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Driving games

The driving genre has always been one of the most popular among gamers, but in the last decade it has been surpassed in popularity by action games like Battleroyale like Fortnite or MOBA like lol. But there are many of us who enjoy driving games, whether arcade or simulation, as they allow us to race and compete with vehicles that we could not in real life. A pleasure for all motor lovers.

The current variety of titles and their frequency of publications is less, but we still have a wide catalog of games of this rich genre. The most casual players usually look for games where the sensation of speed, ease of handling, interaction with the environment and the possibility of destroying the rival prevail with direct shocks. On the other hand, the most purists look for a simulation where the player is rewarded for making the perfect braking to improve times. In this article we are going to propose what for us are the best games of the racing genre on PC.

Racing simulation games

Project Cars 3

This is the third installment in one of the industry's most prolific racing video game sagas. Capable of transmitting intense sensations, emotions and a lot of fun in the vibrant world of motoring through important changes in reference to its previous deliveries.

The control has been totally redesigned, resulting in a fast-paced, fun and very precise driving system. We find skill settings for all kinds of pilots, from the most veteran and expert to the less skilled and casual. Weather changes in real time that will give a lot of richness to the interaction with the environment and will add importance to the choice of settings and tires that we make for our racing car. In this edition we will have a greater range of game modes such as a totally inverse and deep trajectory mode that will delight the most role-players.

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Assetto Corsa Competizione

Undoubtedly another of the great names in the genre of racing and automobile simulation, unique with the Blackpain GT series license. It allows us to experience this exciting competition with a realism and depth never seen before. We can compete from you to you with real life official drivers, all official teams and all the racing cars on the grid.

We find a great variety of real circuits recreated to the millimeter by the best engineers thanks to the graphic engine Unreal Engine 4. Undoubtedly one of the best driving simulators on the market, which wins whole if we enjoy it with a good steering wheel, with which we can notice the imperfections of the asphalt, which will make our driving experience much more realistic.


Forza MotorSport 7

Microsoft simulator, developed by Turn 10, has managed to maintain that playable requirement and that realism that have characterized it since its first installment. The main novelty of this installment is a deeper campaign mode with competitive races and an artificial intelligence in our adversaries worthy of mention, a much improved control for its handling with the command.

Another point to praise is the technical aspect, something spectacular if we can play it at 4K and 60FPS. At the content level it is not far behind, with more than 700 hurt and 32 circuits available, a very complete multiplayer full of temporary events. Undoubtedly one of the references of the genre, although playing with a controller is a delight thanks to the improved controlWe always recommend playing with a good shuttlecock.

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One of the most demanding simulators in the driving genre, realistic and oriented to online competitions. It has fantastic control that has an overwhelming level of realism that allows the greatest driving enthusiasts to enjoy difficult driving. As we have commented previously, for this it will be vital to have a good steering wheelAs with previous games, iRacing is capable of transmitting everything that happens on the asphalt through the steering wheel.

Undoubtedly the most striking feature of this simulator is its competitive online approach, since it includes a competitive license that analyzes our level of driving and our behavior on the track, to find us suitable rivals to face us. The title has a wide repertoire of cars and a multitude of tracks available to race. Official licenses such as 24 hours of LeMans, Indicate or Nascar. Undoubtedly one of the most complete and demanding PC simulators.

RFactor 2

To finish with this list of realistic simulators, let's go with the closest thing to a professional simulator, a proposal that will attract those who want to live the experience most similar to running on a real circuit. The bad part of all this is that less skilled players can get frustrated when it comes to getting behind the wheel with this simulator, in addition to a somewhat concise interface and a graphics engine that doesn't look bad but is less polished than its competition. The developers have undoubtedly paid more attention to the physics and realism conveyed by the steering wheel and its layouts.

The strongest points of this simulator are undoubtedly its realism as we have commented and the amount of configuration parameters in the settings of our cars. Weather changes that will completely change the control of our vehicles, forcing us to configure everything again and demand even more from the wheel. Without a doubt, its online mode is not far behind since its community is huge and it is very fun to compete to improve every day.

Arcade driving games

Forza Horizon 4

Aimed at a more casual audience, Microsoft pulled out of its sleeve what is currently its most popular driving game. Game that puts us in an open world where we can circulate freely driving our vehicles performing all kinds of challenges or objectives, as well as races with online opponents. Its strongest points are undoubtedly the aforementioned open world, its spectacular graphics and the degree of customization of vehicles it has. Control is something that we cannot forget either since it ranks somewhere between the purest arcade and the least demanding simulation.

Without a doubt, this game marked a before and after, taking references from Need for Speed ​​or Midnight Club, in which we also enjoyed a great map in which we ran freely performing tasks, missions or races. A pleasant game where in addition to competing, we can also relax by simply taking a ride, getting speed challenges by blowing up all the radars on the highway. The variety of vehicles is huge, from utility, offroad or super sports cars.

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In a list of the best driving games we cannot forget the fun world of rally and it is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and exciting driving modes. This edition maintains a great balance between demanding and fun, allowing any player with some practice to have fun without becoming overly frustrated.

Online modalities have increased considerably with a powerful system of leagues and challenges, although the campaign mode has been in the background due to its lack of depth. The DIRT 4 experience is summed up in equal parts fun and demanding, which makes it an essential game for those looking for a car game with which to have a good time both alone and online.

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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

The king of arcade driving could not be absent from this list and it is that Need for Speed ​​is undoubtedly on its own merits one of the most important sagas of the genre. This video game transmits all the essence that the saga has been transmitting to us since its inception 20 years ago. Remarkable graphics coupled with exquisite gameplay for any type of gamer makes getting behind the wheel of its diverse cast of cars a pleasure.

The game boasts spectacular Police chases down big long roads across a huge map. It's still as much fun as the first day to get behind the wheel and do your wide variety of missions to the accompaniment of a frenetic and enjoyable soundtrack. Game that you should definitely try if you haven't done it yet, taking advantage of its relaunch.

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Burnout Paradise Remastered

Another mythical arcade driving saga that could not be missing from this list. The latest release of this saga with a facelift that makes it more attractive if possible, although far from the current graphic standard, it has a very attractive visual section and keeps its exquisite playability intact. Crashing our supercar and leaving it totally sinister has never been so much fun.

Fun game with a very simple handling in which we only have to worry about finishing in first position, trying to make our rivals bite the dust through collisions. The soundtrack accompanies the frenetic pace of its gameplay with unforgettable and inverse themes that ask us for more speed. Its open world is full of missions and objectives to be fulfilled, as well as secrets to reveal, without a doubt the best title in this saga that is worth playing again.

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