ILIFE L100, review and super promotion

Let's fly by News Gadget with the accessory par excellence when we talk about cleaning at home. There are already several autonomous vacuum robots that we have been able to review. this time we have been able to use the ILIFE L100 for a few days, and then we tell you everything about him.

The experience of having been able to test several gadgets of this type is essential to be able to make a recommendation. Nor is it the first device from the firm ILIFE that we have been able to test in recent years, even in this 2.022 we were already able to review the ILIFE A11. A firm that continues to offer alternatives that make domestic cleaning easier.

ILIFE L100, the vacuum cleaner you are looking for

Do you know someone who likes to clean? For this reason autonomous vacuum cleaners are so successful. A product that arrived not long ago, but that did it to stay. Can clean our home through an App, and that the house is clean when we return home from work is for many a A dream come true.

Among household chores, cleaning is one of the most hated, especially for those of us who, due to circumstances, have less free time. Having a clean home is important to feel comfortable in it, but taking time away from enjoyment to clean is not pleasant. The ILIFE L100 offers us the possibility of having excellent cleaning en casa without us having to take time of another thing.

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Design of the ILIFE L100

El design of autonomous vacuum cleaners follows a very similar line since its appearance in the market. But if we find one remarkable technical evolution in the benefits they offer us, as well as in the cleaning finishes or in the suction power or the noise they emit. The appearance they show is very similar to the first vacuum cleaner of this type that we saw on the market, and this is not something that matters much.

Looking more closely, we can note that the materials used and the finishes have also improved a lot, and this is something that is obvious. In the case of the ILIFE L100 we find flexible and quite resistant plastic material, in this unit in bright white. The white color is combined with metallic tones and also shiny black in some components.

Looking at the front part, we found a black partbehind which they hide proximity sensors and obstacle detection lasers or smaller objects. En the rear is the solids tank, which we can replace with a single click. In the lateral lies the Switch on and off.

Here at the upper part is the module where are the lasers located, from where the mapping of the rooms that will be cleaning while memorizing. With a very elegant bright steel color finish that offers a premium appearance. We also find at the top a physical button from which we can activate the suction or stop it at any time manually.

Here at the lower part find the center brush with the suction part. At their ends, side wheels with shock absorbers that adapt wonderfully to the imperfections of the floor, or to any carpet that it comes across. ahead the turning wheel on which it pivots when it moves. And behind the brush, the interchangeable tank for dirt or water.

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Unboxing of the L100

We open the box to tell you all the elements that we find inside. In addition to his own Vacuum cleaner robot, there are several accessories with which it comes equipped. Most importantly, the charging station with power adapter, which arrives combining the same color white with black, both in brightness. We also have a remote control very complete and functional.

For cleaning, it has four side brushes, that is, two spare. Two roller type brushes, two micro-fiber cloths and other two HEPA filters. And besides a user manual, we also have two deposits, one for 450 ml powder, and another for 300 ml liquids.

Everything that ILIFE L100 offers us

The ability of the L100 to perform the laser mapping of the rooms and perfect navigation These are two of the aspects to highlight. We no longer find vacuum cleaners on the market that bounced off furniture to "know" how far to vacuum. the L100 “learn” what your house is like, memorize the rooms and the shapes of the furniture, and does its job in the most subtle way adapting No problem to any type of pavement.

Once the complete mapping of the house has been carried out, we can configure the cleaning by zones. We can choose where to start and where to end. Choose to clean only one of the rooms. Or if we wish select an area where you should not enter to clean. we can even program different zones at different times, depending on our needs.

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Depending on the desired finish, or the dirt on the surface to be cleaned, we can select Up to three different activity modes ranging from softer to more powerful. There will be no corner that can resist thanks to the two extra brushes that are installed on the front.

The ILIFE L100 has a suction power up to a maximum of 2000 Pa. Without a doubt, more than enough for our home to look clean for every place that the L100 passes. It has a autonomy of up to 100 minutes of continuous work, certainly more than enough for a complete cleaning of a conventional home. A robot vacuum cleaner vacuums and scrubs thanks to its liquid tank with mop, and it does it efficiently without leaving an inch of the ground, and that it will not suffer damage from bumps or falls thanks to the advanced infrared sensors.

It is good that in addition to being able to use the ILIFE L100 through the App, we can also program it and use it with the remote remote that we found in the box. Even with the physical button that is located at the top we can start, pause or terminate the cleaning manually.

ILIFE L100 technical performance table

Brand iLife
Model L100
Cleaning with water SI
Solid deposit 450ml
Liquid reservoir 300ml
HEPA filter SI
Sizes 330 320 X cm X 95
Weight/size 2.65 kg
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Laser Navigation LDS
Suction power 2000 Pascals
Noise level 50/65dB
Autonomy 100 minutes
Price range  254.28
Purchase Link ILIFE L100

Pros and cons


navigation with laser lds with precision.

cleaning in dry and wet with excellent finishes.

Autonomy up to 100 minutes.


  • LDS Navigation
  • scrubbing cleaning
  • Autonomy


Ago noise above what we expected, especially when working at maximum power.

La power suction, without being bad, it can be improved.


  • Noise
  • Power

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