FÖRNUFTIG the LOW-COST air purifier from IKEA

Air purifiers have become a highly demanded product, there are many brands that have entered into a strong position in the market for these peculiar products, however, it was a matter of time before the Swedish furniture giant arrived to democratize a product that is destined to be present in more and more homes.

IKEA has launched FÖRNUFTIG, a knock-down price air purifier with large capacities and very cheap filters, we analyzed it in depth. Stay with us and discover why this IKEA product can become a bestseller and stand up to the most expensive products.

As on other occasions, we have decided to accompany this detailed analysis of a video in which you will be able to see the unbxoing of the air purifier of IKEA, but much more, we are going to show you how it works, how you can change the filters and of course all the details such as the level of noise that it is capable of making. So We recommend that you take a look at the video and take the opportunity to subscribe to our channel, where we will continue to upload very interesting analyzes about home products that will make your life easier.

Design and materials: In true IKEA style

If something works do not touch it, and that is something that IKEA is quite clear about the design and materials of those products that do not simply have to do with furniture. All its home automation, sound or gadaget products rely on the same plastic, the same shades and the same design, and that helps us create a unified and characteristic environment. as you can see in our review of the lamps and speakers that IKEA designed with Sonos. In this case they have my approval, but little level of surprise.

  • Size: 45 x 31 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 3,92 Kg

We bet on white or black plastic to suit the consumer and a gray textile front panel, easy to remove. All these materials provide a plus of simplicity, resistance and lightness to the product, far from looking for a sensation premium, what they want is to adjust the price and durability of it. In the back we have the supports, and the IKEA air purifier can be placed both vertically and horizontally, anchored to the wall or being totally portable in combination with its nylon handle and the foot support that is completely included in the box and matching the color of the product.

  • The box has a cardboard that serves as marks to anchor it to the wall (do not throw it away)
  • Both the kickstand (included) and the nylon handle are configurable

Both the nylon handle and the foot support are fully made of Removable, which will facilitate changes of idea in terms of decoration. At the back we will have an integrated cable guide that will allow us to give it different positions without the need to see cables hanging from the walls. This cable, on the other hand, is quite generous and has a specific and proprietary power adapter of the brand.

Variety of filters and purification capacity

In this case the air purifier FÖRNUTFIG from IKEA It can be used with its two filters simultaneously, or just with the main filter. This is because one of them is included in the package and the other will be purchased as an option if we wish. These are the two filters that make up the IKEA air purifier

  • HEPA 12 filter: We have a generous included filter of considerable size, this filter absorbs 99,95% of airborne particles such as pollen, it has an efficiency up to PM2,5, which means that it retains particles larger than 2,5 nanometers. This will be purchased separately from 5 euros directly at IKEAhowever, a unit is included in the package.
  • Gas filter: This is a more specific filter and is designed to reduce the presence of odors and smoke, rather with the intention of creating a feeling of cleanliness and purity in the air, but without retention of particles. This filter will always have an "additional" character, which is why it is sold separately. from 10 euros also in IKEA stores. This purifies the air by removing various gaseous pollutants such as VOCs and formaldehyde.

The device will work on demand, that is, we will have to operate it. It does not have any air analysis system or warnings beyond the LED indicator of the cleaning status of the filters and a RESET button for it behind the front cover. Once we have that clear, we find three levels of Purification through the roulette at the top. In the case of activating the maximum power, the free air emission rate of particles (CADR value) is 130 m3 / h.

Daily use and noise levels

The noise levels will depend directly on the assigned power level, at the minimum level the noise is almost imperceptible (it can be seen in the video above), however, the noise level of the maximum power is similar to that of a traditional fan at low power. Therefore, the minimum level allows a normal daily life and even sleep with it activated, not at its maximum level, which seems designed for situations of smoke or excess pollen. This it will help improve the health and day-to-day life of people with allergies.

In daily use this purifier produces a daily consumption of between 2,5 and 19 watts, quite small, so we should not worry about this section. It should be noted that the connection cable is quite generous and the handle has made it much easier for me in my tests to transport it through the different rooms. A use of around 45 minutes in a room with the three filters completely eliminates the bad odors of a normal morning, Similarly, a similar operation in the kitchen has completely eliminated odors from food. However, to know in detail its results with respect to pollen and other particles it would be necessary to analyze the air in real time, and that is precisely the key to its adjusted price.

Clearly IKEA go back to burst the market for a fashionable household gadget, this air purifier shows itself enough and features a friendly design, making it for only 59 euros it becomes the first choice of the regular customers of the Swedish firm.

  • Editor's rating
  • 4 star rating
  • 80%

  • Review of:
  • Posted on:
  • Last modification: March 14 2021
  • Design
    Editor: 85%
  • Performance
    Editor: 90%
  • Noise
    Editor: 80%
  • Portability (size / weight)
    Editor: 85%
  • Price quality
    Editor: 85%


  • Recognized materials and design
  • Filter variety and purification efficiency
  • An unbeatable price


  • Without air quality analyzer
  • The connection cable is proprietary

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