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After that surprise movement of Sony advertising PlayStation 4 and with Nintendo Wii U in the market, to Microsoft products He had no choice but to show his latest proposal within electronic entertainment, although it would rather be called his new console "multimedia entertainment center." Neither Xbox Infinity, nor Xbox 720, nor Durango ... The next machine Microsoft products will Xbox One.

With this name, they try to play with the concept of having "everything in one device" and that is what the presentation that started with Don mattrick- Too much talk about TV apps and not enough games.

When showing the console, the size of the console attracted attention, of considerable dimensions, rectangular in shape and a discreet black color, ideal to try to go unnoticed within the place where Microsoft products want to place your Xbox One: the living room. The machine did not present itself and a review of the control Xbox 360, with improvements in the crosshead and triggers - they would include its own vibration - and that it will work with battery, and of course, the review of Kinect.

Xbox One

The new camera Kinect It will be of high resolution -1080p-, it will even allow us to recognize the pressure we make on our muscles, calculate our heart rate and even detect our mood. All this, according to Microsoft products. Of course, voice commands will be essential to be handled by the console interface, and what's more, Kinect It is mandatory to use, it will come with each machine and it will always be connected to Xbox One with voice recognition activated to turn on the device - we will see if in the future this does not generate privacy violation problems due to unauthorized access to the camera.


As for the console itself, it should be noted that its technical specifications place it below PlayStation 4, to which they have responded from Microsoft that they do not pursue graphic power. The machine employs an architecture x86 created by AMD with CPU 8 nuclei and GPU oriented to DirectX 11.1, it will have 8 Gigs of RAM -DDR3 type compared to 8 GB GDDR5 of PS4-, hard drive 500 Gb (external hard drives may be used), inputs USB 3.0,WiFi and a HDMI with input and output. Regarding online gaming, they have only mentioned that subscriptions Gold de Xbox 360 will also be valid for Xbox One, so it is taken for granted that network gambling will continue to be paid on the platform Microsoft products, although prices have not been said or if services will be expanded.


Most of the conference has focused on the use of Kinect and in the different viewing options and accessories for television services that they intend to integrate into Xbox One: but beware, you will need an external peripheral to be able to use the console TDT, with the consequent disbursement. Certainly it is somewhat absurd that they propose a machine to watch television on your television and due to the nature of our space, we are not going to limit ourselves to giving you the plate with characteristics that you can see in the video or about agreements that we will not see for these lands.

Getting into the rag when it comes to video games, oddly enough, there was not a single demonstration of the use of Kinect in any title, just some mention of the possibilities of voice commands in the gameplay. It was anticipated that the installation of games on the hard disk will be mandatory, despite the reader Blu Ray which includes the machine, and beware, now comes the information that is difficult to digest: the games will have keys and will need to be registered. And the thing does not stop there, what goes, it goes much further than what some imagine at this point.

Take the case that a player, let's call him Mario, purchases a game for his Xbox One. First of all, the console will force you to connect to the internet - and be careful because it will be mandatory to be online at least once every 24 hours - to enter the game key, link it to your Gamertag -It will serve the same that we already had from the previous one Xbox- and your console. Now a friend of this player enters the scene, Luigi, who will be able to make a profile on Mario's console and play the games on his friend's console. Now think about the typical game loan situation. Well, Luigi will not be able to play the game that his friend Mario lends him, since he has been linked to Gamertag and Mario console, and pay attention, now we curl the curl, because Luigi wants to play with that same physical unit of the game, he must buy an activation key that will cost exactly the same as if he bought it new. However, Mario can log into Luigi's console and run the games that, legally, recognize him as the legitimate owner - and we already know that this is going to bring a queue with people who are going to dedicate themselves to borrowing accounts and personal data- . Incredible but true.


Now we will ask ourselves what will happen to the second-hand market. The strategy of Microsoft products is to create a virtual market under their umbrella, where players sell their licenses for games that they no longer want to play - thus losing rights to their purchase - by setting themselves the price they estimate. The terms and operation of this system are still unclear, as stated by the Microsoft products which will give more information later when they clarify their own ideas. And by the way, the permanent connection to the internet to play will be at the discretion of each developer.

As for games, the truth is that it was nothing surprising, rather the opposite. On one side, EA showed its new IGNITE graphics engine, under which its next sports games will run, such as FIFA 14 And truth be told, what they showed was very green, with modeling and animations that left a bad impression. A new Force was seen in a short video and Remedy announced a new IP called Quantum Break, of which nothing is known beyond what was seen in the trailer with little information.

Microsoft products his mouth was filled assuring that during the first year the console will receive up to 15 exclusive titles, 8 of which would be new IPs and that in addition Rare (or what's left of it) is working on one of his most beloved franchises. The television series of Halo, Which will Steven Spielberg as an executive producer and who appeared in a video showing very excited about the project.

The icing on the conference came with the first gameplay of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Activision showed several developers of the game talking about its technical benefits and the need to restart the saga, because "they did not want to continue doing the same, but the best." Certainly, the technical leap was palpable, and more so when comparing the game's character models with those of Modern Warfare 3, which denotes a certain premeditation to instill certain sensations in the public: Modern Warfare 3 it was a game with an outdated technical aspect, so buying it with anything next gen would always leave it in a bad place. The truth is that graphically it has not been surprising at all and apparently in the gameplay it seems that despite the statements of Activision, the facts seem different.

Let's be frank, as a gamer, I found it a total disappointment. The issue of gaming licenses is very thorny, there will be palpable differences between cross-platform games for Xbox One y PS4, It seems a machine more oriented to pay TV services than a console, exclusive or high-caliber games that we did not know were shown or announced, it will be required to connect the console to the internet at least once a day - we do not know the consequences of not do it-, it seems that the online game will continue to pay, Kinect now it is compulsory for the normal operation of the appliance -even to turn it on! -…. There are too many handicaps, quite a few, that have done nothing more than put on a silver platter Sony the video game market.

What then is the true goal of Microsoft products? Perhaps these years he has simply tried to introduce the brand Xbox like a Trojan horse to reach this point where he will complete his plan. Honestly, it may be that in the US I will be successful playing at home - nobody beats Americans in chauvinism - and that there the market for pay TV is not even remotely the same as in Europe, but in the rest of territories, after this conference, interest in Xbox One has plummeted: will they save the furniture in the E3 with game ads? The answer from Sony will you make a fool of them? Will they intend to repeat the strategy of capturing hardcore players during the first years of life and then putting them aside as happened with Xbox 360? It is clear that we cannot know everything, but the antecedents are there, to which add the declarations of intentions of Microsoft products and will result in a slanted-eyed winning horse that many gamers already bet on.


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