How to choose the best dehumidifier?


In certain climates, or even in certain homes or rooms, keep moisture at bay it is an important question. It is not only about achieving a more pleasant atmosphere at home, but also about making the environment and the air we breathe healthier. So you have to spend some time to choose the best dehumidifier home.

Humidity is a more serious problem than it seems: it causes the deterioration of the paint on the walls, affects the wood of the furniture, frames and doors. But there is something even more serious: it favors the appearance of the dreaded mould, which makes our ceilings and walls ugly, as well as posing a health risk.

But finding the perfect dehumidifier can be a complex task. There are many models on the market, each with its characteristics and peculiarities. In short, a lot to choose from. To make this task easier we have prepared this short guide, to which we also add some interesting purchase proposals.

The dehumidifier, how does it work?

The operating system of dehumidifiers is quite simple. These devices have a fan interior that sucks humid air from the environment. This air is led through a circuit where the condensation process takes place.

The extracted moisture accumulates in a Deposit (when it fills up with water, you have to remember to empty it), while the dry air is expelled again to the outside.

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Dehumidifier Types

Basically, there are two types of dehumidifiers depending on the type of circuit they serve:

  • compressor dehumidifier, The most used. It has a condenser at a very low temperature, where water is extracted from the air, which then accumulates in the tank. The air expelled back to the outside comes out at a higher temperature.
  • Silica Gel Dehumidifier, ideal for low temperature environments. Instead of the classic condenser, humid air circulates in a dehydrating rotor, which has a silica gel structure, to then pass to a second circuit with a compressor, where the air is dried.

The first type is also known as a refrigerant dehumidifier and its price is cheaper; the second type is more expensive and consumes more energy, but they are quieter.

Aspects to consider

What should we look for when buying a dehumidifier? These are the aspects that must be assessed so as not to make a mistake in our choice:

  • Room size in which we are going to use the dehumidifier. Almost all models come with an indication of their capacity in cubic meters. To find out which one is in our room, we just have to multiply the area by the height.
  • Room temperature, since the compressor models only work optimally when the ambient temperature is 15ºC or more.
  • Deposit capacity, which should be at least 2-3 liters.
  • extraction rate. The higher it is, the faster the deposit will fill up and the more pending we will have to be to change it.
  • Noise and energy consumption. Compressor models are noisier than silica gel models and can therefore be a bit more annoying. On the other hand, they are cheaper and consume less electricity.

Recommended Dehumidifier Models

Now that we know what we need to know before buying our dehumidifiers, it's time to review some of the most recommended models on the market:

Avalla X-125

Sales Avalla X-125...

One of the best rated dehumidifiers on Amazon. Its condensers guarantee a very high airflow rate with an active coverage area of ​​30 m². That means you can work in multiple rooms at once. It is also a fairly quiet model, with a noise level of less than 42 decibels.

El Avalla X-125 It has many functions: timer, humidistat, continuous drainage option... Especially practical is the automatic mode, which works alone and keeps us informed of the level of humidity in the air by means of a light indicator.

Its tank is 2,5 liters and its extraction capacity is around 12 liters per day.

Buy Avalla X-125 dehumidifier on Amazon.

Midea DF-20DEN7-WF

Sales Avalla X-125...

the dehumidifier Midea DF-20DEN7 WF It is powerful and very quiet. It is capable of absorbing up to 20 liters a day, for which it has a removable 3-liter tank. It is recommended for rooms up to 40 m².

It can be controlled from the mobile phone through its app. Easily and without problems, we can adjust the desired humidity level, the operation of the timer to give two examples of use. The device also notifies us when the tank is full.

By having a humidity sensor, it can work in automatic mode. On the other hand, its four 360° multidirectional wheels allow us to easily transport it from one room to another. Finally, it should be noted that it consumes very little energy, which is of great help when it comes to lowering the amount of the electricity bill.

Buy Midea DF-20DEN7-WF dehumidifier on Amazon.

De'Longhi Ariadry light DNs65

One of the best achieved products of the Italian brand. He De'Longhi Ariadry light DNs65 removes moisture effectively. In addition, it is hyper-quiet and has an ionizer that significantly improves the air quality in our homes. Its use helps prevent the formation of unpleasant mold, as well as the proliferation of mites and bacteria.

The capacity of its tank is 2,8 liters, while the extraction capacity ranges between 16 and 20 liters per day, depending on the variant chosen. We can choose between five different dehumidification modes: TURBO, ECO, AUTO, MAX and MIN, depending on the need in each case.

Buy De'Longhi Ariadry light DNs65 dehumidifier on Amazon.

Cecotec Big Dry 9000

We close our list of suggestions with one of the best-selling models: the dehumidifier Cecotec Big Dry 9000, discreet, elegant and available in four different colours.

It has a large 4,5 liter tank and an extractive capacity of 20 liters per day. Its display allows you to configure a lot of options, such as the timer or the clothes drying mode, perfect when it rains and we have to hang the laundry inside the house. In addition, it has an automatic shutdown security mode.

Finally, it should be mentioned that, thanks to the wheels and the handle, it is easy to move from room to room. A very practical model.

Buy Cecotec Big Dry 9000 dehumidifier on Amazon.

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