[E3 2014] We review the Sony conference

Sony E3 2014

Currently, Sony is the largest console seller thanks to its PlayStation 4, a place that it has not occupied for 8 years and that it has managed to recover thanks to promises of gamers for gamers and, especially, because its competitor, Microsoft products, has not been very agile or accurate with the first steps of his Xbox One, console that continues to lose at home, everything must be said.

The Japanese called us to a conference E3 2014 where we expected to find great news and the truth is that the show became somewhat heavy at times, although it was worth it just to see some exclusive gameplays and the announcement of titles that will only be in PlayStation 4, despite notable absences and maybe even shortcomings.

If the conference of Microsoft products started with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Activision She was also in charge of doing the honors in the presentation of Sony, except that with the expected game of the creators of Halo: we talk about Destiny, a futuristic first-person shooter MMO that seems like one of the most ambitious projects of Activision. We were told a little more about the story of Destiny and we were shown gameplay, where, by surprise, a sharp graphic downgrade could be seen. It was claimed that users of PlayStation 4 will be able to access a beta of the game temporarily this summer and a pack console in a beautiful white color along with Destiny and a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus, which will be in stores on September 9, thus confirming the departure date of Destiny, except last minute surprise.

The Order: 1886 He entered the scene, with an impeccable presentation, thanks to a very successful setting that took us to the anguishing passage where the protagonist was chased by a decrepit and violent creature deformed but with humanoid features. It seems that the moments survival will shake hands with those of action en The Order: 1886 and I'm looking forward to getting our hands on it early next year. Another exclusive was shown below: Entwined, an indie-cut rarity with a colorful finish that looked like a kind of rail shooter. Now available for PlayStation 4 y PS Vita with option cross buy by U.S. dollar 9,99.

The rumored dlc for inFamous: Second Son became a reality with its announcement materialized in a trailer where we could see a new female lead and it was confirmed that it will reach PS4 in the hot month of August. Sony he bet again on the safe side and got out of the hat Little Big Planet 3, an imaginative 2D platformer that is able to unleash the most avid imagination thanks to its powerful editor. As happened at the time with the previous Little Big Planet, the game looks as if we were facing an animated short, and also, we were shown gameplay where we could meet the three new companions of Sackboy, which will be essential to squeeze the levels of the game thanks to its unique abilities, thus showing a powerful multiplayer component for Little Big Planet 3. You can wait for it November for PlayStation 4.

Shuhei Yoshida took the stage and unveiled the next set of Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Demon's Souls y Dark Souls, which will be exclusive to PlayStation 4: Bloodborne. Set in a Victorian era, seeing it in motion confirmed that leak that we saw assuming it was Demon's Souls 2. We were wrong in part, but of course the staging was splendid and taking into account who is the director in charge of the game, we may be facing one of the most powerful exclusives of the future catalog of PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the wait is going to be long, as Bloodborne will arrive sometime in 2015 still to be determined.

Ubisoft showed an exclusive gameplay of Far Cry 4 which in its essence reminded a lot of the previous installment of the game and that it garnered such good reviews. Shootings, explosions, driving, vehicle assault, liberation of bases ... Not a second of respite in the Himalayas, where we can play cooperatively with up to three more friends, and attention, it will only take a copy of the game so that up to four people can enjoy a shared game: this feature will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 y PlayStation 3.


Dead Island 2 it was announced with a cgi trailer where humor was the predominant tone; later we saw a video of Battlefield: Hardlined; a new alliance with Paradox entertainment that took shape with Magicka 2 for PS4; one of the surprises of the night was the announcement of the remastering of Grim Fandango -although it will not be exclusive to Sony-; they filled us with a fireworks of indies; Y Suda51 He hit the mark with what promises to be another of his characteristic games, with high doses of violence, although it was not clear if it was a competitive multiplayer, if there will be a story mode or what the heck is Let it Die.

More indies jumped to the fore, highlighting the precious Abzu and the hypeante No Man's Sky, which are outlined as the two most desired indie titles for PlayStation 4. There was also room for free to play y Sony assured that they want PlayStation 4 be the home of choice for these types of games, with more than 25 titles in the chamber for the console, such as Kingdom Under Fire, Guns up o Planetside 2.

Project Morpheus tiptoed through the conference - no relevant information was given about it-; It was confirmed that we will be able to upload videos from PS4 to our channel YouTube at the end of this year; there was talk of PlayStation Now, which will work even on televisions Bravia and will have its public beta on 31 July en United States, with games like Ultra Street Fighter IV, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes o God of War Ascension; PlayStaiton TV It will also allow streaming gaming by connecting a controller to it and its price has been US $ 99.

The series Powers can be viewed on the consoles of Sony, being the first chapter of it totally free for members of PlayStation Plus; we saw a preview of the animated film de Ratchet & Clank, which will arrive in 2015 together with a new video game; and refering to PS Vita, the console is still somewhat soulless and only three games were mentioned in passing for it: Minecraft, Tales of Borderlands y Child of Light.

The first gameplay of Mortal Kombat X, where we could see fragments of fighting between Scorpion y Sub-Zeroas well as a fight with two completely new characters and strange for what we are used to seeing in the series: a insectoid woman and a kind of little devil riding a mole. Graphically, it was somewhat disappointing -run in a hackneyed U- and the gameplay is highly influenced by what we saw in Injustice: Gods Among Us, with special movements everywhere and interaction with the scenes. The fatalities They will continue to be one of the attractions of the game and we will not be able to play it until well into 2015.

The remastering of The Last of Us will reach PlayStation 4 el 29 July and it was seen in a video where it was more than visible the face lift that this essential piece of Naught dog. It was also confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will arrive at next generation consoles y PC, and in addition, players will be able to transfer their data online from the versions of PlayStation 3 y Xbox 360 to those of their successors. We also saw a trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, although the surprise was overshadowed by the leak, hours before, of it. The truth is that the game looks scandalous and promises to give fans a new experience even more intense than in previous installments: we are not a few who are looking forward to tasting the next of Kojima Productions.

Batman: Arkham Knight It was shown with a gameplay in scoop that left us hair like spikes to many. Just the opposite of Mortal Kombat X, the next of the Dark Knight, despite also running on a modified version of the U And being a sandbox with a huge stage, it boasts some magnificent graphics. The most innovative thing was to show us how we can travel Gotham with the Batmobile and dispense justice on four wheels just as the Lord of the Night. We will have to wait, as with most, to 2015 to be able to play Batman: Arkham Knight.

And as icing on the cake, N gave us long teeth with a short video of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, made with the game engine, where we could see Nathan Drake enter, gun in hand, in a jungle place where some bodies consumed in cages suspended in the trees welcomed him. Also for 2015 and it is surely one of the console vendors of PlayStation 4.

Certainly, Sony showed in his conference more and better content, or at least more attractive, than Microsoft products, although it must also be said that at times it became somewhat doughy and difficult to digest: perhaps they should look for more dynamic speakers or establish a better rhythm in the material shown, since we were going through boring moments of up to 20 minutes with nothing really remarkable gameplays that caught you by surprise. The climax formula - anti climax doesn't seem to be very well mastered by Sony and I hope that from this E3 2014 the thing changes.

Looking at the games shown, it is clear that PlayStation 4 is again ahead of Xbox One, thanks to titles like The Order: 1886, Bloodborne o Uncharted 4. It is true that I would have liked to see newer IPs, as well as the return of classics, such as God of War, or even have been surprised with the recovery, almost archaeological, of some of the long forgotten of the era of the first PlayStationAs Syphon Filter o Medievil, and the absence of titles such as Deep down o The Last GuardianSony has been very successful, like most companies, and still maintains a catalog superiority over a Microsoft products which seems to have an orbit in another galaxy, although we go back to before: this E3 2014 we can extract that the new generation will not start until 2015.



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  1.   Dripxer said

    Man, being "ahead of Xbox One" and that "Microsoft seems to have orbit in another galaxy" is, to say the least, debatable. If we focus on exclusives for the next few months:

    Xbox One

    Sunset Overdrive
    Forza Horizon 2
    Halo Collection
    Halo 5
    Phantom Dust
    Fable Legends
    Project Spark
    Killer Instinct Season 2
    Fantasy fabric


    Drive Club
    Little Big Planet 3
    TLOU Remastered
    The Order

    Each one can have their preferences on which ones are better or which proposal is more interesting. But reading you it seems that Microsoft has a rickety catalog when, in my opinion, the opposite happens.

    1.    Dripxer said

      I forgot Quantum Break and Gears of War that are not mucus of turkey. Come on, quite biased and highly debatable opinion. Both in Microsoft's summary and Sony's.

  2.   Dripxer said

    And, be careful, I had forgotten Quantum Break and Gears of War, which are no small feat. Opinion, in both articles, somewhat biased, really.

  3.   NeoGantz said

    Burnt franchises, games without interest and some that are going to 2015 -Halo 5, Quantum Break, Crackdown… - Gears of War? Not a single image has been seen nor is anything known about the game. It's like they bring you up, I don't know, Uncharted 5 or whatever the obvious on Sony's part. For color tastes, but I do agree that Microsoft is on its ball and does itself a disservice with that attitude. For a long time I prefer what was shown by Sony than what will be available for Xbox One: is it better quantity or quality?

    1.    Javier Monfort said

      Man, Sony's list also includes a remastering of the TLOU and an LBP 3 that I saw a few important news with respect to the previous ones. Skinny favor? Attitude? Seriously, I don't know which E3 some of you have seen where an hour and a half conference in which more general and more exclusive games were taught is worse than a two hour conference with less content for the players. Quality? It seems that Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, the work of Platinum, Halo 5 or Forza Horizon 2 (three of which are new IP, with what franchises burned here does not come to mind) are going to be lashes when I think they point to everything otherwise. But anyway, I said, it seems that I have been watching another E3.

  4.   NeoGantz said

    Well, I have seen a Microsoft E3 that has not been able to sell me a console and one of Sony that has made me more excited. If we put the games displayed by each company on a scale, to me it would clearly lean on the PS4 side. I don't think you've tried Quantum Break (which didn't come out at the fair by the way), Sunset Overdrive, the Platinum thing, Halo 5 (which didn't teach anything either) or Forza Horizon 2. Nothing is known about Quantum Break, they just put some videos and no more. Sunset Overdrive paints a truñete, no matter where you look at it, you'll see how it hits in sales. The Platinum thing, which was just smoke, it still looked horrible and did not attract attention and if you say that Halo and Forza are not burned, it will be that you have not followed those sagas because there is Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo odst, ​​Halo Reach, Halo Anniversary, Halo Wars ... and if I do not forget any, all that in two generations of Xbox and in the One there will be the 5 and Master Chief Collection plus many others that will surely come. Forza has been with Forza, Forza 2, Forza 3, Forza 4, Forza 5, Forza Horizon and Forza Horizon 2 since the first Xbox, that's 7 games in three generations of consoles, for example Sony has 6 Gran Turismo since the first PlayStation, one more generation. Another thing is that you see your duster and here you make it clear that you like the Xbox more than the PlayStation, which is respectable, but you should also respect others and not try to undermine their words.

    1.    Javier Monfort said

      I do not like one more than the other or shot of pure fanaticism. Luckily I have both consoles and I don't have to waste time defending one and criticizing the other. I praise what I like about each one and criticize the same. And my opinion pieces in this house prove it.

      But come on, your arguments seem a bit weak to me. You say that I can see the duster but you affirm that Sunset Overdrive will be a trick that will not sell when the media that have tried it speak wonders of its approach and freshness, that Platinum looked horrendous when it was pure CGI and they have given us things like Bayonetta or Vanquish and that I have not tried Quantum Break. Have you tried The Order, Bloodborne or Uncharted 4? Well that. And at no time do I talk about Halo or Forza not being burned but, be careful, comparing Forza Motorsport with Forza Horizon and putting the subsaga Horizon in the bag of burned sagas is to have very little eye and know very little about the world. Oh, and if you're going to list all the games in a series, don't forget the two Gran Turismo Prologues: wow, 5 Forza Motorsport (I repeat that a Horizon has very little to do with a classic Forza) in 3 generations for eight Gran Tourism in 3 generations.

      Anyway, I think it is shown that it does not make much sense that after such a string of unsustainable arguments talk about dusters and preferences of one console over another. Did you like the Sony conference more? Perfect. But try to present more reasonable and less biased ideas (as well as incorrect).

  5.   Cain said

    You have to have very fat eggs to say that Xbox One is ahead of PS4 in games