9 interesting utilities for your old smartphone


Almost certainly both I and you have in a drawer of our house a smartphone that we no longer use and that, as they say, we keep for an emergency that never happens. Despite what it may seem, those mobile devices that spend their days in a dark drawer, after being replaced by new and brand-new terminals, may have some really interesting use.

Today and through this article we are going to offer you 9 interesting utilities for your old smartphone. Some of them must have already occurred to you, but maybe some others have never crossed your mind and may make you run to find your old mobile in the drawer where you banished it a few months ago.

The perfect MP3

Since a few months ago I renewed my mobile device I have turned the terminal I used into a makeshift MP3. As I have already told on several occasions, I am subscribed to Spotify so I can download the music to listen to it wherever I want without having to constantly access the network of networks.

In my house I connect it to the WiFi network and I download all the music that interests me. When I leave home I listen to music with the "Listen offline" option. It is not a simple possibility since it costs 9,99 euros per month to be able to enjoy the music that I like at any time and place. Of course, among the advantages that I find is that I do not fill my usual terminal with music and also do not waste the battery of it.

Alternatively download music (please, in a legal way) from the network of networks and store it on our old smartphone to which we can even include a microSD card to expand the storage and that we can still save more music.

A portable game console

Smartphone game console

Another good option is fill our old smartphone with games to enjoy them anywhere and anywhere. The problems can come because more and more most games need a permanent connection to the network of networks and that these need a lot of resources to work in the correct way. An old mobile device may not have enough resources to let us play the best games on the market.

Among the advantages of using our old terminal as a portable game console are the absence of new games from a new device, with the consequent saving of space. In addition, by not playing games, our smartphone will offer us greater autonomy and will not burn resources while we enjoy a game of turn.

A certainly useful eReader

If you like to read on your public transport trips or while waiting anywhere, you can enjoy digital books or eBooks on your mobile device. Like music, books take up space and resources on our usual smartphone, so a good option to give our old terminal a second life may be to use it as an eReader. You will not give us the options of an electronic book, but it will allow us to reuse it without consuming the battery and resources of our usual mobile.

If your old smartphone has a small screen, don't consider turning it into an eReader because to read in a comfortable way you need a screen of at least 5 inches. Reading on a 4-inch screen can end up becoming a real ordeal. Among the advantages will be that you can carry it in any bag or pocket, although you will still have to carry two devices.

Digital Frame


If you are tired of always having the same photo on your nightstand, always you can use your old smartphone as a digital frame. Store inside several photographs that you have a special affection for and download one of the many applications that are, for example, on Google Play to turn your terminal into an interesting digital frame. One of these applications can be Digital Photo Frame Slideshow, which even allows you to connect your terminal to the local network.

It may not be pretty or it may not match the other things in your room, but from now on you will no longer have to see the same image on your nightstand.. You can also place your digital frame in another place if you do not want to have it on the table. It is one of the great advantages, it is not too big so you can place it almost anywhere.

Hard drive alternative?

If our old terminal has a ample internal storage or you have the possibility of inserting microSD cards, maybe we can use our old smartphone as a hard drive. Yes, I don't think that no matter how big the microSD card we insert we can use the smartphone as the main hard drive, but rather as an alternative one and for certain occasions.

The reasons for this is that if we depend solely on a microSD card, everything will slow down and we will end up despairing. Luckily to take some pictures to a friend or to bring some documents to your father can fulfill its mission to perfection.

Alarm clock that you can bang without fear

By continuing to find uses for our old mobile device, we have thought that maybe it can be a perfect alarm clock. And we can beat it as many times as we want every day without fear that it will end up destroyed and useless. This for example we cannot do with our new smartphone, as much as we want it every morning when it rings.

To give this utility today there are dozens of applications in most application stores that will allow us to turn our device into a complete clock. Also with this new alarm clock you will not have to endure the typical sounds of a regular clock and you can put songs that you like and with which you will wake up every morning with a smile on your mouth.

Remote control

Smartphone remote control

Many mobile devices that are currently sold in the market include an infrared led that allows, among many other things, to be used as a remote control to change the television channel or raise and lower the volume of the television. Luckily and despite the fact that your smartphone does not have this infrared led, you can always install one of the many applications that allow you to turn your old terminal into a remote control.

It will not be the best remote for your television, nor will it be the most comfortable, but in this way you can have a remote control to handle your television in a simple and economical way. If you also do not have a remote control on an old television, because for example you have lost it, in this way you can have a new one without spending a single euro.

The most common use, that of the emergency telephone

The use that almost all of us give to our smartphone is that of the emergency telephone in case at any time our new terminal suffers a problem and we have to use it. Most mobile phone operators on the market no longer offer replacement mobiles and having an emergency mobile device can undoubtedly be a real blessing at some point in time.

In addition, it is never bad to have a second terminal because of what may happen to our new terminal. In case the flies can also be really useful to a family or friend.

VoIP phone


Thanks to the Internet and the recent VoIP (Voice over IP) technology two-way digital audio communications can be made without resorting to traditional analog telephone networks.

If you have a WiFi connection at your home, your old terminal can still be very useful to make calls through applications such as Skype or Viber. All these applications are totally free, so you will not lose absolutely anything. In addition, the calls will also be free without consuming a single mega of your data rate, which you usually need so much, especially at the end of the month.

Opinion freely

The utilities of an old mobile device can be very many and even though we always start to use it in one way or another, always ends up going back to the bottom of the drawer. And it is that when you have a new smartphone it is difficult to continue using the device that so far we used by many that these utilities can be more than interesting.

Using it as an MP3, eReader or remote control, can be, as we said, certainly interesting utilities, but it is difficult to convince oneself of having to carry it in our bag or pocket with two devices, no matter how much service the old terminal is going to give us and when the new smartphone offers us the same or better services.

How do you use your old smartphone?. Tell us in the space reserved for comments on this post or through one of the social networks where we are present and where we are looking forward to talking and interacting with you.

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  1.   David said

    I use an old smartphone as a retro console only nes snes emulators even psx or n64 do not need many resources and take up little memory

  2.   Antonio said

    What a bullshit stuffing ... Oh my god. And as a gps for the car… Same as with the new one… I prefer my son to use it and that way it doesn't kill the battery.

  3.   Alberto said

    An entrepreneur can use any 2012 ~ 2015 mobile to build prototypes of technology, as they contain very useful sensors, even if it has been stored in the drawer for a while it is a matter of dusting it off.

  4.   ricardofuentesramirez_20@hotmail.com said

    I used to use my terminal as an internet access point, just install the without my broadband and share of course the performance of the battery of the equipment ends in a jiffy but as long as you have it connected to your charger ready