How to mute specific words and hashtags from Twitter


It is possible that you are an active user of the well-known social network Twitter and on many occasions you are directly annoyed by some of the attitudes that are "lived" on your timeline. On Twitter, sometimes everything is worth it and this can annoy you in some way, so today we will see something with which you can avoid reading what you do not want to read, that is why we will see how to mute specific words and Twitter hashtags in a simple way and from any device.

The first thing we have to be clear about is that the tweets, words or users that we silence they can always be edited in the future so that we can receive or read them again, although it is true that when we limit this type of content or people it is forever, so it is usual that this type of content is not unblocked again that we really want to avoid. The option to mute will remove these Tweets from your Notifications tab, push notifications, SMS, email notifications, Start timeline and replies to tweets.

How to mute words and hashtags on iOS

To silence the words we don't want to read and the hashtags in an iOS device we have to follow the following steps. The first thing is to access the tab of the notifications and click on the gear icon (gear) displayed on the screen. Then we follow the following steps:

  • Tap Muted, then tap Muted Words
  • Click on the Add option and write the word or hashtag that you want to silence
  • Select whether you want to enable the option in the Startup Timeline, in Notifications, or both
  • Choose the option From any user or Only from people I do not follow (only for enabled notifications)
  • Then we have to add a time. We press the option For how long? and we choose between Forever, 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days
  • Then we click Save. You will see the mute time period next to each word or hashtag entered

Once we have carried out this process we have to click on the option Ready to exit and we already have the hashtags and keywords silenced for the time we have chosen.


How to mute words and hashtags on Android devices

The process is similar in the Android application but obviously some steps change with respect to the iOS version. That is why we are going to see the process step by step also to avoid problems and this also begins in the notifications tab and then in the cogwheel.

  • We also go to the option silenced words and click on the plus icon
  • We write the word or the hashtag that we want to silence allowing us to add everything at once or one by one
  • We select if you want to enable the option in the Start Timeline, in Notifications or in both
  • Then we click on Anyone or From people you do not follow (if you only enable the option in notifications, click Notifications to make changes)
  • Now we have to select the time and we can also choose between: Forever, 24 hours from now, 7 days from now or 30 days from now.
  • Click on Save and you will see the mute icon along with the time period of the silence next to each word or hashtag

Twitter AG

How to mute words and hashtags on PC

If you use the PC application you can also silence the notifications of this type of tweets or hashtags that bother you so much and the process is very similar to the one we do on iOS and Android devices, but with some minor changes in execution. What changes mainly is that we have to access the settings of Settings and privacy in the drop-down menu from our profile picture. From there the steps are similar when we click on Silenced words and then Add.

We can choose the Start Timeline option if we want to silence the word or phrase in your Start Timeline or in Notifications if what we want is to silence the word or phrase in your Notifications. Here we can select the option From any user o Only from people that I don't follow and then, as in the previous occasions, we can choose the time we want this silence to last.

Twitter PC

We add the word in the Right part and ready right in the box for it and we choose the available options:

twitter live

Mute from

Another option that we can use to navigate this social network is, for this reason we will also see the steps that have to be taken to silence what we do not want to read. We start as with the rest of the options with the notifications tab and then we follow the previous steps as if it were a PC, it is simple and does not show us any complications. We click on the gear and then on Silenced Words, there we have to follow the process as in the other systems, adding the word, hashtag or phrase that we want to silence.

Some Clarifying points in this process of silencing words and hashtags. The Mute function is not case-sensitive. On the other hand, they can be added from any punctuation mark but the signs that we add at the end of the word or phrase are not necessary.

  • When you mute a word, the word itself and its hashtag will be muted. For example: If you mute the word "unicorn", both the word "unicorn" and the hashtag "#unicorn" will be muted in your notifications.
  • To mute notifications for Tweets, Start Timeline Tweets, or replies to Tweets that mention a particular account, you must include the "@" sign before the name. This will silence notifications for Tweets that mention that account, but will not mute the account itself.
  • Words, phrases, usernames, emojis, and hashtags that do not exceed the maximum character limit can be muted.
  • The option to mute is available in all languages ​​supported on Twitter.
  • The mute option comes set with a predetermined time period, which is Forever. The following are instructions on how to set the time period for the mute option on supported devices.
  • To see the list of your muted words (and unmute them), go to your settings.
  • The recommendations we send you by email or via Twitter do not suggest content that includes your silenced words and hashtags.

Twitter warning

How to edit or unmute words or hashtags

When we want to stop silencing a word or edit a hashtag so that it reappears in our timeline, we simply have to undo the process by accessing the tab Notifications, inside the gear and access the list of silenced words. At that moment we click on the word or hashtag that we want to edit or stop silencing and modify the options that appear.

If you finally decide to stop silencing the word or a hashtag, we only have to click on Delete word and then confirm it with the option If I'm sure.

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