nothing is confirmed, these could be some of the news:

Slimmer design

It seems that 2024 will be the year of the redesign of Apple's smart watch, as befits a tenth anniversary. This could finally present a slimmer body than previous versions. It will be interesting to see to what extent this is compatible with a more powerful and higher capacity battery, which would necessarily have to be more voluminous.

Health-related functions

The bracelet could incorporate a sensor to measure blood pressure, and an alternative technology for measuring blood oxygen. This, more than an improvement, would be a solution of convenience, since its current system has been reported for infringing the patent of an oxygen saturation meter already existing and used in the United States.

Also planned for this year is the presentation of a sleep apnea detection system. Apple Watch will use sleep data collected overnight as well as breathing patterns to determine if the user is experiencing symptoms of this disorder.

Magnetic strap closure

Another novelty that is discussed would be a new strap anchoring system, a method similar to that already used by other competing smart watches, such as Samsung devices. In any case, the new design will be compatible with the straps of previous versions.

Apple Watch Series 10 price and release date

Everything indicates that the official presentation of this new generation of Apple Watch will take place next month  2024 September. Let's remember that the ninth month of the year is the one that Apple always chooses to present its news. It would be strange if it weren't like that this time.

As for availability, it is most likely that the Apple Watch Series 10 will hit the market this fall, shortly after the presentation. Unfortunately, we can hardly say anything about the sale price, although it could be between 700 and 800 euros.

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