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Free magazines

The digital age is a reality, for good and for bad. It is a proven fact that less and less press is consumed in physical format, since the internet is a mammoth source of information in exchange for a single click or search. Still existing that pleasure of reading a newspaper quietly at the cafeteria table while we enjoy our coffee or breakfast. But it is increasingly common to have this same scene with a smartphone in one hand and coffee in the other.

I remember very well when I went to my trusted kiosk with enthusiasm for my favorite video game magazines because in addition to being the only source of information, they gave away demos or posters that we would later hang in our bedroom. But now the demos are distributed digitally at no cost, with the huge advantage of being updated every minute. However, the paper, if it contained any wrong news, we would keep that information until the next installment. In this article we are going to see the best sites to download free magazines.

Advantages of digital reading

The main advantage of this format is the convenience of not depending on a kiosk, as well as the space we save in storage. We can't forget either the environmental impact of reducing the use of paper for this type of format, something that seems that it does not matter, but it does matter a lot because paper is a necessary good and if we can save a little, we do the planet good.

We cannot forget the comfort of having our magazines on all our devices, no matter where we are, from our smartphone to our iPad. With an immense catalog in which we can see any magazine that interests us. Almost any device has a PDF reader, which is the most used format for this type of content. It takes up very little so we will not have to worry about the storage we have on our device. We can even upload it to the cloud to access the magazines without having to redownload.

How to download magazines for free

A simple Google search gives us access to thousands of sources to download PDF files from magazines. But we always have the doubt or fear of not knowing exactly what we are downloading, although if we have a good antivirus, it will notify us in case we are not downloading what we really want to download. Some of these portals take the opportunity to sneak in a plugin or extension for the browser, so we must be careful if we do not want the performance of our browser to be affected by installing something that we should not.

For this reason we are going to make a selection of websites where we can download our magazines without risk. They all have a large catalog to download magazines or books. To download them we will only have to access the web and select the file, either by direct download or by a Torrent program that the web itself recommends.

The first website that we are going to talk about, is a very original and simple press service. It is a direct dam service in which the main covers of the world's most important newspapers and magazines can be viewed. The design is an original idea of ​​the developer Hector Marcos and it is very functional.

On the main page we find 5 newspapers from each continent, all of them in their English and Spanish versions. The cover can be enlarged by simply moving the mouse cursor closer to it. In addition, it can be enlarged one more if we click on the cover with the main click. If we click again, it will take us to link of the newspaper in question.

Kindle unlimited

We have a large selection of written press in Spain, among which we find several genres to select from. Among them "Daily Newspapers", "Magazines", "Computer Magazines", "Cultural Magazines" and many others. Among the most prominent sections we also find sports magazines and gossip magazines that are undoubtedly the most demanded by the general public.

I must say that this page seems to me to be one of the best that we can find on the internet, since it not only allows us to review all the Spanish-speaking press, but also provides us with access to all the foreign press, so if we know languages, we will be aware of everything that happens in the world.


This is undoubtedly another of the greats in the sector in terms of reading the press, but in this case the majority content is entirely in English. It has an extensive catalog in which we can find press on almost any subject. Thanks to its powerful search engine we will find whatever we are looking for, although as I say, most of the results may be in English.

Free Magazines

Of course, we can add filters to said search, among them is the language filter, so if we only search for a specific language, we will find it. Without a doubt, it is one of the most complete PDF press websites on the internet. But without any doubt It may fall short if we only search for magazines in Spanish.

We have a lot of content from sports magazines or gossip magazines, although they may not be up to date at all, so if you are looking to have the latest in Spanish, is certainly a better option than this.


We arrived at what is for me the most direct website of all, as soon as we enter we find the latest publications, in which we find sports magazines, heart, motor, among others. The very name of the website suggests that in this case almost all the content is in Spanish, but the problem with this website is that most of its content is outdated. Finding 2016 magazines among the most prominent on the cover.

Free Magazines

If you are looking to read something timeless, you can undoubtedly stock up on a wide variety of motor magazines, which we can enjoy without temporal discrimination. Among the tabs that we have to choose content, we find the section of authors, genres and series. We find almost any magazine we can think of, including comics or cookbooks.

Best site to download sports magazines

Without a doubt our recommendation is, because it is a multimillion dollar market, many portals have been closed, so the offer is limited. Although in we find everything we can imagine in reference to sport. Best of all, this page is totally legal, so we don't have to worry.

It allows us to download a large number of titles, among which we can find football, motor, tennis, basketball or athletics. The catalog may be somewhat limited by the same thing that we have commented before, but considering that it is totally free, we cannot put too many drawbacks.

Best site to download magazines from the heart

Finally, we are going to give references on the download of PDF of the theme of the heart, a theme that is always on the rise in our country. Without a doubt, gossip magazines sweep the kiosks, being one of the few that keep them alive. Magazines like Hola, Cosmopolitan, interviú or Clara are among the most prominent.

We recommend you PDF Giant, a portal that has a wide catalog of this topic, making it one of the most recommended pages. Although I personally must say that I still prefer Although the more options we have the better, since this can be found fall on occasion, so it is always good to have a large number of options available.

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