Huawei WiFi AX3, the router you must have to improve your connection

El 6 WiFi It is becoming popular, most high-end devices have already mounted it since last year and it is increasingly present even in our homes. However, those old routers that companies "give us" are far from offering a premium experience in this regard.

We analyze the Huawei WiFi AX3, the perfect replacement for your operator's router with WiFi 6 and spectacular performance. Let's see how you can take your home WiFi to the next level and improve your overall internet experience with this inexpensive Huawei product.

As almost always, we have decided to make a video in which you can take a look at the unboxing of this Huawei WiFi 6 that you can buy from 59,99 euros on Amazon. Don't miss the analysis on our channel UAF YouTube because we also show you how to set it up quickly. Leave us any questions in the comment box, we will be happy to help you and you will allow us to continue growing and bringing you the best analyzes.

Design: Minimalism light years away from the operators

We started with the design, let's face it, this Huawei WiFi AX3 It is light years away from the operators' router, it has very minimalist angled shapes. The four rear antennas are retractable and we can place them on the router if we wish.

It is so thin that it impresses, although it has some trick, it is raised at the rear. Constructed in white matte plastic, it repels fingerprints and does not show dust, a luxury. We have an indicative LED on the front and a central button for the connection with the Huawei Link. For the rear We leave the WAN connection that will provide the network to the router, the power port, the On / Off button and three LAN ports. Without forgetting that the right corner of the front of the router is the NFC area to connect Huawei devices in a «plis».

Technical characteristics: WiFi and "high-end" network

We already know that it is beautiful, but now something is coming that is perhaps much more important than the previous thing, what is it that hides inside? We start by remembering that this Huawei WiFi AX3 is sold in two variants, a dual-core and a quad-core. Because of the price difference, I honestly recommend the quad-core version, which is the one we are analyzing at the moment. The three rear ports are Gigabit Ethernet so the 1.000 Mbps bandwidth is assured.

At the security level, we have password support WPA3 so we can assign you up to this level, if we wish. Regarding WiFi, we have the standard WiFi 6 us 802.11ax / ac / n / a 2x2 and 802.11ax / n / b / g 2x2 and MU-MIMO, nothing more and nothing less. The processor that drives all this is a GigaHome Quad-Core 1,4 GHz which will be responsible for distributing the signal intelligently, as well as allowing us to enjoy the features of Huawei's AI Life application that we will talk about later. The only thing left to mention, although we have already talked about it, is that we have NFC at its base.

Installation and configuration

To install it we have two mechanisms that we leave you below:

  • Turn off the WiFi networks of our operator router and connect the Ethernet cable through the LAN port 1 of the operator router and the WAN port of the AX3. In this way we will replace the WiFi network of the operator's router with that of our AX3 router but the weight of the network will continue to be carried by that of the operator.
  • Put our operator's router in "bridge mode" and connect from LAN 1 of the operator's router to the AX3's WAN. In this way, the operator's router is "bypassed" and only acts as a bridge between the fiber optic cable and our AX3 router, so the connections will be completely dependent on the AX3.

We have opted for the second option, something more complex but that ensures total independence from the company's old router, ensuring, or at least trying, that we have the least delay in communications, ideal for playing games.

Now we simply connect to the AX WiFi network3 and we will follow a series of steps that will guide us to assign a password, a name and everything we want. Huawei makes it so simple that it is not worth explaining. What is worth it is downloading Huawei's AI Life application (Android / iOS) That will allow us:

  • Control which devices are connected and assign identifying names to them
  • Limit the download / upload of each connected device manually
  • Establish an advanced parental control system
  • Create guest WiFi networks
  • Set a timer for WiFi
  • Diagnose our network
  • Turn on / off the LED indicator
  • Use an automatic WiFi network optimization wizard
  • Update and manage the AX3

No doubt the application it is one step further, a perfect companion that turns the experience into a complete system.

Our tests and user experience

We have been testing the AX3 with a symmetric 600/600 Mbps network from O2 (Telefónica) in bridge mode, as mentioned above. For this we have used devices compatible with the WiFi 6 standard, such as a MacBook Pro and a Huawei P40 Pro. Simultaneously we have had around 30 IoT devices connected between speakers, vacuum cleaners, smart lighting and home automation in general.

  • The 2,4 GHz network: In this case, the speeds have not been a notable improvement, the range is quite restricted and offers approximately the same results as the operator's router, however, unlike the previous one, the network has not been saturated or hijacks the performance of the device , this AX3 is capable of managing more than 150 simultaneous connections, and it shows.
  • The 5 GHz network: In this case, we have seen a notable improvement both in terms of coverage and speed, reaching average speeds of 550/550 Mbps
AX3 Quad-Core
  • Editor's rating
  • 4.5 star rating
  • 80%

  • AX3 Quad-Core
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  • Last modification: 5 de julio de 2021
  • Design
    Publisher: 95%
  • Configuration
    Publisher: 90%
  • Scope
    Publisher: 75%
  • Speed
    Publisher: 90%
  • LAG
    Publisher: 99%
  • Portability (size / weight)
    Publisher: 90%
  • Price quality
    Publisher: 90%

In general, the experience has improved remarkably using only the Huawei AX3 router and leaving the operator in bridge mode, so we recommend, especially if like me you have many IoT or home automation devices at home, you consider taking a step forward in this regard. Its price is around 50 euros depending on the point of sale when there are offers, which is usually common, so I do not find a single reason to continue to maintain that of the operator.

Pros and cons


  • A spectacular design and well-chosen materials
  • Easy setup and AI Life app
  • A literally unbeatable price


  • I miss something more than scope
  • It does not include a CAT 7 cable at least, but a CAT 5e

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