eufyCam 3, a very complete security kit [review]

Security cameras are the order of the day, and we are not just talking about those that we can find in the supermarket or at the entrance to the Santiago Bernabéu. As always, we focus on those products that are designed for and to make our lives easier in our day to day life, and that is precisely what we want to bring you today.

We analyze the new eufyCam 3, the new generation of wireless cameras from eufy that works with the new S380 connection base. Find out with us if this device is really worth it and how it can improve our day-to-day safety.

These devices are making our day-to-day and surveillance at home much easier, however, this eufyCam is looking for something more, since it is capable of offering security indoors and outdoors at all times, it is very easy to install and It does not require any type of monthly payments, which is a plus of ease.

Materials and design

We were quite surprised by the packaging of this eufyCam 3, since such a careful design is not typical of a product with these characteristics. In the box we will first find the two cameras and the docking station. After the first layer we will find Ethernet cable, power connection and user guides. All this accompanied by the simple but effective anchors to the wall that the cameras will need. Obviously these anchors will include both the plugs and the screws necessary for their installation.

At this point, installing the cameras is supremely easy, and much of the "blame" for this lies in the fact that they do not need any type of wiring or specific configuration for this purpose. Little more to say about the cameras. It is curious that the connection station is perhaps smaller than the camera itself, something that is directly related to the solar panel necessary for the loads that we will talk about later.

Technical characteristics and batteries

The eufyCam 3 has a sensor BSI CMOS with f/1.4 aperture that will allow 4K image capture, which means the possibility of obtaining higher quality images when we zoom, as well as a 40% improvement over the previous version when we talk about improving the sensitivity of image capture in dark conditions. Thus, we will have a maximum capture resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, which in our tests has provided great quality in the images obtained.

  • IP67 resistance
  • Stereo audio capture
  • Integrated motion sensor with up to 100 meter range
  • Night vision up to 8 meters

By default, the recording of the image will be placed in "AUTO", that is to say, the Artificial Intelligence of the system will manage the quality of the capture based on the environmental conditions, the connectivity and of course the remaining autonomy of the camera. However, we can manually adjust the resolution of the captures through the application.

Inside it has a 13.400mAh battery for each of the cameras, which offers the possibility of offering up to a year of operation without recharging, something that obviously we have not been able to verify. What we do take into account is that with two hours of sunlight a day we have enough for continuous use.

Within the application we will obtain specific data about the efficiency of the solar charge, as well as indications of the location that we must choose to make the most of the charge.

The docking station, essential

The eufy camera interconnection system will allow us, thanks to its 16GB of storage save the captures of around 3 months of use, however, it has an expansion slot that will allow us to include a hard drive of no more and no less than 16 TB of storage. It has point-to-point encryption, so it won't be a security problem even if we lose the WiFi connection.

  • Processor: Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A55
  • 2 USB ports 3.0
  • 1 LAN port
  • 1 SATA 3.0 port
  • 16GB of built-in memory

The HomeBase 3 station is currently compatible with the eufyCam, the Battery Dorbell and the Sensor, while the rest of the products will arrive throughout this year 2022 through updates.

The connection system is SATA, so we will not have problems when choosing the hard drive, compatible with any 2,5-inch model, regardless of whether we choose HDD or SSD format. Broadly speaking, with 1TB recording around 500 seconds per day, we will have about 15 years of security recordings for each TB of storage that we add, for an estimate of two security cameras like the ones included in this pack.

Artificial Intelligence application and system

The Artificial Intelligence algorithm that includes this device and its application It will allow us to identify strangers, relatives, pets and vehicles, reducing false alerts by 95%. In our case, the tests have performed normally both for the pets (a cat) and for the inhabitants of the house. It has an automatic learning system and adapts to the visual point from which the camera is positioned without problems. Taking advantage of face recognition we will be able to access an activity history in which to review only the moments that interest us.

It will separate us the notifications from relatives and strangers, informing us in the application itself. In fact, we will be able to assign familiar faces directly by adding a face or selecting a photograph, incredible. In this way, we receive specific alerts about people who enter the house, therefore we will be informed in the notification itself (we have tested it on iOS) if the alert is due to a stranger or a relative.

Editor's opinion

Pricing for Spain for the eufyCam 3 will be available for €549 for the 2-camera + HomeBase 3 kit. Additional cameras will cost €199,99. eufyCam 3C will cost €519,99 for 2 cameras + HomeBase 3. You can buy it both on Amazon and on the web Eufy official.

In our tests, the eufyCam has positioned itself as a much more complete and professional alternative to conventional cameras, which will allow you to set up a true home security system with all the guarantees.

eufyCam 3
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  • 4 star rating
  • 80%

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  • Integrated
    Publisher: 90%
  • Image quality
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  • Configuration
    Publisher: 75%
  • Recognition
    Publisher: 85%
  • Autonomy
    Publisher: 90%
  • Portability (size / weight)
    Publisher: 85%
  • Price quality
    Publisher: 85%

Pros and cons


  • Image quality
  • Identification of people and pets
  • Great autonomy


  • complex configuration
  • cameras are great

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