How to block a contact on WhatsApp


Like it or not, the WhatsApp messaging platform has become the most used tool in practically everyone to communicate, managing in some moments to replace even phone calls, a replacement that would not be a problem if the service that WhatsApp offers us were of an acceptable quality.

As expected, WhatsApp is not only used to send messages to our friends, but it is also becoming an ideal platform to send advertising or to harass some users. If you have seen yourself in any of these situations, in this article we show you how can we block a contact on WhatsApp.

Everytime that WhatsApp stops working, many are the users that instead of checking if the service is still working they restart the phone several times to check if the problem is with their phone and not with the service. The same happens when we observe that our messages are not reaching the recipient or we cannot click the send button. But, it is also possible that we have been blocked on WhatsApp.

How to know if I have been blocked on WhatsApp

Blocked on WhatsApp

If for some time now we see how all the messages we send to a contact are not marked with the two usual blue tics, or even just one, this is the first sign that something is wrong and that most likely the contact we want to communicate with has blocked us, since this application has become the communication platform preferred by millions of users around the world, so it would be very strange if you had deleted the application.

To try to confirm if we are blocked in the WhatsApp of our contact, we can try to get in touch through the call option offered by the application. If it does not give tone, it is another probable symptom that we have been blocked in the application of the recipient. Another option is to try to get in touch via text message, use another messaging app, or just make a normal phone call.

How to block a WhatsApp contact on iPhone

How to block a WhatsApp contact on iPhone

Blocking a contact is a very simple process, although not very intuitive, like the procedure to unblock a contact that we have previously blocked. To block with contact that is stored in the agenda of our iPhone we must proceed as follows:

  • First of all, we slide our finger to the left over the contact that we want to block and click on More.
  • A series of options will then be displayed from the bottom of the screen. Click on Contact info.
  • All the details of our contact will be shown below. We must scroll to the bottom of that screen and click on Block contact.
  • Next, the application will show us two options: Block and Report as spam and block. We click on the first option.

If the contact we want to block is sending us advertising, threatening or harassing us, we can prevent other people from going through the same thing by clicking on the second option. In this case, WhatsApp will take note of the phone number and receive a certain number of reports will proceed to block it and you will not be able to continue using WhatsApp with that phone number.

How to unblock a WhatsApp contact on iPhone

How to unblock a WhatsApp contact on iPhone

Just as we can block contacts on WhatsApp, we can also unblock them, although the procedure is very unintuitive and at first it may seem that there is no way to do it. For unblock a WhatsApp contact on iPhone we will proceed as follows:

  • First we go to the lower right corner and click on Configuration.
  • Then we click on Privacy and Blocked.
  • Below are all the contacts we have previously blocked. To unlock it we just have to slide the contact to the left and click on the option To unlock.

How to block a WhatsApp contact on Android

How to block a WhatsApp contact on Android

Although we are talking about the same application, the procedure to be able to block a contact in WhatsApp on an Android smartphone is different from how we can do it on an iPhone. Here we show you how we can block a WhatsApp contact on Android:

  • First of all we must open the conversation of the contact that we want to block and click on the three points vertically that we can find in the upper right corner of the application.
  • Next, click on More, to access the options offered by the application with the contact.
  • Next, we must click on Block. Doing so will display three options:
    • Block. This is the option that we must select if we want to prevent this contact from continuing to contact us.
    • Report and block. If the phone number we want to block is advertising or trying to intimidate us in any way. In this way, the phone number of the contact that we block will be registered by WhatsApp and will be followed up in case it receives more negative reports.
    • Cancel.

How to unblock a WhatsApp contact on Android

How to unblock a WhatsApp contact on Android

If we have made a mistake when blocking the contact, or the reason why we were forced to block it has been solved, WhatsApp offers us the possibility to unblock the contact or contacts that we have previously blocked. To proceed to unblock a WhatsApp contact on locked Android we will carry out the following steps:

  • First of all we go to the Settings of the application.
  • Then click on the option Account.
  • Within Account, we go to the option Privacy policy.
  • Next, click on Blocked contacts. All blocked contacts will be displayed in the next window. To unblock a phone number, we just have to click on it and confirm the unblocking of the contact.

How to block a WhatsApp phone number that we do not have on the agenda

How to block a phone number in WhatsApp that is not on our agenda

When we receive a message from a contact that we have registered in our terminal, WhatsApp will offer us three options: Block, Report spam and Add to Contacts. If we are not interested in maintaining contact with that phone number, we can block it By clicking on the Block option, in this way we will avoid receiving more messages from that phone number.

We can also report the phone number as spam, for WhatsApp to take note of the phone number and track it and suspend the WhatsApp service if the phone number receives more negative reports.

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