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We already know the dimensions of Google, in every sense. A global technology giant that was born thanks to a search engine. And that "despite" being part of the most powerful companies in the world, it continues to work on what made it great. Google has updated the mobile App of its search engine adding the use of Google Lens with new features really interesting.

Now Google Lens is able to recognize your handwriting and offers us the possibility to pass it directly to the computer. No more having to pass the notes on a clean sheet ... isn't that amazing? Google Lens has an advanced algorithm that is capable of deciphering handwritten text, but at a minimum you will have to have a legible handwriting. If you have a decent handwriting and want to know how to transfer handwritten text to your computer, we will explain it to you below.

Google Lens, your text by hand from paper to computer

If this tool had existed in my high school or university days, I would have saved hours cleaning notes and papers. Definitely, Google Lens becomes a very important ally for students. Extra help, and free of charge, that will give us more time available. Power transferring your notes, notes or an end-of-course project to the computer has never been easier and fast. If you are wanting to know how to use this new tool, then we are going to tell you step by step.

The first thing you have to do is update the Google search application since this is a very recent feature. Google Lens appears in the search engine application as one more option to perform searches. Too it is necessary that on the computer that we are going to use we have Google Chrome installed. Having both, we can perform the task easily without any problem.

Pass handwritten text to computer step by step with Google Lens

The first thing is that we will have to log in to our computer, through Google Chrome, with the same user account with which we have the application on the phone. Thus we can transfer the text that we are going to capture with the smartphone camera to the clipboard of our computer. And so we can paste the text where we need it.

With Google Lens open, we focus on the text we want to copy and we should tap on the «text» icon for the application to discard images, if there are any in the same document.

Google Lens text selection

Al check text option, the algorithm discards the possible images that could be in the document. By clicking on «text», The App shows us the text found with the camera. At this moment, tapping on the screen, we can select manually all the text that appears, or just a part that interests us. When we have made the selection of the text that we want to copy completely, we have to click on «select all». Doing this we already have the text copied to the Google Lens clipboard. Now it would be necessary to «send» that selection of text to our computer ...

Google Lens found text

When we have our text selected and click to copy it, the application shows us new options. To transfer the text selection made to our computer, we must click on "Copy to a computer". In this way we can have in our table team the handwritten text and that we have selected.

Google Lens copy to computer

By clicking on "copy to a computer" we are enabled a list of available equipment. For this it is necesario that previously, as we have indicated, we have logged into Google Chrome with the same account with which we use Google Lens on the smartphone. If we have done it like this our computer will appear among which we can select.

Google Lens select computer

Once this is done, a message will appear on the screen indicating that our selection of text is already copied to our computer. To be able to access the text that we have previously found with the smartphone camera, we will only have to execute the «paste» command.

Google Lens copied text

We can "paste" into the browser, or directly into our text editing program. And we already have a handwritten text directly on our desktop. It couldn't be easier and faster!

text copied desktop

Surely you couldn't imagine that transferring handwritten text to our computer would be so easy. As we mentioned at the beginning Google Lens is going to be a huge help for students. Power save time typing on the computer is always a huge help. As we have seen you only need to have the most basic Google tools.

A task that you can perform with any smartphone without the need for very advanced specifications. And with any computer in which you have the Google Chrome browser installed. One more example of how Google makes life easier for us. And in this case with a free tool, without ads and of great quality. Haven't you tried them yet? You already know how to do it.

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  1.   David said

    Hi. I would like you to comment on the security aspect. Does Google treat our writing? I'm afraid it's like voice recognition (for example, Samsung's Svoice, where you have to authorize them to store your voice, if not you can't use it).
    We already know that Google OCRs the images you attach to your Gmail emails. What prevents them from getting your handwriting?