They find evidence of the existence of gigantic plasma tubes in the Earth's atmosphere

plasma tubes

If you are a fan of the science that hides on our own planet and of which we know little, of space or you like to know the enormous number of conspiracies that many tell about what governments hide or reveal, surely on some occasion you have heard talk about the hypothetical existence of gigantic channels of plasma that surround our planet, a kind of curved tube-like energy structures that exist in our atmosphere.

Many have been the years that have passed since the first scientists warned about their presence, unfortunately, either because of community skepticism or directly because the technology was not advanced enough to test without leaving anything to chance about the existence of these channels or plasma tubes, until now everything seemed theory and nothing more. As I say, until now, since just a few days ago, a group of scientists, has managed to prove that this species of plasma tubes really exist.

Scientists from the University of Sydney have managed to prove, for the first time, the existence of plasma tubes in the plasmasphere

The University of Sydney a complete paper where it is confirmed that a group of researchers, thanks to the use of the radio telescope Murchison Widefield Array, have been able to obtain visual confirmation of these complex plasma tubes. As a detail and as it appears in the published document, it is the first time, on record, that human beings have been able to see these channels in their entire history.

As a detail, tell you that these channels move in the plasmasphere, that is, they appear in the upper layer of the magnetosphere, a region in which the solar wind ionizes the plasma particles in the atmosphere. The truth is that we already had all this information, unfortunately until now we have never been able to prove the existence of this kind of tubes because, as you are probably thinking, they are invisible to the naked eye.


Although the existence of these channels was known, their existence had not been proven because they are invisible to the human eye.

Although this species of plasma tubes or channels are completely invisible to the human eye, the truth is that thanks to the use of the 120 antennas that make up the Muchinson radio telescope, we have not only been able to detect their existence, but also their shape and even the extent they occupy. This technology not only offers us this possibility, but also offers us the opportunity to create a three-dimensional model in order to study all its characteristics carefully.

Going into a little more detail, as reported by the group of scientists in charge of this discovery, it is especially important since These plasma channels are the main responsible for many of the interferences that make our communications networks not work as they should. As you can see, once we understand why and when these channels are formed, we will be able to significantly improve all our communications since we will be able to understand how to solve all the problems that these plasma channels cause.

Researchers have managed to create a three-dimensional model to be able to study the structure of these plasma channels much better

As is often the case, this study will not only serve to improve our telecommunications network but, thanks to the three-dimensional models that have been created by a specific software from the University of Sydney to work with this data Specifically, we will also be able to understand much better what happens in the atmosphere of neighboring planets, something that is essential if one day we want to understand their composition much better and especially if we want to visit them.

Without a doubt, we are facing a new advance in our understanding, as a human being, of what happens in space, something for which it is increasingly clear that it is much more interesting to begin to understand as much as possible what happens in our own planet so that, when the time comes, this information can be exported and compared with what little we know today about neighboring planets that are close to Earth.

Further information:  businessinsider

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