Evil Dead: The Game, a breath of fresh air to the genre [Analysis]

Evil Dead brings to the present date a totally shameless saga that is inevitably reminiscent of the one that Sam Raimi pulled out of his hat with his trilogy of films in the eighties, plus a last one in 2013. A perfect mix between gore and humor black that does not seem to have lost its essence, much less has gone out of style.

We get down to the controls with Evil Dead: The Game in its PS5 edition and we tell you how the beings of the underworld succumb to our abilities. Discover with us the eye-catching game from Saber Interactive with a moderate price and multi-platform.

In a genre as inexhaustible as survival, it becomes difficult to find a breath of fresh air, however Evil Dead: The Game knows how to challenge you, without making it too difficult for you, but enough to create an attraction that keeps you in front of the television (or monitor) for a long time. In our case, we have taken advantage of the new generation version for PlayStation 5 (PS5) that looks as good as can be expected from the console, in terms of fluidity, interpretation of the scenarios and, above all, loading times.

respecting the saga

Evil Dead: The Game evokes in both its details and its background the entire direction of the video game, representing monsters and characters that we can observe throughout the entire film series. But it doesn't just stop there, since the staunchest fans of both the genre and the works of Sam Raimi will find their claims satisfied as many of the most iconic settings of the aforementioned films are faithfully represented.

For its part, the development of the action reliably synthesizes the essence of the saga, combining terror, action without quarter and "black" humor. In this regard, it helps a lot that Bruce Campbell (playing Ash Williams), as well as other actors have been able to be part of the video game without any type of reticence before a market, which at times, seems to want to absorb precisely that of the cinema.

Clearly Saber Interactive has put the meat on the grill with the intention of honoring the saga, especially in solo challenges.

The detail, the inferiority that we suffer at certain points in the development of the story and the action, the scarcity of resources and many other elements, create a sensation close to the survivor horror typical of sagas such as Resident Evil, however, se will turn into frustration and anger on certain occasions. Given the extreme simplicity to which many video games are led today, we are almost comforted to see the challenge that Evil Dead: The Game poses us in this regard.

Overcome the challenges posed by the individual version of the game It is decisive to be able to obtain new characters or elements that give more meaning to the story, so it is an option that we cannot ignore.

A pretty attractive online

In multiplayer mode the party is reduced, so to speak, to combats between four users with different characters, and a Kandarian Demon. The ultimate goal will be the destruction of the Necromnomicon, but it won't be possible without the following:

  • Find the three parts of the map
  • A dagger
  • A page from the Necronomicon

For all this, we will have to fight against hordes, a scenario full of characters whose only intention is to undermine our morale, despite its accessible difficulty and even times when you simply have no choice but to run away like a coward. Don't worry, it will cost you to "die" several times to understand that as they say: The cemetery is full of braves. Sometimes the strategy will inevitably go through a race.

Once in possession of the dagger we will be able to defeat the Dark Ones who protect the "tome", which we will proceed to destroy once the horde has resisted... How will we do it? Remaining a certain time in a position. It might seem easy if everything wasn't meticulously prepared for you to fight.

Within the online mode we can choose four possible classes, within which we will have certain characters from the saga. We will have healers, versions of Ash that reduce fear to improve our response and many more.

Fear, by the way, is a very interesting mechanic that adds another dose of madness to the game. If we spend a lot of time fighting, outside of light sources, heCharacters' fear bar will rise and control will be dulled, making them susceptible to demonic possession. Don't worry, we have various tools to stop them, even if the Demon has finally taken over our partner.

playing as the devil

The collaboration during the battle, the correct distribution of the classes and the exercise of concatenating actions as if it were a dance will be decisive in the success of the game.

Furthermore, the Kandarian Demon will be controlled by another player (rival), whose ultimate goal is to protect the Necronomicon and if possible, kill all controlled "human" characters. To do this, we can fly around the stage, set traps for them, possess game elements such as vehicles or minions, and much more. In this way jPlaying as the bad guy in the movie not only makes a little more sense, but it's also tremendously funny. 

Editor's opinion

On the other hand, the game suffers from being repetitive in online mode at the moment given its unique setting and mechanics. Also, playing as the Demon becomes a bit more difficult if we want to achieve success, and the feeling of control can be improved, especially in the single player experience.

On the other hand, the adaptation of the franchise and proposed as an asymmetric multiplayer game is quite interesting. The game has work to do, especially when it comes to being fed more content, although Saber Interactive has already confirmed its roadmap, development and updates. the starting price, from only 39,99 euros makes it quite interesting. You will undoubtedly be able to enjoy good games with your friends, where the choreography will be decisive to meet the objectives.

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