How to activate vacation mode in WhatsApp

WhatsApp vacation mode

When that long-awaited day of the month arrives when you leave work to fully rest, but you must take your cell phone to take photos or let your mother know that you have arrived safely. However, applications do not know that you are on your days off, especially instant messaging applications. That is why we will teach you how to how to activate vacation mode in WhatsApp so you can disconnect completely.

This function called "vacation mode" does not exist in WhatsApp itself, but there is a trick to activate it so that no one bothers you. It is very simple, but quite practical when it comes to stopping work or that contact who never stops writing to you.

What is vacation mode in WhatsApp?

Trick to archive conversations on WhatsApp

El vacation mode in WhatsApp does not exist as such, but you can prevent a known contact or anonymous write to you and bother you in your moment of rest. It serves as a way to stop communications with certain contacts who may be from the office, clients, suppliers or someone else who really writes to you a lot, and it is not about your partner.

What we will do is activate the «archive messages» a native WhatsApp option that saves conversations with a certain contact to the point that you forget about it. These are stored in a different view than "chats" so, when this person writes, you will not even know that he has done it.

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It is important to create a reminder of this kind of "temporary blocking" of your contact because you could forget and leave it archived forever. It should be noted that everything they send you will arrive, but you will not be able to see it, or even receive notifications. It is necessary that you choose carefully which contacts to archive and which not.

Steps to activate vacation mode in WhatsApp

Archive chats on WhatsApp

You already know the truth about him WhatsApp vacation mode and as such it does not exist, but we can make you disconnect from your contacts with this valuable trick. Here are the steps to archive a conversation and forget about it during your break:

  • Update the latest version of WhatsApp before moving forward. You can see this directly in your application markets.
  • Open WhatsApp and press on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that appears, select the “Settings” option.
  • Look for the “chats” section and make sure the “option” is activated.keep chats archived«.
  • Go back to where all your conversations are and when you go on vacation, you only have to identify the contacts you want to archive. Press and hold for a few seconds on your chat, wait for it to be shaded and at the top of the screen select the archive icon, identified by a square and inside an arrow pointing down.
  • Once archived, the messages that person sends you will continue to arrive, but you will not be able to see them or receive notifications.
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How to view archived chats on WhatsApp

If you have put the “vacation mode” trick into practice on WhatsApp, it is because you have archived a chat from your contacts. If you have returned from your break and want to activate them to know what they have written to you, you just have to do the following:

  • Once you archive a chat, on the same "chats" screen, a new section called "will be displayed at the top"Archived«.
  • It is there where all the chats archived by you will rest for a while.
  • You must enter that section. If you press the conversation you will see everything he has sent you. To reactivate them again, you just have to press and hold the chat for a few seconds, it will be shaded and press the reverse archive button.
  • It will automatically be placed back on your chats screen.
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This trick is quite useful when we go on vacation and WhatsApp must accompany us. Select well which contacts you want to "ignore" for a while, without needing to delete them or for them to find out that you have set them aside a little. What do you think of this trick to archive chats and not receive notifications from them?

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