What is a smartwatch

If you are still not sure what and what a smartwatch is for, in this article we will explain everything related to these devices.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Get a free dance in Fortnite by protecting your account

In recent months, the star game on all platforms is Fortnite, a game that bases part of its success on being available for download The guys from Epic Games give us a new dance for our character in Fortnite if we proceed to perform the two-step authentication to protect our account

Gmail Image

Gmail for Android already allows us to undo the sending of emails

Surely it has happened to more than one of you that before reading an email to check that it was correctly written and that it showed all the Although with a long delay, and after being available on Android, Gmail for Android finally allows us to cancel the sending emails already sent

WhatsApp on iPhone

How to recover a suspended WhatsApp account

The WhatsApp messaging platform has become the main means of communication for millions of users. Despite the deficiencies that we have If we have seen how our WhatsApp account has been blocked, for whatever reason, in this article we show you how we can easily recover it

Fortnite for Android could be exclusive to Samsung for the first 120 days

A little over a week ago, we echoed a news story stating that the fashion game Fornite, which is not yet available on Android, According to new information, the exclusivity of Fortnite with Samsung could extend up to 120 more days, already that at the end of the 30-day term of the Note 9, it would be extended to the Samsung S range.

Xiaomi Mi A2

The Xiaomi Mi A2 available for sale 24 hours before its presentation

Today the second generation of the Xiaomi Mi A1, the Mi A2, a highly anticipated terminal, due to the success that its predecessor showed, 24 hours before its presentation in society, the Xiaomi Mi A2 and its Lite version were already officially presented. available for purchase through Gearbest

whatsapp improves version for Android

WhatsApp will limit the number of times messages can be forwarded

Surely we have all received the odd message forwarded via WhatsApp about a news item, a misleading offer or a scam. Afternoon or The messaging platform reigns in the world has just announced changes in the number of times that we will be able to forward messages

Smartphone locked

How to know if my mobile is free

Is my mobile free? We teach you to know quickly if our smartphone is free, or is tied to an operator, it is a decisive factor when it comes to being able to use it with other operators or if we intend to sell it.

Leaked Google Pixel 2 XL

Google could launch a budget Pixel

According to the latest rumors, the search giant would be working on an inexpensive Pixel to complement its offer in the mid-range, with a terminal managed by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 700.

WhatsApp on iPhone

How to move WhatsApp to SD card

Do you need to move WhatsApp to the SD of your mobile? We teach you how to prevent WhatsApp from taking up space in your mobile memory and using the external card instead.

WhatsApp achieves a new record of daily users

How to block a contact on WhatsApp

We show you how to block a contact on WhatsApp for iOS or Android. If a person annoys you and you want to silence them, follow our tutorial. Do you want to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp? You can also find out with our tips.

OnePlus 6: images, price and specifications

Two days before the presentation of the OnePlus 6T, German Amazon has leaked what will be both the price of the terminal and the first official images of the terminal along with its specifications.

Main news Android P Beta 2

During the celebration of Google I / O, the conference for Google developers, the guys from Mountain View have ...


The Nokia X will be presented on May 16

Nokia will officially introduce the Nokia X on May 16. Find out more about the first phone of the brand to use the notch that will arrive in a couple of weeks.

Fortnite game removes guided missiles

The guys at Epic have been forced to eliminate one of the novelties that they introduced a few weeks ago, after seeing how users feel defenseless against this type of weapon when it is used by the enemy.

Image of iPhone X

Filtered images of a gold iPhone X

The gold iPhone X has been leaked and is now FCC certified. Find out more about the new Apple phone whose first images are already a reality.

Password managers

The best password managers

Looking for the best password manager? Enter and discover the 5 best to keep your passwords safe and synchronized between devices.

Nokia 9 pictures

Nokia 9 Unveiled: All Features Leaked

The technical sheet of the next Nokia flagship has been completely leaked: Nokia 9. It has impressive technical characteristics that will not leave anyone unmoved

Mobile data consumed

How to know how much mobile data each application consumes

Worried about the data expenditure made by your mobile apps? Do you want to know how much data applications such as Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook or others consume? Enter and discover how to know the data consumption of each app on your smartphone.

Apple tries again with digital magazines

The guys from Cupertino have gone shopping and bought the magazine subscription service Texture, which offers us a subscription to more than 200 magazines for only $ 9,99.


My mobile has been stolen. What should I do?

If unfortunately your mobile has been lost or stolen and you do not know what to do to recover it, we will show you how we can proceed to try to recover it or block it completely.

How to close apps on Android

How to set up an Android smartphone to run faster

If our Android smartphone has started to go slower than normal, we can choose to apply this little trick that will speed up transitions giving a feeling of speed that we did not have after the last update.