DualSense charging station and DualSense controller for PS5 [Unboxing]

The PlayStation 5 It will reach the first users who managed to reserve it on November 19. However, many games and accessories have been moved forward a week so as not to saturate the delivery or delivery routes. In this vein, we have already received two of the most important PS5 accessories and we want to show them to you.

Discover with us the new DualSense charging station and the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Get to know them in great detail in this in-depth analysis that we have carried out of their characteristics and functionalities, we have come to tell you about them so that you know what accessories you cannot miss in your setup.

As on other occasions, we have decided to accompany this article with interesting content in the form of a video. In our YouTube channel you will be able to find this unboxing the DualSense charging station and the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, two accessories that will make your life much easier, without a doubt.

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DualSense charging station for PS5

We started with the charging station, a product that I missed a lot during my PlayStation 4 stage and that Sony has finally managed to solve. The first difference is that the DualSense controller now, in addition to the USB-C charging port on the front, includes charging pins between the Joysticks.

This means that we will be able to load the control in a natural position and, most importantly, without having to introduce wear elements such as cables and connectors. In this way, the load is made much lighter.

This is how thanks to the metal pins that surround the 3,5mm Jack for headphones we will be able to use a charging station baptized as the remote control and that has two retractable springs. When placing the Dual Sense controls, a small cylinder is inserted where the 3,5mm Jack would go to produce a better grip, and charging will begin.

This charge is done through a fairly long cable that is included in the package, and not through USB-C. The cable comes with its own power supply that we imagine will be ready to charge the two controls simultaneously.

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The cable is long and thin enough that we can place the DualSense charging station where we want without attracting too much attention. This charging station is designed in a way that perfectly matches the PS5 because the shape inevitably reminds us of the front.

It has a non-slip base and is simultaneously made of Piano Black plastic in the center and rough white plastic for the sides. The truth is that it is a charging base that is presented with a particularly graceful design and that meets the needs that all players had.

The price should not be a problem, and it is that we are facing a relatively cheap product. You can buy it from 29 euros in usual points of sale such as Amazon (link) or El Corte Inglés. Honestly, it seems to me one of the accessories that we should not miss.

Especially considering that Sony has finally listened to the community by introducing a more natural charging mechanism. and that prevents the controls from constantly breaking through the charging ports, something that was quite common in the DualShock 4, which were conspicuous by their lack of durability.

DualSense controller for PlayStation 5

Obviously, when we buy the PlayStation 5 it comes with a DualSense controller included inside. In fact, the PlayStation 5 in addition to the DualSense controller includes a USB-A to USB-C cable, something that we will not find when we purchase a DualSense controller separately, something that I do not quite understand.

Joining the trend of reducing technological waste, Sony has opted not to include in the DualSense box more than the command and the instruction manual. We have purchased an additional DualSense remote unit to complete our DualSense charging station.

This DualSense remote is made of black and white plastic, only edition currently available on the market. The main buttons have become transparent and white, leaving behind the classic colors (green, pink, red and blue). The lightweight rear only shows us the Sony logo and the USB-C port.

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The Joystick reminds us a lot of the DualShock 4 with a new exterior reinforcement and a slightly more adherent rubber. Among these we have the PS button that is now represented by the PlayStation logo and is no longer round. Just below this button we have a new "Mute" button which will allow us to mute the microphone in an instant (it also turns on).

For their part, the Share and Options buttons they keep changing the logo but with the same functions. The trackpad takes center stage that will allow us to interact in the same way as the DualShock 4. The indicator light ring is now located around this trackpad, leaving the back completely flat.

At the bottom we will have a 3,5 mm Jack port to add any type of headset easily without having to resort to more expensive options. In the same way that this is where the charging pins for the DualSense charging station are located.

Finally, this DualSense has now included a haptic intelligent vibration system as it happens in the iPhone 12 Pro (for example) whose first analyzes have yielded very good results. The same goes for the interactive sensors and accelerometers on the controller.

The back is made of rough plastic for a better grip, representing the classic PlayStation buttons. Also leave command Dualense the typical rear sticker that always ended up being erased. Finally now we have not only a speaker, but also a small microphone on the remote. 

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  1.   Carlos said

    Do you know if the control can be left mounted in the load center when the load is finished?
    If it is left mounted all the time it reduces the useful life of the battery ????

    1.    Paco L Gutierrez said

      Hello, there is no problem, you can always leave it perched in the charging center and take it only when you need it, once the battery is charged it will stop charging.