Microsoft Lumia 640, an interesting mid-range that already has Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft products

Mobile devices with Windows operating system are trading on the rise in recent times, with total security due to the recent release of the new Windows 10 Mobile and also because most of the Lumia devices on the market offer the user a good design, some interesting features and specifications, good performance and above all a fairly affordable price for almost any case.

A case of all this that we are talking about is the Lumia 640, which was presented at the last Mobile Word Congress and which in recent days has been making headlines as it is the first terminal to receive the update to Windows 10 Mobile. Taking advantage of its return to the first scene in the mobile telephony market We have tested it and then you can read our complete analysis.

Before starting the analysis, it is important to make it clear, so as not to mislead us, that we are dealing with a mid-range mobile device, which offers us some high-end features, but which undoubtedly lacks some things to be a real ship flagship at the level of the LG G4, the Galaxy S6 or an iPhone 6 or 6S.

Ready to get to know the Lumia 640 up close? Get ready, here we go.

Design; plastic as the main protagonist

Microsoft products

Until Microsoft launched the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, one of the hallmarks of all its terminals was its design. With plastic finishes and striking colors they managed to convince all users, but at the same time leaving us somewhat indifferent by not evolving into a design that was undoubtedly lagging behind.

The latest Lumia launched on the market already have a metallic finish, but in this Lumia 640 the plastic, in orange in our case, is the main protagonist. Despite the material used, the feeling in the hand is more than good and although we would have liked another type of material, I have to say that I do not dislike it at all.

For the rest we are in front of a terminal with some 141.3 x 72.2 x 8.85 mm dimensions that frame a 5-inch screen and with a total weight of 144 grams, with which we could say that we are facing a terminal with a standard size and a rather reduced weight. Once we have this Lumia in hand we could say that we are facing the perfect size and a tremendously light terminal.

Screen; meeting our expectations without further ado

As we have already mentioned, this Lumia 640 has a 5 inch that offers us a resolution of 1080 x 720 pixels, with a pixel density of 294.

It is not possibly the best screen on the market that we cannot find in a mobile device, but it has perfectly fulfilled the expectations we had. We could highlight that the viewing angles are perhaps better than expected and also the colors are shown in a quite real way.

Microsoft products

Finally, it is essential to note that it has Gorilla Glass 3 protection that will protect it to a great extent against any fall or blow, although as we have already said it does not totally free us from the screen from breaking or cracking, so we should have a lot be careful if we want our Lumia to last a long time.

Cameras, the weak point of this Lumia 640

Maybe because I'm so badly used to the camera on my high-end mobile device, but the cameras of this Lumia 640 have left me a bit cold and to the point of coming to consider that it is without a doubt its great weak point.

With a 8 megapixel rear camera With autofocus, 4 x digital zoom, a 1/4-inch sensor, an aperture of f / 2.2, LED flash, dynamic flash, and rich capture, we can get optimal quality photos, as long as the ambient light is right . As you can see in the images that I show you below, the results are not entirely bad, although not fully satisfactory either;

The problem appears, as in most devices on the market when the light is scarce. We could say that in full light the photos are of an optimal quality, although perhaps I expected a somewhat better result and they certainly leave a lot to be desired when the scene has low light.

As for the front camera, it offers us a 0.9 mpx wide-angle HD, f / 2.4 and HD resolution (1280 x 720p), more than enough to take a selfie, although we already warn you that this will not have a perfect definition as the one you have seen in other terminals on the market.

Hardware; a good and powerful terminal

If we search inside this Lumia 640 we can find a Snapdragon 400 with a 7 GHz Cortex A1,2 quad-core CPU and an Adreno 305 GPU. To this we must add a 1 GB RAM memory that is more than enough to offer us a more than interesting and acceptable experience.

After squeezing this Lumia 640 in an almost cruel way, it has responded in a phenomenal way and in addition to its hardware, we could say that it also has a lot to do with the good optimization of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 that it has installed inside.

For a few days, and in only some countries, the new Windows 10 Mobile is already available for this terminal, which for the moment we have not been able to test, but which we imagine will work just as well on this device and offer optimal performance. If you still don't know much information about this new Microsoft operating system, you can find out extensively in Windows News, an interesting blog about the Windows universe.

Drums; the strong point of this Lumia 640

One of the aspects that has not surprised the most about this Lumia 640 is without a doubt its battery and that is with its 2.500 mAh it offers surprising autonomy.

I am not a user who consults his terminal a couple of times a day, but I use it practically continuously of all kinds. With more than intense use, not only have I managed to "arrive alive" at the end of the day, but I have also managed to arrive in an ample way with 25% battery remaining on most days.

Once again the optimization of all the hardware and software plays an important role so that the autonomy offered is surprising and really interesting for any user who purchases a Lumia 640.

Price and Availability

Microsoft products

This Lumia 640 has already been sold for several months in most countries of the world, although in recent weeks its price has dropped considerably due to the many rumors that announce the presentation and market launch of the Lumia 650, which will be its replacement.

Currently we can buy on Amazon, in its LTE version for 158 euros. In addition, the XL version is also available that we can find for approximately 200 euros, although if we search correctly we can acquire it for a lower price.

Maybe if you do not want to take the step to acquire this Lumia 640 now, you can always wait a few days to see what the Lumia 650 offers us and buy it in terms of performance and price and then decide on the little brother or the older one.


As I said at the beginning of the article This Lumia 640 has left me without a doubt a good taste in my mouth and has fallen in love with its simplicity of use and the facilities it offers us to work related to other Microsoft devices or at least with the same operating system. For example, it is extremely useful to be able to work with Microsoft Office or with Google Drive and its precise integration in Windows Phone. With the arrival of the new WIndows 10 Mobile, this integration will improve even more, with new functions and options appearing on the scene, so that this Lumia 640 and in general all Lumia can be greatly revalued.

If I had to highlight some positive aspects, I would be left with the autonomy it offers us, its performance as well as its price. On the negative side there is undoubtedly its cameras, both front and rear, of which perhaps I expected more and its design, somewhat repetitive and tiresome, with that for my poor plastic, in a color that does not allow it to go unnoticed. under no circumstances. Of course, the color is the least of it and that is that you can buy it in another less striking color or place a cover that allows this Lumia to go completely unnoticed.

If, as an exam, they asked me to give it a note and taking into account other terminals of the so-called mid-range, I would put it between a 7,5 or 8, although with a note for them to review at home and in which it would refer to the cameras, from which once again I expected something more.

What do you think of this Lumia 640?. You can give us your opinion or tell us and ask us what you need about this terminal. To do this you can use the space reserved for comments on this post or to do so through one of the social networks in which we are present.

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  1.   edgar said

    I have it, and since 6 in the morning using it a lot, it is 10:30 at night and I have 27% battery, without a doubt it is due to the optimization that android lacks today, the camera is checked with terminals like the lg g 3 and bq fhd 5 already won the 640 (the front is almost apart hehehe) a great mobile regarding the design of puts a cover although I like it, good article and make more about comments from lumias and others ( ;

    1.    Villamandos said

      I totally agree with you on everything Edgar.

      You can read much more about Lumias, Windows or Windows 10 Mobile at

      Greetings and thanks for your comments!

  2.   Vicente FG said

    I have the 640 XL LTE Dual SIM with my personal and work sim, with wifi and bluetooth on and the battery lasts for the whole day. ample. In periods of days that I do not work, the battery lasts three to four days with moderate use. I have updated it to Windows 10 mobile through the insider program and it forms the perfect team with my PC and my Tablet with Windows 10. I am very happy with its performance and I would not go crazy again to Android or the i-shit of the apple (Who want to steal, go to a bank !!!)

    1.    Villamandos said

      Totally agree with you Vicente FG, the drums are a real joy.

      A greeting!

  3.   user 640 said

    No service in Spain or anywhere. You have tried to send this terminal to repair it in case of a broken screen

    1.    Villamandos said

      I have never tried it, but this can happen with any terminal, for example Chinese.

      Not everything could be good 🙁

      A greeting!

      1.    Bill said

        If you have technical service in Spain, I sent my Lumia 830 that came from the factory with a fault and it took a week to return it repaired. You have to access the Microsoft page, technical support section, fill in the data and they send you an email with all the information and a piece of paper to put in the package in which you send the phone so that it will be free (Reverse logistics) .

    2.    edgar said

      If they have, I say it because my computer burned the charging plug of the mobile and it took a week to have it fixed and set aside a gift case (: