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Would you like update your TomTom? Today we have a lot of ways to get to our destination. Far behind are those giant paper maps that we could unfold, but it was somewhat more difficult to consult them and put them back in the glove compartment. Now we all have a lot of those maps in our pocket, on our smartphone. In any case, desktop GPS navigators have larger antennas and will always be more accurate than our mobiles and the most famous navigators have always been TomTom's on their own merits.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. TomTom maps offer us a lot of information And so it has been for a long time. Information becomes obsolete as quickly as the streets change, so in just six months, depending on the area in which we live, we can have a GPS that guides us through areas that no longer exist. The good thing is that upgrade a TomTom for free this information is a fairly straightforward process. The bad thing is that we will have to pay a lot to keep our device updated. If, for whatever reason, we cannot bear the expense, we can always download the maps by other means.

Download TomTom Maps Free

TomTom Maps

The best way to keep our desktop TomTom always up to date is visit the forum at In Forokeys we have available all the necessary information so that our TomTom gives us the correct information and is not as a friend of mine says, that instead of TomTom he is a simple «fool». But in Forokeys there are not only maps for TomTom, but there are also other incentives that will make our navigator a road tool.

The incentives I am referring to are the points of interest, better known as POI (Point of Interest) or POI. Among the points of interest we also have the fixed radars, some radars that must be published by law, but it is always better to have them included in our GPS navigator than to have to consult the information of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) every time we go to make a trip through an area that does not we know.

To be able to use TomTom maps, the first thing we have to do is look for the ones that interest us. To do this, after registering, we can perform a search in the forum. If you want maps of Spain, what interests you is to search for "Iberia" or "Europe". Once the map is downloaded, it will have to be activated, for which you must also download the activator that is available in the forum.

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Downloading a map in ForoKeys is not different from how we do it in many websites for downloading files of this type (unofficial). In the forum we will find a post with the links to TomTom maps that we look for, these links will take us to the map download site in one of the domains to download the most famous files (like Mega, but this one seems to be available only for VIP forum users). Once downloaded we will have to install them.

Install TomTom Maps

Update TomTom for free

Install a map on a Tomtom GPS Desktop is not complicated at all (the complicated comes later). To install it, we will do the following:

  1. We connect the USB cable to the GPS and to the computer (Windows, if it can be).
  2. We located the file that we had downloaded and unzipped it (if it was compressed).
  3. In "My PC" we will see our TomTom as a removable drive. We open it.
  4. We right click and create a folder.
  5. We rename the folder with the same name as the file we had downloaded. Very important that it has the same name or it will not work. If we have downloaded "", our folder should be called "eastern_europe" (without quotes in both cases).
  6. We copy the data from the unzipped file into the new folder and we would already have them installed, but we still have to activate them.

Activate TomTom Maps with fantactivate

There are other ways, but I think this is the simplest and fastest. You can download "fantactivate" from ForoKeys; is as a fixed post. To activate the maps we will do the following:

  1. We connect our TomTom GPS to our Windows PC.
  2. We access our Tomtom's removable drive on our PC.
  3. We copy the file FastActivate.exe to the root of the internal memory of the GPS. If we have a card, better on the SD card.
  4. We run FastActivate.exe
  5. We click on the number of the menu we need. You are supposed to press the number 4.

How to install Radars on TomTom

We can also install POIs (Points of Interest) on our TomTom desktop. Knowing how TomTom maps are installed, install radars so that they warn us and not take the photo is child's play. We just have to drag the files we have downloaded, which usually have names like "radars_fijos.ov2" (and the rest with different extensions), to the desired map folder.

It is important to mention that, logically, if we download points of interest or radars from Spain, we will have to copy them into the folder «Iberia» or a map that contains Spain, such as that of Europe. The radars of Spain will not work on an Asian map and, once we leave the country where we have installed the radars, we will stop receiving notifications. Anyway, although I have seen radars of Spain on maps of Europe, the most convenient is use points of interest only on maps for which they were created. It's better to prevent than to cure.

955/956 Map Compatibility Chart

Ready to update tomtom free: Compatibility maps955

960 Map Compatibility Table

955/956 Map Compatibility Chart

If you have a TomTom desktop navigator, you no longer have an excuse so that it always tells you how it should be, something that is always important and much more if we are on the road. It is also worth installing the radars on the maps you use, which will help you, above all, so that the police do not punish you, something that always comes in handy and even more so now, that there is a major crisis in which nobody It is good to spend more than necessary.

Either way, "Caution, driver friend, the road is dangerous." Is it clear to you how update your TomTom for free?

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  1.   Osvaldo John Maccio said

    I would like to know which GPS contains a map of the Argentine Republic and its most important cities

    Thank you very much

  2.   pepper said

    For questions about tomtom, and other browsers, I do recommend javiermb's forum:

    and the maps are not free, they are compilations of the foreros.

    Saludos y gracias

  3.   Enrique said

    Friends beware of navman updates on dvd 2008
    that they sell to you in CRAMBO because they do not report that the search for points of interest disappear, and no matter how much you claim, they clean their hands and the most they do is send you…. (no that no) they send you to LONDON navman to solve the problem.
    I hope you are careful

  4.   grudge said

    I turn on the tomtom and it tells me no map, how does it download any map to make it work

  5.   franc said

    How can I get the map of venezuela for my TOM TOM mobile gps ???

  6.   flowers said

    Hello, I would like you to tell me how to get the map for the tomtom one v2, from Spain and Portugal, then I deleted it and I have not made the backup copy, thank you help me

  7.   flowers said

    Hello, I would like you to tell me how to get the map for the tomtom one v2, from Spain and Portugal, then I deleted it and I did not make the backup copy, thank you help me

  8.   isra said

    what is the latest version of TOM TOM

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  10.   saul said

    How am I looking for maps of Mexico for gps invion 3v4 could you tell me where I get them

  11.   miguel angel said

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  12.   jaamtinez said

    very good to all, I expose; I have a tom tom 720 go,
    with map version v705 and I would like to put version v8. who has more radar detectors and other tricks, can someone tell me where-how to get it, thank you all in advance.

  13.   hernan said

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    I am looking for the one from Mexico if anyone knows I would appreciate your answer

  19.   TOMTOM ONE said

    Although they have already asked, I do not see anyone has answered. Could someone understood how to update or download maps of Spain-Andorra-Portugal, for the TomTom ONE. Thank you very much in advance

  20.   Luis Alfredo said

    Friend, I bought a tomtom one 125 and I can't find the map of Venezuela, if you can help me how I do it or where I get it, thankful

    1.    Juan said

      hello I have the tom tom one kiero update it so vien ace 7 years i dont have the little idea how ace kiero spain portugal and andora

  21.   Neville said

    Greetings I have seen everyone ask who asks and nobody knows anything? I need the map of Venezuela please if you know about the lake let me know my gps is a tom tom 3rd edition the gps is very good but for the gringos it will be because I have it new in its box because it has not helped me but not at all. helpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Hello everyone, does anyone know how I can put the option
    ADVANCED LANE GUIDE, on a tomtom 720 map
    thanks and regards

  28.   jaamtinez said

    for TOMTOM ONE, download it from emule or lphant, it will explain how to install it, good luck

  29.   london said

    To download the map of Spain it asks me for a password for the descriptive file Spain / cline.dat what is the password?

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    gps system for blackberry

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    often asshole, everything to enter pornos pages, DO NOT AGAN CASE ARE NOT REAL MAPS

  47.   yoana said

    often asshole, everything to enter pornos pages, DO NOT AGAN CASE THEY ARE NOT REAL MAPS, THEY ARE FALSE LINKS

  48.   yoana said

    asshole, everything to enter pornos pages, DO NOT AGAN CASE THEY ARE NOT REAL MAPS, THEY ARE FALSE LINKS

  49.   Esteban said

    Hello, I have a TomTom One XL, Please, the Map Share program has been deleted and I would like someone to send me this program by email.
    Thanks greetings.

  50.   Javier shrew said

    To those who ask for maps of Venezuela for the tomtom I will tell you one thing. They have it very easy, with asking the friend Chavez and the matter settled.

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    Well, sony doesn't say it doesn't.
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  58.   take said

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  59.   azael said

    in south america there are only tomtom maps for brazil and argentina
    north america mexico stable united and canada
    in africa south africa
    whole europe

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  67.   jose said

    please send me urgently

  68.   Carlos said

    Hi everyone, I would like to know which version of TomTom would suit me well on my BlackBerry curve 8520 smartphone and if it doesn't exist, any version of Garmi, Sgic or another….
    best regards

  69.   William said

    Hello, good evening, today I bought in stock GPS TOMTOM XL 30 series which when I turn it on tells me there are no maps on the screen, I have called the technical service and they have told me that I have to buy a new map iberia v8.40 which is worth a paste, is there any way to get it for free or is there another way to fix it. I hope reply Thank you

  70.   eacster said

    Where can I find maps of Europe for the SONY 93T, would there be a possibility of being able to put those of the TOM TOM? Is there someone who already has the TOM TOM installed in a SONY 93T?
    A greeting to all.

  71.   medina said

    Friend I would like to know how I do to install the map of Panama to my gps tom-tom! thanks!!

  72.   Pedro said

    Hello, I bought a tomtom go 730 a month ago and it does not tell me about half the radars, I think that when you buy something new, both the maps and the radars should be updated. How can I download or update all this, thank you very much.

  73.   Xavier said

    Hello, can someone tell where to find the maps of Spain and Portugal for the tomtom one v8 because the ones that I put in iberia give me an error, it says the device is not correct and in my case I had to format the gps because it gave an error very sketchy thanks.

  74.   TONY said

    good morning please need the map of venezuela for tom tom one

  75.   Ramon said

    I am like many others in the search for the maps of venezuela for a tomtom gps ...

    There is a software that seems to be able to solve the problem by converting the Garmin maps to the format used by Tomtom gps is called gpsbabel ... but I have not delved into it ...

    If someone has succeeded ... Share the information ..


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    Hello, I have the tomtom v4 series 30/125/130 and I would like to know if anyone has updated maps or knows where I can download for free, I would appreciate it this is my email
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  84.   jose said

    Thanks Pablo, they also solved the problem of Argentina maps I had it stopped as 2 years my gps and finally the people of salu2

  85.   maria said

    I have a tomtom one and I don't know how to look for the new maps of Spain in my tomtom if someone knows it k gets into my msn ke left.Thank you

    1.    noelia blanco married said

      Hello I have a tomtom start and would like to get a road map of italy. Does anyone know where I can get it?? Thank you.


  86.   Rafael Melendez from Guaynabo Puerto Rico said

    I bought a MAGALLAN GPS and I need to update it and I can't find
    How to do it ,,, when they offer it to me for free I try to download it and then
    I get paid and I wonder what the meaning of the word free is, someone can explain it to me I DO NOT UNDERSTANDOOOOOOO

  87.   VICTOR MENDEZ said

    I have a tomtom go 730, I would like the map of Mexico to see if you can provide me

  88.   z666zz666z said

    What I'm looking for is the NavCore 9.001 that I have been told can be installed on the GO 720 ...

    On the official TomTom page the latest compatible is listed as 8.351

  89.   OSCAR said


  90.   j said

    The lilies that I know are the ones that ask and the one I have in the cage to put maps, you have to buy it like always nothing is FREE

  91.   Manuel said

    Hello everyone,
    I have a XROAD GPS, someone could tell me where to download the map of MEXICO, I would really appreciate it, greetings to all

  92.   Angel Azamar Ramirez said

    Good afternoon, I need a GPS for an athletics runner. Could you tell me where I can download it?

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    How can I program my tom tom one from a city in Mexico to a city in the United States? I already have the maps of the two countries? thanks.

  94.   jordi said

    Hello, I have a tom tom 510, I would like to update it, since I have never updated it, how could I do it? Do you have the update? Could you tell me the steps to follow?

    Thank you,

    I await your answer.
    A greeting

  95.   George said

    Does anyone know how to download the free map of Mexico for a Tomtom to go 720 ??? my email is thank you!

  96.   Manuel said

    Can someone help me with the Map of Mexico for a GPS X Road

  97.   Adolf said

    How do I acquire the map of Venezuela to include it in my Tom Tom XL 335 SE?

  98.   maps said

    hello I have a tom tom one new edition iberia and I need all the maps because my memory card broke and it went blank. I would appreciate your help

  99.   ayatollah said

    Friends, how are you? Please help me. I have a tomtom one gps and I can't find how to download the map of Venezuela since I live here… please help me

  100.   EMAIL said

    good afternoon

    Can someone give me a hand, I have a real tom tom 720 that I have been searching the internet for days to download the maps, I have not been able to get them, please if there is someone who knows a little about this topic, help us,

    Thank you very much and greetings

  101.   eacster said

    Where can I find maps for the Sony 93T.
    Well, I can't find them anywhere.
    All the best

  102.   Pyre said

    I have an airis 509 PDA and I have the TomTom 6 and I wanted an updated map of Iberia

    Thank you

  103.   Enrique said

    Hello, I have an Aviton GPS and I want to see where I can download the map of Mexico and which is the best

  104.   wilfred martinez said

    Good morning, look where I can download the most autualized maps of Venezuela for my tomtom one xl

  105.   JOHNNY said


    And I want to update it but on the official website it is very expensive if someone knows how to update the maps for this gps please I already have it very out of date

    thank you

  106.   DAISY OF THE TOWER said

    Hello friends, ask me to see if there is a TOMTOM distributor in Guadalajara, I acquired one in the usa and it is failing me

  107.   tower daisy said

    I have a problem with my tomtom mod XXL 550-T, I brought it from usa and suddenly the screen turned red and the legend appeared that I had a problem with the map and from there I can't get it out, someone can tell me what happened to it and if you have any idea how to repair it thank you.

  108.   Dominican crocodile said

    Greetings to all, I have a Tomtom Wireless MkII gps, that is, it connects via Bluetoth with a Palm Treo 650, the problem is that I need the Dominican Republic maps to download them. see if someone helps me find somewhere where I can find them

  109.   FRANCIS PEREZ said


  110.   juan perez said

    Greetings I have a tomtom one and I don't know how to update it. I said there is a program
    free but it won't let me in. I would appreciate your help, thank you

  111.   JOHNNY said


    For a couple of years I bought a tomtom one xl europe and since then I have not updated it, how can I have the current maps of this gps?
    I live in Madrid and as I told you I would need the update of this model.

    I also wanted to ask you, is there any possibility that when updating the maps, the gps will load me?

    I hope your help
    Thank you very much

  112.   isara said

    They just brought me a tomtom ease and I have not found a way to download the map of Venezuela, I read an article that is already available but on the official website it does not appear yet

  113.   SANTOS SANCHEZ said


  114.   cesar anibal grandson G. said

    I have a tomtom xl and I don't know how I can do to update the maps of my country «Ecuador», all because the same device does not recognize it, I want the tomtom system to be more specific to be able to carry out the update on the web.

    I will greatly appreciate the help

  115.   edou said

    Please can you help me as I can find maps of Morocco or Africa… .. Thank you very much….

  116.   martin said

    Hello, I bought a tomtom via 1505 t in the usa and I want to download the maps of Argentina for free, how can I do ???
    Thank you

  117.   cease said

    accurate map to argentina for gps tomtom 310, from ja thanks

  118.   Luis said

    Very good I would like to know if someone can help me where to find Ecuador maps for my TOMTOM ONE GPS…. thanks

  119.   juan carlos said

    I do not know why these tomtom gps are released on the market if it is very difficult to get a blessed map !! I need a map of Ecuador rrrrrr if anyone knows how I would appreciate them too

  120.   Experience said

    Hello everyone
    I have a tomtom go 730 I want to update the maps of course for free.

    thanks Nicasio

  121.   Pink said

    Hello… Anyone who helps me I have a tomtom go 710 with a map of Europe, how do I load the map of the United States… thank you very much

  122.   Andrew Alcalá said

    good night I have a gps tom tom340 xl like ago to download maps of venezuela I need help with this thanks

  123.   Patricia said

    I bought a TomTom XXL, but I can't find the maps of Venezuela to load them, if someone could help me, at least for the main cities I would appreciate it. Thank you very much.

  124.   Jonathan said

    Good! Can somebody help me? Due to problems I have lost maps in Tomtom ONE, can someone help me to get a current one and a validator? funny

  125.   Alvarez said

    I changed everything from the Sony 93T to Igo 8 and it goes from p ... mother, very good and updated maps, radars and poi.
    A greeting.

  126.   Javier Lopez Iglesias said

    I would like to download updated map for tom tom xxl for south africa, can you help? Thanks in advance

  127.   appalachian said

    This thread is very old, it should be deleted as the site quoted has been closed for several years.
    Those interested have the option of gps-experts. org
    I hope it serves you

  128.   Guillermo Acuña Garrido said

    I need to update the map of my 7 ″ jpc navigation if something has the same

  129.   pepper said

    I need current maps spain tomtom tomtom one 3 edition

  130.   anivida said

    Hi, see if someone can help me. I have a Pocket PC and the seller installed Tomtom for me about 7 years ago, with the maps of Iberia and the Canary Islands. Now I'm going to Brazil and I want to put maps of the country but I can't find a free application. Please, can you tell me where I can get it?

  131.   jesus said

    Ramiro. I'm in Colombia, what do I need to change to Medellin maps?

  132.   rodolfo leon diaz said

    Hi, I'm Chilean and I need the map for my country. I have a tom tom ONE (30 Series) / 125/130 - 1GB TTS * please tell me if there is a map for Chile or not, thank you

  133.   Yoko said

    Hello, could you help me? I bought a TOMTOM and I would like to know if you have a map of Venezuela

  134.   Rogelio Quezada Sepulveda said

    Hi. I have a TOMTOM VIA 1500M SE, and I would like to configure it to work for me in the Dominican Republic, since it is not included in the range of countries it has. I would really appreciate any help in this regard.


  135.   Raul said

    I have a gps dash mw 710 gtv do you know what system to update it? They told me it could be Tom Tom but I don't want to mess
    thank you help please

  136.   Miguel Angel said

    Hello, I have a tontom put and I can not accept the postal codes of the United Kingdom and Holland, if someone knows what I have to do please help me, THANK YOU.

  137.   Miguel said

    Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha, haha ​​I burst out laughing !!!!! You buy a gps and you don't know if you have maps of your country.
    LOL. By the way, congratulations to the one who sold it to you. LOL

    1.    Charly said

      Miguel, you idiot. You buy the GPS abroad and it saves your life there. Then you go back to your country and discover that you cannot incorporate other maps into it without charging you a fortune. That's what people find out. You're so stupid and unhappy that you suck.

  138.   crazy branch said

    I'm from Medellin Colombia I need to update the map

    1.    WILMAR VANEGAS M. said

      Hello cordial achieved the maps

  139.   cease said

    I need to see maps of usa and the country does not appear in the options

  140.   oracle said

    In Venezuela there are roads ?????????????

  141.   July said

    Who can help me to update the tomtom maps that come in the renault rlink. Mapping version 925275 is loaded. Thank you in advance.

  142.   Anonymous said

    How the hell do I make the blessed TOMTOM album appear on My PC ????????????????????

  143.   JAIME said


  144.   david omar said

    hello i have a tomtom star25 but with usa maps uu and another from USA, Canada Mexico. but I want from Argentina or South

  145.   John Michael Cassissa said

    I have a TOMTOM XXL bought and used abroad. Now that I have returned to reside in Argentina, I cannot find a way for Tom Tom Home or MyDrive Connect to accept that I buy maps of Argentina and any other place in the world (except for the maps of the country where I resided for several years) , since at the end of the purchase process and after entering my credit card information, a window always appears saying that THERE WAS AN ERROR ... etc. etc. I have opened a new account in TOM TOM Home from Argentina and there is no your aunt, you cannot buy anything.

    Can you advise me how to buy maps through your website?

    thank you very much


  146.   maca81 said

    I have a tom tom one for a long time, and the truth is that I lost the card that brought the maps, it is a normal sd card, and I want to put another one with the maps, do you think there is some way to install them from scratch, is that I always look for to upgrade but not for installation from scratch.

    I hope you can help me, thanks.

  147.   George said

    I have a TomTom One with a US map and I want to put a map of Uruguay on it, how do I?

  148.   Ana Torres said

    I have a VIA 1400 tomtom. I have not been able to use it. I am from Venezuela. I wonder is it not compatible with our maps?

  149.   Agonize said

    Hello the other day a friend gave me a tomtom 3rd generation of 512 mb and gave it to me formatted in fat32 and has nothing install your program before respect it as the tomtom say and install all the updates I turn it on and configure it and He tells me there are no maps available, what do I do?

  150.   apc said

    Good afternoon.
    I'm new to downloads etc ...
    I have a Tomtom Go 720. Since I bought it, I have only used the maps that came by default, I speak of many years.
    Of course, the maps I have do not find many current roads, streets, etc.
    I cannot afford in my current situation to buy any package of new maps and I do not know how to start to download a package from Spain for free, for this tomtom model and install it.
    Can anybody help me?

  151.   Flavio Perego said

    I would like you to help me with the map of Ecuador. I urgently need

  152.   George said

    where can i download the map of ecuador ..

  153.   eric said

    hello I want to download the map and it won't let me do it

  154.   louis chamorro said

    I need to download the map of Panama. It will be that this does not work. I have a Tom Tom 600. I need urgent help.

  155.   Antonio said

    Hi manolo, you won't let me download the maps even though I became a member of the forum, is there anything simpler?

  156.   Small said

    How can I update the Iberia map and speed cameras on an XL? In tomtom it tells me not compatible when putting the serial number

  157.   Francisco Bolivar said

    Hi, I'm Francisco and I would like to update my Tom Tom ONE Classic with the most updated map of Spain and Portugal, right now it doesn't have any map so I tried to update it with Tom Tom and the map I had was deleted. Thank you very much.

  158.   Marcelo said

    I need to update the GPS with the Tom Tom system, the SD card of my Fluence 2017 vehicle that does not come with the maps of Brazil, or Chile and I would like to load it to the card, I wait if possible they send me how to do it

  159.   jesus said

    Hello I have a tom tom one 2 edition and I would like to update it with the iberia map 1020, it has navcore 9510 and bootloder 5.5136, is it possible? you have any updated tutorial for this topic.

    Thank you