Playstation 4, welcome with uncertainty


Let's start from the assumption that the presentation of Ps4 was more a demonstration of intent than a demonstration itself. A conference that, willingly or unwillingly, seems to have ended up being like a appetizer, more than a starter. A look at the potential, social and technical, of the machine so that, little by little, it penetrates and, above all, provokes a desire for more.

Logically, they were not going to gut every game and / or feature of the console, but it is true that my feeling when closing the streaming was to stay with want more. And, possibly, this was due to the excessive hype that had been created around the conference and that, as almost always, led to a large percentage of disappointments

With a little perspective I think Playstation 4 is on a more than correct path. At first, it has not fallen into any of the errors that it feared most: controls as absurd as unnecessary (the Move will be present but, I think, secondarily), the attempt to convert it into a multimedia center and the obstacles to the second hand, related to the required online connection.

But also, after this first contact, I have had a few doubts and uncertainties. I will list, without order or preference, what worries me the most.


Unfortunately, they have been less than what I expected from the Dualshock, being a version 2.0 the one we already know from Ps3, without more. The fact is that that renewed touch is provided by a social button to share video, images and others, and a trackpad that, honestly, I find it difficult to imagine what it will end up serving.

Smells like need to put something tactile on the controller without stopping too long to think what playable mechanics could be drawn from it. Yes, it will be a good tool when navigating menus and the internet, possibly, but I still don't see playable possibilities beyond QTE or minor gestures. While the use of that "share" button was shown in depth, the touch panel (not the touch screen) was not given the slightest importance.

Anyway, those are welcomed with open arms somewhat more concave sticks and somewhat more comfortable triggers naked eye. Of course, in terms of ergonomics, it seems to continue to be far from the Xbox 360 controller.


I do not consider myself someone sullen or anti-social, but I do think that I will not give excessive use to that of doing streaming of my games or getting into / getting into other games to help or help me. I do believe that I will exploit more the issue of sharing video and images of my games on social networks, but all this does not stop me from looking like an addition without too much weight for a player like me.

I was hoping that it would be clear that, finally, we will be able to enjoy group talks regardless of the game we are in (the Xbox Party group, clearly) and the same with individual talks. I am optimistic and I believe that none of this was shown is because it is taken for granted that, after a generation far behind in online communication, Sony has opened its eyes.



The instantaneity that this can provide to the machine in aspects such as testing certain demos and / or games seems to me something great, as well as more than necessary considering the background of Ps3 (the same with those updates and downloads in the background, very necessary).

But both this and the possibility of using our Playstation 4 games on PSVita I think it will require a connection (at least, upload speed) quite high and that, unfortunately, in Spain, in general, it is not available. Few people I know with more than 1 or 2 MB of upload, the truth, being many more those who are below those figures. Will cloud play and features related to our connections be viable?



I'm one of those who thinks there was no reason to show heavyweight jobs like Naughty Dog or Santa Monica. That will end up coming, and personally I would like both studios to take their time and not be in a rush with their first projects.

The fear or uncertainty that I have in this regard is that of transition. I have been able to read that since Sony they do not see any transition, if not that Ps3 and Ps4 are going to be two ecosystems that will coexist. I don't think it's bad at all, but I do worry that this will negatively affect the quality of the titles that are shared. This can only result in a loss of ambition and power towards portability to the little sister.

All of this is nothing more than simple speculation that, I imagine, will be resolved over the months. Now, gamers, we have no choice but to enjoy and bite our nails while we look forward to one of the most promising E3s in history.

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