Microdrone Smartview VR analysis

Taking advantage of the fact that Christmas is approaching, in the next few days we will submit various drone reviews both indoors and outdoors, as drones will surely be one of the star gifts this year. Today to begin we are going to do it with the Microdrone Smartview VR, a very small drone that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and that as its most outstanding feature incorporates a real-time video system that together with the glasses VR Drone Glasses It will allow us to enjoy a first person FPV flight experience that is something new in devices of this size.

Small size, high performance

The first thing to highlight about the microdone is its light size. With only 3 centimeters wide we are facing a really tiny microdrone but despite this it comes equipped with a very powerful minicamera to be able to take quality photos and enjoy video in real time.

In addition to the camera, the device stands out for another couple of functionalities that although they are quite normal in common drones, they are not usually in the range of microdrones such as the back home button and absolute control. The absolute control part is important for those who are used to piloting in that flight mode while the return home button we see more as an anecdote, since it is rare that you need to use it in a microdrone that is designed to fly indoor.

It also incorporates a power button for the propellers to start spinning and another For landing, which we have to emphasize that it works really well.

Fun and easy piloting

El Microdrone Smartview VR it is a really simple device to fly through the station, which makes it especially suitable as a gift for people who have no previous experience with drone piloting. It comes equipped with a removable propeller protection that will be very useful for the first flight sessions, but once you have the drone under control, we recommend that you remove it and that the flight is much lighter and more fun without it.

Offer psychological therapy to employees two flight speeds, a slow one for people who are just starting out and a faster one for those more expert users, although a third speed is made at less than a third speed that is available in other devices of similar size that we have tested and that allow a very electric and fun flight.

As is usually normal, it also incorporates a stunt mode to do typical loops and spins in the air.

Fly with the station and with your smartphone

The Smartview VR is ready to fly whether you you drive with the station that comes in the box as if you prefer it control from your smartphone. To pilot with your smartphone you just have to install the following app (available for iOS and Android), turn on the drone, connect your smartphone's Wi-Fi to the drone and open the app and that's it.

Personally, we prefer to fly with the drone's own transmitter, since the sensation produced by physically touching the controls is not at all comparable to doing it with the mobile screen, but for those users who prefer this form of flight, this microdrone also allows it.

Download the app for iOS

Download the app for Android

Developer: MARK May
Price: Free

VR Drone Glasses

The union of the microdrone together with the VR Drone Glasses are what allow offering a different experience in this device compared to products of the same range. You just have to connect your smartphone to the drone, click on an icon that allows you to split the screen in two, insert the smartphone into the glasses tray and you are ready to go. pilot your drone in first person.

The real-time video works quite well, there is a small delay in the video but it is acceptable if we consider that it is a drone that costs along with the glasses less than € 90 and that helps us to begin to experiment in FPV piloting.

Of course, being a device designed to fly indoors where spaces are reduced, FPV flight is only recommended for pilots with a medium degree of piloting. If what you want is to do your first tests in this flight mode, we recommend that you use it in a large interior space such as a sports hall or the like because otherwise it will be very difficult not to crash in the first seconds since for someone if experience is complex measure distances well and know what the situation of the device is with respect to the environment.

Other features of the Microdrone Smartview VR

The drone has a 6 minute flight autonomy; The battery can be charged by plugging the device into a USB that we can then connect to the power or to a computer, but optionally also we can load it through the station. This second option offers a much slower charge and also uses the station's batteries, so logically it is only designed to charge it when we are on the street and we have no other alternative.

The station comes equipped with a lectern where we can place the smartphone to see the video in real time while we are driving (in case we do not want to use the glasses). It also has a small receptacle to be able to transport the microdone in it in a more comfortable way.

Editor's opinion

Microdrone Smartview VR
  • Editor's rating
  • 4 star rating
a 89,90
  • 80%

  • Design
    Publisher: 80%
  • Camera
    Publisher: 95%
  • Autonomy
    Publisher: 85%
  • Portability (size / weight)
    Publisher: 95%
  • Price quality
    Publisher: 75%

Pros and cons


  • First person flight mode with VR glasses
  • Advanced features such as landing button, absolute control and return home
  • Very small


  • We miss a third faster speed

Microdrone Smartview VR conclusion

This is a fun and easy-to-use device for normal piloting with a station or smartphone. We can use it with the glasses to make a first person flight but it is an option only for pilots with previous experience.

Buy Smartview VR microdrone

The Smartview VR microdrone costs € 89,90 and We can buy it in Juguetrónica by clicking here.

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