Dreame H12: An off-road wet and dry vacuum cleaner [Review]

Dreame, the Asian firm specializing in smart products for the home, breaks again with the usual, a vacuum device, but this time it intends to innovate by eliminating all the barriers that are supposed to this type of product.

Dreame H12 is a revolutionary wet and dry vacuum cleaner, the real all-rounder for home cleaning. We analyze this new Dreame product that is called to revolutionize the market, the time has come to use your vacuum cleaner to clean absolutely everything you can think of. These are all its features, functionalities and we will tell you if it is worth buying or not.

Dimensions: Large and light

As usual, Dreame usually wears its most professional range in dark gray, and that is what has happened with this Dreame H12. Despite this, Dreame does not give official data regarding the size, which is similar in length to any other cordless handheld vacuum with these features.

That said, what does attract attention, although it falls within the logic of its functionalities. The result is 4,75 kilograms in total for a device that comes well packaged and that we have to assemble only by placing the tubes, we will not need instructions.

The bundle includes enough content to get you up and running right out of the box, as with many other Dreame products:

  • Main body
  • Mango
  • Dreame H12 cleaning brush
  • Spare roller brush
  • Charging base
  • Accessory holder
  • replacement filter
  • Cleaning fluid
  • Power adapter

At this point the construction of the Dreame H12 offers us very good sensations, As is often the case with the brand, a very well finished product is perceived.

Technical characteristics

The Dreame H12 has a nominal power of 200W, which is a great range if we compare it with other products with similar characteristics. However, this negatively affects their autonomy.

Speaking of the battery, it has a compound of six cells for a total of 4.000mAh that will grant a maximum operating time of 35 minutes, for which we will need at least five hours of charging. With "maximum" we already have an idea of ​​the final result. Based on our tests, a reasonable cleaning time of 25-30 minutes is closer to reality.

  • Wet and dry cleaning
  • corner cleaning
  • Smart dirt detection
  • Led screen
  • Self-cleaning

Definitely, this Realme H12 offers autonomy far from what we could expect considering other vacuum cleaners of the same brand, however, its various capabilities must be valued.

Various cleaning systems

It should be noted that this Dreame H12 has been conscientiously designed to offer versatile solutions. To get started, features an asymmetrical design that allows the roller to access the edges and clean well even in the most difficult areas.

The device has the ability to detect wet dirt and dry dirt. It uses a suction system and scrubbing to clean any surface, as we have seen in our tests. It has a real-time water circulation system so Technically, it performs three functions simultaneously: Vacuums, scrubs and washes..

It has various sensors on the brush that help identify dirt and act accordingly to offer the appropriate result. In "Auto Mode" the LED ring will indicate how the cleaning system is working:

  • Green Color: Dry Clean
  • Yellow color: Cleaning of liquids or medium dirt
  • Red color: Wet and dry cleaning

In addition, in this LED panel and simultaneously, we will be offered information on the percentage of remaining battery.

Self-cleaning and voice system

The device includes a base on which we will be able to place the body of the vacuum cleaner and the accessories. It is in this charging base where we can proceed to the self-cleaning system, very important considering the porosity of the roller, which would ensure us to maintain a standard of cleanliness when we require a dry service.

It includes a secondary scraper brush, so to clean it we will only have to place the vacuum cleaner on the base and press the button well to rinse the roller until we consider it to be clean.

Similarly, both the screen and the voice information system will keep us up to date on cleaning, Whether we have set it to automatic mode, intelligent detection mode, as well as the status of the system, for example, it will notify us if we have to fill the water tank to continue cleaning.

  • Automatic mode: For basic and simple cleaning, it will perform the scrubbing, vacuuming or mixed functions according to the requirements detected by its sensors.
  • Way of suction: If we only want to suck liquids we can use the suction mode.

We can clean a fairly large area considering that it has a 900ml clean water tank, which will obviously affect the weight of the product and the speed of cleaning.

To solve the problem of weight and agility of the product, we find that the traction of the planing system makes a small push forward and helps to move the vacuum cleaner, something that we greatly appreciate.

Editor's opinion

This product, as is the case with others of the higher ranges of Dreame, offers us a perceived quality and very high sensations of effectiveness. The reality is that it is a quite complex product, designed for versatility and the most difficult dirt.

These types of products get along quite well with porcelain, ceramic or vinyl floors, however, in the case of wooden or wooden floors, we are somewhat insecure about using these liquids, which are generally discouraged. Nevertheless, it also reassures us to have the option of absorbing these liquids on the platform, guaranteeing a higher level of drying.

From September 14 you can buy this Dreame product at Amazon at a very competitive price. Take advantage of the comment box if you want to leave us any questions about its operation.

Dreame H12
  • Editor's rating
  • 4 star rating
  • 80%

  • Dreame H12
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  • Last modification: 11th September 2022
  • Design
    Publisher: 90%
  • Aspiration
    Publisher: 90%
  • Scrub
    Publisher: 70%
  • Accessories
    Publisher: 80%
  • Autonomy
    Publisher: 70%
  • Portability (size / weight)
    Publisher: 70%
  • Price quality
    Publisher: 80%

Pros and cons


  • Materials and design
  • Easy to use
  • Compatibility


  • Weight/size
  • Autonomy

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