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One of the things that is surely happening to more than one is that you have unwanted access to the account of the Netflix streaming service. This can happen to us with any service of this type that we have contracted and today we will see how simple it is how to detect if they are using my Netflix account.

We may think that third parties are using our account without our consent and in these cases there is a way to find out. It is also possible that you voluntarily share your account so that another person can enjoy the service, but There is a big step between consensual sharing and unauthorized use.

Profiles on Netflix allow the user to share the same account and obviously what users of this service or at least most of them usually do is share the same Netflix Premium account between four people. Simply these four people have to share the costs of the subscription and each one with his profile can see all the content he wants simultaneously. The problem comes when we do not have a shared account with anyone and we believe that they may be using our Netflix premium account, that is precisely where we are going to influence today.

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How to know if someone is accessing our Netflix account

This is something that can be difficult to find if you have never done it before, so we are going to see the steps to follow in this case. The first thing you have to do is log in with your email address and your password.

Once you log in it is as simple as accessing the Recent activity of your account, there are the specific data of the devices that have connected to watch your Netflix series, locations and you can also see the access hours, the day and even the IP addresses that have been connected.

With all this data, it is really much easier to detect the misuse of our Netflix account, something that many users already know but surely many others did not even know existed. Now seeing all this we know if there is an old device that has access to our account and that we do not delete or if a third party is taking advantage of our account totally free.

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Logging out of devices is an option

This can be an option to prevent other people's access to our Netflix account and it simply consists of log out of devices. This can be done directly by accessing from the management service of your devices that Netflix has once we are inside our account.

The process takes a little more than 8 hours to complete, so in this case you have to have a little patience and hope that each and every one of the profiles with which they are connected to our account will be closed.

With this we can solve the access problem but logically this process can be useless if the other users have our password, so we are going to see a second and more secure option to prevent them from accessing our account. This method will also erase the location data associated with the devices so the best thing is that if you really believe that you are being stolen, it is best to previously warn the authorities with the data that the platform offers us in the section Recent device streaming activity, data such as IP, location and others.

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Prevent them from using your Netflix account easily and for free

Another solution to this somewhat more abrupt is also simple and fast to perform. Let's see what we have to do if we want to cut our losses in the event that we detect misuse of our Netflix account.

It may seem like a more direct measure, but the solution really consists of change the service password. Yes, resetting our password is the best and most direct solution in these cases of misuse and many users even without the need to detect this misuse do it from time to time to be more protected against possible intruders.

This is a measure that can be applied to any type of streaming service account, app subscription, email accounts or similar. Logically this password change is totally free for the user and allows to be more secure and protected.

In this case and once achieved we have to directly access the specific web section to regenerate our password and ready. We add the data that is requested and directly we change the password of our account. Now you can rest assured that your Netflix account is fully protected and if you don't want other people to use it, this is the best way to manage it.

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