Facebook and Twitter: main differences and similarities

Differences between Facebook and Twitter You've probably heard of Facebook and Twitter, you may even have an account on these social networks. And it is that since the arrival of smartphones, social networks have had a great evolution, to the point that people of practically all ages use them.

Here we are going to tell you a little about its beginnings, uses, what Facebook and Twitter share, among other issues.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter

These two social networks, with which we are so familiar today, both were born in California. In 2004, Facebook started rolling thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, its creator, a programming student at Harvard University. If there is something remarkable, it is that in 2018 it was called the youngest billionaire in history, and all thanks to Facebook.

Twittercame a few years later. In the year 2006, With the help of Jack Dorsey. Where its essence is to communicate your message to other people, only with 140 characters in a tweet.

Facebook and Twitter are always separate on many things. They are two different networks in terms of use and management, but both give you what a social network can do for you: share information, share status, share moments, share images and more. This fact means that both are used as social networks, but each in its own way. Therefore, there are many differences that allow you to use both social networks without ignoring either of them.

Many people differentiate these social networks in the following way: Facebook is given the title of a social network, which means all this, while Twitter is called a content network., which means that it is a social network to share content.

However, below we will see how both networks have changed over the years.

How is Facebook and Twitter different?

Main differences

We are going to briefly mention the Main differences between these social networks:

  • Username: On Facebook, users are called Friends o fans. On Twitter, they are called followers.
  • User age: While on Facebook he usually uses users of all ages, the age range of Twitter is usually between 22 to 45 years.
  • Privacy: Information shared on Facebook is more personal, rather for your friends and family. However, on Twitter the information shared is public character.
  • Availability: There is a chat room on Facebook where you can chat on private with your friends. On Twitter, the most frequent interactions are public interactions. However, there are private messages.
  • Simplicity: On Facebook it is easier to learn to communicate thanks to its design instinctive. It is difficult to learn to communicate on Twitter. Even be chaotic for beginners.
  • Content: While Twitter has a limit of 140 characters both in your timeline (TL) as in your private messages, Facebook has no restrictions of any kind when sharing your content
  • Accept icon: on Facebook, you usually give I like (MG) with a thumbs up. On Twitter, you will see the word favorites (FAVs) marked with a star.
  • Answer: To reply to a post on Facebook, all you need to do is click Comment. To reply to a tweet on Twitter, you must click Reply.

In both social networks you can post, share images, share links or any other type of status. Many people use Twitter to follow celebrities or people of your interest and learn more about them (their way of life, opinions...), it is more of a social extension network, where you try to reach the largest number of people. On the other hand, Facebook is more of a social network between friends where you can share your life with them.

What do Facebook and Twitter have in common?

What do Facebook and Twitter have in common?

El Hashtags (#) is not just for Twitter. In addition to the ability of social networks to facilitate interaction between users and brands, with content that spreads at a rate unmatched by other media, Facebook and Twitter share another resource: the hashtags.

With this communication tool, brands can start conversations between Internet users and brands around topics established by the brand. Using hashtags, you have the opportunity to publish a topic that, given its impact and response on social networks, makes the resource viral and trending.

Other than that, Another great benefit of tags is the organization they provide for posts.. Every time a hashtag is used, the brand that created it can track the comments, shares, and data for each post.

So when brands want know how many responses your hashtags are getting, it is easier to find those statistics to understand how the audiences are behaving, if they are being well received, if the strategies are working as expected and also to start analyzing the information and predict future scenarios and new marketing strategies.

How to link both accounts

connect fb and tw

In this section, we are going to tell you how to link both social networks, from each of them. To connect Facebook with Twitter follow these steps:

  • First log in to your Facebook account and open this link in your usual browser.
  • The profile of your account and the pages you manage will appear, and you will see how the option appears “Link to Twitter” to the right of each profile. After pressing the button, it redirects you to your Twitter account so you can authorize the app.
  • After clicking the button "Authorize Request", Facebook will show you the following message: “Your Facebook page is now linked to Twitter”. The Facebook profile will automatically appear on your Twitter profile instantly.
  • To make it appear immediately, you must verify that your Facebook wall posts are in the privacy status settings "Public". In this way, you can also filter what types of posts you want to automatically link to and what types of posts you don't want to link to automatically. You can limit it to your images, content that interests you, videos, etc., depending on whether you want to carry out some type of filter.

And now Twitter with Facebook:

  • Go to your Twitter account and log in with your user.
  • In the upper right corner, next to the button "Tweet", you will see your profile icon appear, click on it and enter the section "Settings" in the drop-down menu.
  • In the menu that appears on the left, look for the section «Applications" below.
  • The first option that will appear will be "Connect with Facebook". You will see a button that tells you "Connect with Facebook" o "Sign in to Facebook", once you press the button you will have linked your Twitter with your Facebook so all your tweets will also be published on your Facebook wall.

As you will see, it is not so complicated to connect Facebook with Twitter and vice versa. Following these steps, you will already have your accounts linked on both social networks. This saves you time by moving your posts from one place to another so that your followers receive them at the same time.

Finally, so that you can enjoy these social networks in a healthy way, we leave you a link on good practice. I hope this article has been useful to you.

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