This is everything we know about the new Samsung Galaxy S7


For a few weeks now we have begun to know the first rumors about the specifications, features and details of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, which could be presented in the near future and without waiting as on previous occasions at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This smartphone from the South Korean company is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated devices for this 2016 and of course also for us.

Por el momento there is no known date for the official presentation of this Galaxy S7, although rumors suggest that it could be presented imminently. For all this, we are going to computer everything we know about this mobile device in this article, although we already warn you that a lot of information that you will read here are just rumors and not official and confirmed information.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available in four different versions

The Samsung Galaxy S6 hit the market in three different versions, although not simultaneously, marking a difference from previous smartphones. The Galaxy S7 will take another step forward and could reach the market in up to four different versions, this time from the outset.

According to all rumors, the South Korean company will launch the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7 plus (with a large screen), the Galaxy S7 edge (with a curved screen) and the Galaxy S7 edge plus (with a large curved screen) . In addition, and with total security, we can find the new Samsung flagship in several different colors so that each user can choose the one they like best.

The processor will be manufactured by Qualcomm again


For the first time Samsung manufactured its own processors for the Galaxy S6, with more than remarkable results. However, despite the fact that it seems difficult to understand, the South Korean company will once again rely on Qualcomm for its new Galaxy S7.

Once again according to all the rumors and leaks that appeared, the new Samsung flagship will mount a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, although it is also pointed out that there could be different versions with self-made processors with a performance very similar to those of Qualcomm.

Heat pipes will cool the new processor

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 will be the new processor of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and to avoid heating problems that have already occurred in other smartphones on the market, the South Korean company has designed a heat pipe that will be responsible for dissipating the heat generated by this processor.

At the moment absolutely no details are known about this new cooling system, but it seems that Samsung does not want to leave open the possibility that its devices suffer from overheating problems. The day of the official presentation is to imagine that we will know new details about this system that we will soon see with total security how other manufacturers copy for their smartphones.

The camera will keep getting better


The camera of all Samsung mobile devices has stood out for its enormous quality and for the possibilities they offer to users. The Galaxy S7 will continue to improve and for this the company that runs Choi Gee-see will incorporate a new sensor called Britecell that has already been shown to the main shareholders of the company.

Little information is known about it, although according to what has transpired it would improve the general performance of the cameras in low light environments, one of the weakest points of the cameras of Samsung smartphones.

With the Galaxy S7 camera we will see if Samsung is able to match other terminals on the market such as the powerful camera of the LG G4, which also allows us to use it in manual mode, that of the Xperia Z5 or that of the iPhone 6S, which despite not to boast of megapixels, it boasts high quality images.

The 3D Touch will be a reality

The iPhone 6S arrived on the market boasting of the new Force Touch technology, which allows the user various options by pressing with different levels of force on the screen. Other manufacturers have decided to imitate this function, given the good reception it has had among users and developers, and after Huawei implemented it in its Mate S, now Samsung will incorporate it in its new reference terminal.

Baptized as Touch 3D in the last days there is speculation with the possibility of whether it will be a hardware characteristics or a software implemented option. Although new data is leaked every day, it is more than likely that we will not leave doubts until the day of the official presentation of this new Galaxy S7.

The return of the microSD card slot


One of the big flaws that most users saw in the different versions of the Galaxy S6 was the absence of a microSD card slot that allows you to expand the internal storage space. Samsung seems to have learned from its own mistakes and in the new Galaxy S7 we will see the return of the microSD card slot That will allow us, for example, to acquire the smartphone with less storage capacity and then expand it using one of these cards.

Without a doubt, the absence of the microSD card slot is a negative point in most smartphones in which it is not present and Samsung does not want to be criticized, such as Apple, in this regard. Of course, this will surely and directly influence the versions of terminals that we see, as far as storage space is concerned. It is more than likely that we will see 32 and 64 GB versions or even because not a single version, although this seems unlikely.

USB Type C connector to adapt to the new times

More and more mobile devices incorporate a connector USB Type C and the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is not going to be different and will mount one of these new reversible connectors that offer users interesting possibilities, although it will make us have to replace all the USB cables that we have right now.

This feature is not confirmed and it is just a rumor without much force, that many do not quite believe since if Samsung did not incorporate this charger in the new Galaxy S6 edge plus, recently presented, it does not seem likely that only a few months later they will incorporate it on their new smartphones.

The prices of the Galaxy S7 will be 10% lower than those of the Galaxy S6

Samsung's sales have been falling alarmingly in recent times, although everyone recognizes the increasing quality and power of its terminals. To solve this problem, the South Korean company has decided to significantly reduce the price of the new Galaxy S7. According to all rumors This new flagship could be priced lower than the Galaxy S6, up to 10%.

Once again, this data is not official nor has it been able to be verified, although it would be logical for Samsung to lower the price of its new smartphone to try to convince a greater number of users. Of course, no one expects that the price will be a gift because it will continue to be quite high, although as a consolation we can say that it is cheaper than a Galaxy S6.

When will the Samsung Galaxy S7 be presented?


If we were to be guided by what Samsung has done in recent years, we would say without doubt that the new Galaxy S7 will be officially presented at the next Mobile World Congress. However, this possibility seems more than ruled out and more after the South Korean company broke the schemes with the presentation of the Galaxy S6 edge plus and the Galaxy Note 5.

Many rumors suggest that this Galaxy S7 could be presented in the first days of 2016, at a private event, thus distancing itself from any great event that could steal its prominence and above all by tiring them on a strategic date, away from the presentations of other manufacturers. However, for many, including myself, this date does not fit at all. And it is that it makes little sense to present a brand new smartphone, just after the Christmas campaign where sales of mobile devices tend to skyrocket. If I had to make a bet I would be inclined towards a presentation in February or March, yes, in a private event and not within the framework of the MWC as usual.

Opinion freely

Once a year, as if it were already an obligation, Samsung presents its new flagship. Now that the launch of the Galaxy S7 is approaching, I wonder when we can see it officially and what news it will offer us. I also wonder if a terminal of this type is necessary every year, to which I answer that without a doubt for the majority of users who do not. Hopefully one day Apple, Samsung and many other mobile phone manufacturers will realize that having a smartphone of this type is too expensive for us to renew it every year without going broke.

After this reflection, if all the characteristics that are rumored for the Samsung Galaxy S7 are confirmed, I am convinced that we will be facing one of the best terminals on the market, which will also boast of a reduced price and that although it will arrive just after the dreaded cost of January may come at the ideal time for many.

Do you think Samsung will surprise us and leave us open-mouthed with the new Galaxy S7?.

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