How to call collect

How can I call collect Surely you have found yourself at some point in which you have needed to make a Collect call. Currently, almost all adults have a flat rate, but the youngest, by way of control, have a prepaid rate.

Another situation where calling collect can be useful is if you need to make an international call. so here We are going to explain how to call collect in case you ever need it.

What is a collect call?

How to call collect

Someone who has run out of credit can make a collect call. This means that the person receiving the call will be charged. This service is very beneficial for people who have a prepaid and the balance is running out. If you travel outside the country, and do not have roaming, You can call a landline or mobile phone number in your country using this service. You will be charged a little more than usual, but not as much as your phone company would, because the person receiving the call is on their own national network.

How can I call collect?


How to call collect Here we are going to explain how you can make a reverse charge call from both a landline and a mobile phone.

To make a collect call from your landline or mobile phone, you need to use a different code. The code must be followed by your phone number prefix, and then the number itself. Depending on the telephone company the number is different. So you will have to contact your phone company and ask them for the code.

If you want to call a mobile phone:

  • The thing is that get in touch with your company so that they give you the code that you have to dial beforehand. This is usually 210.
  • Enter the destination country prefix, if necessary.
  • Finally, dial the phone number who you want to call

If you want to make the call to a landline, follow these steps:

  • Enter the code that your operator gives you. For landlines it is usually 1409, but the ideal thing is that you make sure with your telephone company.
  • Like calls to mobiles, enter the country code.
  • In conclusion, dial the phone number who you want to call.

Done all of the above the call is played as if it were any other call. The difference is that when the recipient picks up the phone, an automated teleoperator will inform them that it is a collect call. Once the recipient receives this information, he has the option to accept that call, and therefore, the economic charge of the call.

Do I have to have a special rate to call collect?

mobile rate

The answer is no. In fact, it can be done from any rate, whether you are a contract or prepaid. The explanation is that since you don't pay for the call, it doesn't matter what rate you have. Yes indeed, Be careful with the rate that the person you are calling has, because if they do not have a rate with unlimited calls, they will have to pay from the first minute, or the extra minutes that their rate does not cover. And of course, it will be more expensive or cheaper depending on the type of contract you have with your telemarketer.

In the event that you have unlimited calls, there is no problem. However, as the collect call service is not something that is usually included in the telephone charges, if you accept the collect call you have to pay for it. It is a service that is always paid, regardless of the rate you have. So if you have friends or family abroad and you usually receive collect calls, We advise you to contract a rate with unlimited calls, so at least you don't have to worry about how long you're talking. Another slightly more modern option than collect calls is calls or video calls through internet data. rare is where there is not Free WIFI.

What if it won't let me make the collect call?

operators that have reverse charge

You may have a problem calling collect. If this happens to you, we advise you to:

  • Contact your operator's customer service. In principle, only with a call they should solve the problem. They may ask you for information, such as the name of the owner of the telephone line, but they will never ask you for something like your bank account number. So watch out if they do.
  • The other option you have is that you do through your carrier's website. In the help center section, where they will guide you step by step.
  • And if you don't feel comfortable doing it online or by phone, you can always go to a physical store of your telephone operator. Here they may even do the necessary steps for you, yes, if you are not the owner of the line it is recommended that said person accompany you.

Operators with reverse charge calls

operators collection

Although it seems strange, not all operators have the collect call service. Here we are going to leave you a list of the main operators in Spain, with and without collect calls:

  • Orange. No collect calls
  • Movistar. No collect calls
  • Vodafone. You only have this service for prepaid phones. In order to benefit from this service you have to dial the prefix 110, followed by the telephone number you want to call. This prefix is ​​generic both to call mobiles and landlines.
  • Yoigo. It has no collect calls.
  • Jazztel. Curiously, although it belongs to Orange, yes it has collect calls. To use this service you have to:
    •  Mark 1009 for calls national
    • Mark 1008 for calls within Europe
    • Mark 1005 for calls out of Europe

I hope this information has been useful to you. And remember that if you have any problem calling collect, It always has to be the owner who contacts the mobile operator, since it will ask you for personal data.

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