How to buy a Kindle

How to buy a Kindle

For some time now, electronic books have become the most used way to read our favorite books, whether they are novelties or classics. The main reason is due to the comfort that it offers us both when reading them and when buying them.

In the market we have at our disposal a large number of devices to read electronic books, called e-readers, however, the manufacturer that is bringing the best products to the market every year is Amazon, the pioneer in the world of electronic books. If you are not sure which model best suits your needs, then we will show you how to buy a Kindle.

Currently, the Kindle range consists of four devices. In this range we do not contemplate the Fire range, the tablets also from Amazon with which we can also read electronic books, although that is not its main purpose, although We will also talk about it thanks to the versatility it offers us.

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As the years have passed, Amazon has gone expanding the number of electronic books made available to us, and currently we can find from basic models such as the 2016 Kindle to the Kindle Oasis, a model that enjoys the latest technology in this type of device.


New Kindle 2019 with front light

El new kindle, which arrives on the market to replace the 2016th generation 8 model, integrates adjustable front light, something that the previous generation lacks, and that allows us to read where and when we want without depending on the ambient light that surrounds us. It is designed for reading with a high contrast touch screen very similar to printed paper and like all models does not show any reflections.

The screen is 6 inches, has 4 GB of internal storage, has dimensions of 160x113x8,7 mm and a weight of 174 grams, which allows us to hold it with one hand. Its price is 89,99 euros and it is also available in both white and black.

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Kindle (2016) 8th generation

Kindle 2016 8th generation

The Kindle offers us a 6-inch screen without integrated light, so a light source is necessary to use it. The screen, like most of these devices, is not tiring to look at, it is tactile and does not show any type of reflections even in sunlight. Depending on the use we make, the battery can last several weeks on a single charge.

In Kindle (2016) model it is available in black and white colors for only 69,99 euros, and it is the best device that you can find in this range to delve into the advantages that electronic books offer us, if you are still not sure that it could be your new way of consuming content.

Buy Kindle (2016)

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon's thinnest and lightest e-readers yet. In addition, it has a screen that offers a resolution of 300 pp and, like all models, does not reflect any light source. The storage space has also been expanded compared to the previous generation (8 and 32 GB) and with a single charge we have autonomy for weeks.

One of the main novelties that it offers us compared to previous models is water resistance, so we can use it comfortably in the bathtub, in the pool or on the beach thanks to its IPX68 protection. The screen offers us its own lighting, ideal for use in any ambient light condition.

The price of the Kindle Paperwhite with 8 GB of storage with Wi-Fi connection is 129,99 euros, while the 32 GB version goes up to 159,99 euros. We also have at our disposal a 32 GB version with free 4G for 229,99 euros.

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Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

El Kindle Oasis It is so far the Amazon e-reader with the largest screen size, 7 inches specifically. The screen resolution reaches 300 dpi which offers extreme sharpness and also allows show 30% more words on the same page.

Like the Kindle Paperwhite, it is waterproof thanks to IPX68 protection, the screen does not show any reflection and has its own lighting to be able to read completely in the dark without tiring your eyes. This is the model that offers us the smallest frames, except on the right side of the screen, where a larger frame is shown to be able to use it with one hand.

The price of the Kindle Oasis of 8 GB of storage with Wi-Fi connection is 249,99 euros, while the 32 GB version goes up to 279,99 euros. We also have at our disposal a 32 GB version with free 4G for 339,99 euros.

Comparison of Kindle e-readers

Model New Kindle Kindle Paperwhite Kindle Oasis
Price From EUR 89.99 From EUR 129.99 From EUR 249.99
Screen size 6 "without reflections 6 "without reflections 7 "without reflections
Capacity 4 GB 8 or 32 GB 8 or 32 GB
Decision 167 dpi 300 dpi 300 dpi
Front light 4 LED 5 LED 12 LED
Weeks of autonomy Si Si Si
Borderless front design No Si Si
IPX8 water resistance No Si Si
Sensors for automatic light adjustment No No Si
Page turn buttons No No Si
Wifi connectivity Wi-Fi Wifi or wifi + free mobile connectivity Wifi or wifi + free mobile connectivity
Weight : 174 grams Wifi: 182 grams - wifi + 4G LTE: 191 grams Wifi: 194 grams; wifi + 3G: 194 grams
Dimensions 160 x 113 x 8.7 mm 167 x 116 x 8.2 mm 159 x 141 x 3.4 - 8.3 mm

Over a million books at our disposal: Kindle Unlimited

Kindle unlimited

Amazon has never been known for trying to make money with its devices. In most cases, it sells its electronic products at cost since what it wants is to retain the user and that, in this case, buy the books directly on your platform.

Kindle unlimited, puts at our disposal more than a million books in exchange for a monthly fee of 9,99 euros, books that we can. In addition, if we are Prime users, we have at our disposal a smaller catalog of books, but completely free via Prime Reading.

Kindle Fire for everything else

Kindle Fire

8 ″ Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire family is currently made up of two 7-inch and 8-inch models. They are designed to consume multimedia content through Amazon Prime Video, Amazon's streaming video service, although we can also use it to surf the internet, consult social networks and of course to read our favorite books.

The benefits are quite fair, so we cannot buy them with the high-end tablets that both Samsung and Apple offer us. Its price for the 7-inch version is 69,99 euros for the 8 GB version and 79,99 euros for the 16 GB version. The version with the largest screen size, the 8-inch model, is priced at 99,99 euros for the 16 GB version and 119,99 euros for the 32 GB version.

No products found. No products found.

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