How to clean and save space on your Android


This time we are going to see some of the steps we can take to clean and gain space on our Android device. It is possible that this year SM Los Reyes Magos did not bring us a new smartphone thinking that ours is fine and that simply with a general cleaning we can throw it away for a while longer.

Well, in that case we are going to leave you a series of options that you can carry out on your Android device so that it has a better response in the tasks, it is cleaner and above all that it allows us to gain some space. Without a doubt, this year 2020 may be a good time to change the device so while this happens we will see the little tricks to clean our current device.

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Before getting down to business it is very important that we carry out a backup of our entire device. Yes, we know that it is a step that no one likes to perform since it requires a little time, although as we always say it is more important to spend a few minutes or even hours to make a complete backup of our smartphone, than later regret the loss of data, photos, documents or the like.

It is imposing to keep in mind that once we delete the content of our Android it is difficult to recover it, if not impossible if we do not have a backup, so before you start to delete anything takes a while to back up the entire smartphone.

Delete photos you have on your phone

As always, we have to go step by step and the first thing is the simplest and the most common among users, which is as the title says, to delete the photos that we have on the device itself. This is the slowest step since we have to go one by one selecting those images that we no longer want or that simply turned out bad at the time of making them or even all those screenshots that accumulate and then are no longer displayed.

We can use some of the applications that exist to eliminate duplicate images, but we do not really advise it since it can complicate things with similar images, so the best advice to touch the gallery of our Android is to do it manually even if it means losing a while on it.

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Applications we no longer use

Without a doubt it is the second or first option in many cases. The number of applications that we have accumulated on our Android and that we do not use It is increasing with the passing of the days and many of them we download them and then we forget that they are installed, so it is a good time to carry out a general cleaning of them.

The space that all these applications occupy on the device is usually large like that of the photos, so it is not a task that we have to leave for the last, far from it, we can even say that this will always be the first or second option after deleting photos and videos from Android. The free space will grow considerably with these two actions, now we can continue with other tasks.


Photos, videos, WhatsApp memes

With the parties just over, it is normal for numerous memes and bullshit to accumulate in this messaging app. This is another important step to take into account to gain space in our Android and it is that "industrial quantities" of Photos, videos, Gif, memes, videos and other bullshit in the WhatsApp messaging app.

We can directly eliminate all this from the app itself, but first we can save some of the photos or content that we want directly from the WhatsApp reel, we see what there is and we keep what we want. Once this is finished we can directly delete the entire folder, yes, delete that folder completely from your favorite file manager or directly in the gallery itself.

At this point it is important to say that we can tell WhatsApp not to automatically save what we download in it, we simply have to access Settings> Data and storage and check the option not to save the content automaticallyWe will simply have to do it manually when we want to save something that is sent to us.

Delete movies or series that you have already seen

One more point to keep in mind when we use Netflix-type applications that allow us download the movies or series to be able to see them without an internet connection is to delete them once we have seen them. All this content takes up a lot of space on our Android even though we have a device with enormous storage, we will end up filling it if we do not delete these movies or series.

So another in this sense is also important to leave out this content to gain space and it is that all this adds up and in this case they are many MB or even GB that we can free if we have series or movies downloaded for when we go on a trip. Delete those you don't want.

Do I install an app to clean the device?

This is one of those questions that usually comes to us a lot and in my case I can personally say that I do not recommend them at all, it is best to perform a general cleaning of the device manually, if you hurry me we can clear the cache, we can delete photos, videos , applications and basically do what we discussed in this article, but the Apps that promise to clean our device quickly and safely can be more of a problem than a solution.

You may have one of these trusted applications installed on your Android and it works for you, although it is advisable to search for what is left over manually and delete it directly without third-party applications that can even keep the information we delete or slow down the device more . If you have it and want to use it, go ahead, but otherwise delete everything manually.

Android cleaning

Reinstalling the system can be a drastic solution

Without a doubt, all this is very good to gain free space on our device but if we find ourselves in an extreme situation what we can do is eliminate everything with a complete reinstallation of the equipment. Yes, it may sound complicated but Factory reset the device can greatly improve the user experience If our Android is very bad and with the above we have not managed to solve the problem.

You can do whatever you want but above all remember the first step which is the backup on your PC cannot be missing. Think that in all cases we can lose that file, photo or document that we need when doing this type of cleaning, so it is very important before getting down to work to make a complete copy of our device. Then we will decide whether or not to delete that backup, but at least we have a backup of the data just in case.

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