How to delete apps in Windows 10


Windows 10 has been the biggest renewal of the operating system of the guys at Microsoft, leaving aside Windows 8.X, since as you all know it was a real failure both commercially and critically. On the other hand, Windows 10, from the first betas, has been a complete critical success both by users and by the public, although part of this is because its update is completely free for all those users who at the time acquired a legitimate version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.X.

Windows 10 is a platform that tries to be a clone for all mobile platforms, whether they are tablets, smartphones or PCs. In its attempt to make the operation of the operating system as similar as possible, the ways to perform various functions are exactly the same as for example the case we are talking about today, how to uninstall or delete apps in Windows 10.

There are several methods to delete or uninstall applications in Windows 10, but this time we are going to explain the simplest method, and as I mentioned above, which is very similar to the way we carry out this process on a smartphone or tablet with Windows Phone, that in the coming months all Windows 10 compatible devices will receive the highly anticipated update to integrate into the Microsoft ecosystem. This process is also very similar to the one found on devices with iOS installed, since it does not require us to enter the different system menus.

Delete apps in Windows 10

  • First we will go to the location, through the start menu, of the application that we want to remove from our system.
  • Once located we just have to go to the top and right-click. In the drop-down menu that appears we will select Uninstall.
  • Then a window will be shown where it will guide us through the steps to follow to eliminate any this from the application of our system.



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  1.   Sergio said

    It appears to me to anchor to the bar and uninstall, I uninstalled it but the application is still valid. I want it to disappear.

    1.    Miguel Hernández said

      Good night Sergio.

      That is certainly not normal. It should be uninstalled instantly. You can go to the applications section in Settings or Settings and try to deflate from there and tell us the result. All the best.

    2.    Ignacio López said

      In order to uninstall you must be as Administrator in Windows, otherwise, no version of Windows will allow you to uninstall applications.

    3.    George said


  2.   John said

    To uninstall the pre-installed applications in Windows 10 it is necessary to follow the following steps:

    Click on Start and type: PowerShell
    Right click on the result and then click on Run as Administrator
    (You can also look for the icon in the Start bar programs - Click on «All applications»)

    After having the PowerShell window open, you must copy the command that interests you from the following list and then right click on the blinking cursor that appears in the PowerShell window to paste the text automatically (you can also type manually directly in the PowerShell window)

    To uninstall the 3D Builder application:
    Get-AppxPackage * 3dbuilder * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Alarms and Clock application:
    Get-AppxPackage * windowsalarms * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Calculator application:
    Get-AppxPackage * windowscalculator * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Calendar and Mail application:
    Get-AppxPackage * windowscommunicationsapps * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Camera application:
    Get-AppxPackage * windowscamera * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the application Contact Technical Support:
    This app can't be removed.

    To uninstall the Cortana app:
    This app can't be removed.

    To uninstall the Get Office application:
    Get-AppxPackage * officehub * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Get Skype application:
    Get-AppxPackage * skypeapp * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Introduction application:
    Get-AppxPackage * getstarted * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Groove Music app:
    Get-AppxPackage * zunemusic * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Maps application:
    Get-AppxPackage * windowsmaps * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Microsoft Solitaire Collection application:
    Get-AppxPackage * solitairecollection * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Money app:
    Get-AppxPackage * bingfinance * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Movies & TV application:
    Get-AppxPackage * zunevideo * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the News application:
    Get-AppxPackage * bingnews * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the OneNote app:
    Get-AppxPackage * onenote * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Contacts app:
    Get-AppxPackage * people * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Phone Companion app:
    Get-AppxPackage * windowsphone * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Photos app:
    Get-AppxPackage * photos * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Store app:
    Get-AppxPackage * windowsstore * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Sports application:
    Get-AppxPackage * bingsports * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Voice Recorder application:
    Get-AppxPackage * soundrecorder * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Weather application:
    Get-AppxPackage * bingweather * | Remove-AppxPackage

    To uninstall the Xbox app:
    Get-AppxPackage * xboxapp * | Remove-AppxPackage

    Uninstall Windows Feedback:
    This app cannot be removed

    To uninstall the Microsoft Edge application:
    This app cannot be removed

    To uninstall all pre-installed applications (for all users):
    Get-AppxPackage-AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

    To recover or reinstall all applications (for all users):
    Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$ ($ _. InstallLocation) AppXManifest.xml”}

    The rest of user applications (downloaded from the store) can be uninstalled by right-clicking on them.