How to see passwords hidden behind asterisks

view hidden passwords

Do you want see passwords after the asterisks? It will have happened to many of us at least once in our lives that due to custom of using the key reminder in the web browser, we practically forget them at a certain point. It is for this reason that a large number of people try to see the passwords hidden behind the asterisocs that generally appear in that field.

With the help of a few applications, tools or extensions and add-ons for web browsers, we will have the possibility to see the passwords that are hidden behind the asterisks, something very easy to do as long as we have full access to our operating system on the personal computer.

BulletsPassView To view hidden passwords

This is the first alternative that we will suggest at the moment, a tool that you can download from the official website of its developer. It mentions that BulletsPassView is compatible in the first instance with Internet Explorer and a few other applications, although for other Internet browsers the compatibility is limited and almost non-existent.

bulletpassview to view hidden passwords

For example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Skype, Opera and Windows Live Messenger (for those who do not yet have installed according to our recommendation above) they would be shown with a certain level of compatibility with this tool.

Asterisk Password Spy to discover our forgotten passwords

Another very interesting tool to use is precisely this one, which you can also download from the developer's website though, with a different browser than Google Chrome. If you use it, you will receive a message notifying that this application does not have the ability to see the hidden passwords in said Internet browser.

apasswordspy to see the password

Hence the application you will have to install it in Windows, which will explore everything that has been registered in the other Internet browsers that you may be using on your personal computer.

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Asterisk Key to see the passwords behind the asterisks

If none of the tools to view passwords that we proposed previously work due to some aspect of incompatibility, then you should try this alternative.

Asterisk Key

Like those mentioned above, Asterisk Key it keeps great compatibility with Internet Explorer; once you run this application, you just have to press the button that says «Recover» and voila, in a matter of seconds you will be able to admire in its interface, a whole list of passwords, the web page from which it has been extracted and some other additional data.

Using an extension in the Internet browser

The apps we mentioned above for see passwords hidden behind asterisks they will work, when run on Windows. Now if we don't want to install something like that then we could use to an interesting extension which is compatible with both Firefox and Google Chrome.

view passwords in Firefox or Chrome

The extension for Google Chrome has the name of Show Password on Focus and it shows in the respective field (where the password is usually written) the word that was used; We could do something very similar with "Show Password" in Firefox, although here we must activate or deactivate the icon so that we can use hidden passwords.

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Using the Item Inspector to view passwords

With certainty that the trick to see passwords that we will mention below is going to be the favorite of many, because here we will not have the need to install an application to run on Windows and worse still, have to install an add-on or extension in the Internet browser . Actually what we will use will be a little trick that will help us to see immediately, the password that is hidden behind the asterisks.

HTML code see keys

  • Open your internet browser.
  • Go to the page where the asterisks are displayed to log in.
  • Double click on these asterisks to make them selected.
  • Now use the right button of your mouse on this selection and choose «Inspect element«.
  • From all the code, find the area where the word «Password«.
  • Select this word, delete it by pressing the «enter» key.

view hidden keys on the web

Immediately you will be able to admire, that towards the left side is the page where you had to write the password; asterisks will disappear immediately, and you will be able to see the passwords that have been used to start that service.

Do you know more methods to view passwords? Tell us!

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  1.   Jasper said

    Thanks for your input.
    This type of software is always very useful.
    I take the opportunity to indicate a very fast option (without software) to show a key:
    - We will use Google Chrome
    - We select the key (all asterisks)
    - Right click -> Inspect
    - We change Type = »password» to Type = »text»
    - And the key will be automatically displayed

    A greeting.

    1.    Eloy Nunez said

      Terrific the trick. Thank you very much Jasape.

  2.   Daniel Felipe Carmona said

    I don't know if it works

  3.   ER KUNFÚ OF TRIANA said

    In Firefox, if you save the passwords so that the browser remembers them, in the window where they are saved there is a button that says something like "show passwords"