Download WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging client. Millions of people use it every day on their mobile, tablet and computer.

Despite that there are alternatives like Telegram and there are multiple reasons not to use WhatsApp, the truth is that all our contacts are the one they use the most so until the day of a massive migration to another platform arrives, WhatsApp will continue to dominate the messaging sector and for a long time, calls via VoIP.

Download WhatsApp

If you still have doubts about how download whatsapp For any of these devices, below we will show you how to do it on each of the platforms.

In each of our tutorials you will find detailed information for install whatsapp on multiple gadgets, be it a computer with Windows or OS X, an iPhone, an iPad or mobile or tablet with Android installed.

Common failures in WhatsApp

Si Whatsapp is giving you errors, here we teach you how to fix the most common mistakes of the messaging client.

Although it is not usually normal to have problems When installing the application on our device, there are a series of circumstances or requirements that if we do not comply, they can give us some other headaches.

We hope that with the link that we have left you a few lines above you can solve the problem with your WhatsApp and join the great community that uses it daily.