Pepephone launches a battle of "inimitable" rates to burst the market

Mobile and convergent telephony (a grouping of different telephony and connectivity services) is causing an increasingly competent market, this is how companies do not stop devising new mechanisms with which to attract customers. Nevertheless, We must have something quite clear, mainly what we are looking for is the middle way between quality and price. That is Pephone's maxim.

The firm that has gained great fame thanks to Word of mouth of its users and its curious advertising campaigns, has launched a new battle of inimitable rates by other companies, with which they intend to capture a good pinch of traffic. Stay with us and find out what the new Pepephone rates that everyone is talking about consist of.

If you are part of communities like ForumcochesGSM Spain you probably not only know Pepephone, but also enjoy some of the special rates that this company has provided for a long time for this small niche of users. Otherwise, you can stay with us and we will unravel the entire range of products that Pepephone offers us at such special prices, and above all, highlighting both the good and the bad points of the contract.

Mobile telephony, Pepephone as «inimitable»

Pepephone does not like complications, not only in the method in which it deals, but also does not want you to have the slightest doubt about how its service works. Giving you a tour of its website you will find yourself fully with its famous Inimitable rate, a rate in which we are going to find something that no other company has offered until now, exactly 19 GB of mobile data to navigate with 4G coverage, accompanied by 5001 minutes of calls to any national mobile or landline telephone (not including, of course, special rate telephones) for only € 19,90 per month. It is said soon, but despite the fact that other companies like Yoigo have tried to match the offer, they have only launched temporary promotions that end up disappearing sooner or later. Without a doubt, this rate is designed for Millenials more demanding, you will not miss calls, but here the most important thing is that you do not lack mobile data, and the truth is that with 19 GB you should not either.

However, Pepephone also offers variety in other types of Exclusive mobile phone rates as you can see below:

Optical fiber, yes, Pepephone also brings the internet to your home

Fiber optics is the way to navigate in your home that satisfies the most exquisite, not only because we achieve the best upload and download speeds, but also becausee thanks to broadband we will be able to have multiple devices connected at the same time, it cannot be for less in the era of Smart TV and streaming content, but if we think about it, even the heating system many of us already have connected through the Wi-Fi in our house, it cannot be for less. Well, this is also offered by Pepephone, this is the Bare fiber by Pepephone, a system that offers 100 Mb symmetric fiber optic (both 100 Mb upload and 100 Mb download).

This fiber optic from Pepephone lacks any type of linked landline, you only have the fiber (naked), and all this in a fixed price of € 34,60 per month (€ 29 if you already have any mobile rate from the company). You must take into account both ways when registering:

  • € 90 installation fee and added router without commitment of permanence
  • Free with a commitment to stay for 12 months (with a maximum of € 150 in the penalty for early withdrawal)

Convergent rates, Fiber + Mobile to have it all

Do you know the convergent rates? They are those products that Movistar brought to Spain under the name of Fusion, the idea is to combine the entire telecommunications package, mainly the fiber and mobile phone service, in the same package. Pepephone knows well that this is the best method to gain your trust and that by the way it saves you a few euros a month, so it could not ignore the needs of the market and it has brought you some of the most succulent convergent rates in the telephony market in Spain.

This rate includes its famous mobile rate "Inimitable" that guarantees us 19 GB of mobile data to navigate with 4G coverage, accompanied by 5001 minutes of calls to any national mobile or landline phone (not including, of course, special rate telephones), but the real key is that we are going to enjoy it accompanied by nothing less than its symmetric fiber with 100 Mb of upload and another 100 Mb of download, so that while your parents see The Cable Girls in the living room, you can enjoy your night game of callofduty:WWII, It would be more, now you will have internet for everyone, the discussions about the Wi-Fi speed are over, and much less about the monthly bill.

  • 5 GB of mobile data + 101 minutes of calls + 100/100 Fiber per 43,90 euros per month
  • 5 GB of mobile data + calls at 0cnt / min (0,18cnt of establishment) + 100/100 Fiber for 39,90 euros per month
  • 2,5 GB of mobile data + 101 minutes of calls + 100/100 Fiber per 40,90 euros per month

Regarding the requirements at the time of contracting, we find exactly the same as the first in the acquisition of the fiber optic package, we have two routes, one that, paying a price, offers us the service without ties, and the free route:

  • € 90 installation fee and router added without com
  • promise of permanence
  • Free with a commitment to stay for 12 months (with a maximum of € 150 in the penalty for early withdrawal)

With these rates, Pepephone intends to establish itself more if possible in the market, and without a doubt it is succeeding.

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