How to clean our WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

Clean WhatsApp

WhatsApp is without a doubt the application that every smartphone user downloads as soon as they start the configuration, has become the only reason for many people to use an intelligent terminal, since it allows us instant messaging with any user in the world. It may not be the best, because applications like Telegram offer many features that make it more versatile and useful. Or Apple's iMessage, which also offers exceptional service, but it is very difficult to change a habit and that is why you cannot make everyone change their messaging app.

Hence also the best advantage of WhatsApp, its number of users is so large that nobody can do without it. Over time this application has been improving functions, especially since Facebook took ownership of it. The application has many good things, among them is the possibility of exchanging all kinds of files with our contacts, this is why our storage ends up full of elements that we do not need and it limits us when it comes to storing important things. Here we are going to detail how to solve this and many other tricks.

Tricks to keep WhatsApp clean

We are going to start with the most basic and it is nothing other than to avoid that garbage continues to accumulate in our favorite messaging application, it is part of our day to day or almost everyone, constantly receiving random audios, gif or memes, yes They may well make us laugh, they bother us when viewing our photo gallery. It is not pleasant to want to show photos of our memories and accidentally find ourselves with some of the bullshit that we receive from one of the numerous groups. In addition to taking up valuable space.

Disable automatic downloads on iPhone and Android

This should be our first step let's use iPhone or any Android. It is a function that is activated by default, which causes the vast majority of people to find themselves with a full memory problem and have to constantly delete or even go to the extreme of having to uninstall the application.

How to do it on iPhone

  1. We will click on "Settings"
  2. We will choose the option "Data and storage"
  3. In section "Automatic file download" choose "No" in each of the files that we do not want to continue downloading automatically in our terminal, among which we have available the photographs, videos, audios and documents. I personally recommend deactivating them all and being the ones to decide if we want to download them manually.

Clean WhatsApp iPhone

Prevent photos from ending up on our iPhone Camera Roll

Another problem we have in iPhone is that the images go directly to the photos section of our terminal, so they are mixed with the photos that we take with the camera. This is what causes that when we look for a photo of our vacations or the last birthday, we have to navigate between many absurd memes or images that we do not want to see. To avoid it, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on "Settings"
  2. We chose the option "Chats"
  3. We will deactivate the option «Save to Photos»

It is another option that is activated by default in all our iPhones and is also one of the ones that cause the most problems throughout its use, this is something that does not happen on Android, where WhatsApp has its own photo folder. From this moment on you will not have to worry about the issue again, from now on if you want to have a WhatsApp photo on your reel, you will have to download it manually and choose the option.

Disable automatic downloads on Android

  1. The first thing we must do is click on the 3 points that we have in the upper right and access «Settings»
  2. We came in "Data and storage"
  3. In the sections «Download with mobile data» we can deactivate all those files that we do not want to download automatically when we are using our mobile data, in section «Download with WiFi» We can deactivate everything that we do not want to download automatically when we use WiFi.

Clean WhatsApp Android

How to clean WhatsApp on our iPhone or Android

Now that we have everything prepared to avoid entering an infinite cleaning loop, we can proceed to do a thorough cleaning of all the digital trash that we have stored in our WhatsApp application. If you have been with automatic downloads activated for a long time and saving WhatsApp on reel, you will have work to do.

IPhone content deletion

To clean without a trace, WhatsApp has left us an option designed for it. For this you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. We came in "Settings"
  2. Now we will click on "Data and storage"
  3. We chose the option "Storage use"

Delete WhatsApp iPhone

After that we will find a list that corresponds to all the conversations and groups that we have open or archived on WhatsApp and will inform us of the space occupied by each of them. Within each of these conversations or groups we will have a range of files, among which are:

  • Photos
  • Gif
  • Videos
  • Voice messages
  • Documents
  • Stickers

If we click at the bottom where it says "Manage" we will be able to empty the content that we specifically choose from each of the conversations. We must bear in mind that if we delete the content, it will delete everything without leaving a trace. So we only recommend doing this, with conversations or groups where we are clear that there is nothing we want to keep.

Deleting content on Android

  1. The first thing to do is click on the 3 points that we have at the top right and access «Settings»
  2. We came in "Data and storage"
  3. Now we will enter "Storage use" where we will find all the conversations or groups that we have stored in our WhatsApp application, within each one of them we will have the space occupied by each one of them dissected by type of file. If we want to do a deep cleaning and we are clear that we already have what interests us saved or we really know that we are not going to miss anything, we will click on the bottom right where it says "Free up space."

Delete WhatsApp Android

In this way, our WhatsApp applications will be totally clean of garbage, without having to do a reinstallation or be deleting the files that we do not want one by one.

Select what we want to delete or keep

If, on the contrary, we do not want to do an indiscriminate elimination of content and we want to make an exhaustive selection. In both systems the steps are identical:

  1. We entered the conversation or group in question
  2. Click on the top, where it is the name of the contact.
  3. We select where the option of "files"
  4. A window will appear where we will see everything we have received from that contact or group, hence we can make a selection of what we want to save or delete.

We hope that from now on this is one less problem in your day to day with your smartphone.

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