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There is no doubt that this E3 It promises to be the most exciting edition of the fair in recent years, although to be honest, it is easy for companies to overcome those embarrassing shows that made gamer bile vomit.

In this 2013 there will be the true generational change -I'm sorry nintenderos- and the new consoles of Sony y Microsoft products will be the true protagonists of E3, along with a long-awaited string of games that are the starting gun for PlayStation 4 y Xbox One.

It has been quite a while since that surprise presentation of PS4 and there are still many unknowns to clear from the console Sony. I hope and trust that the Japanese clarify, and in detail, important details such as the specific launch date, price of the console -server still thinks that a basic pack of PlayStation 4 could be sold for 350 euros-, games that will accompany the console at its launch, thirds games, exclusivities, the role of Gaikai, how will the new PlayStation Plus, what will happen to backward compatibility -both for games of PS3 as for those purchased digitally - as well as with the thorny issue of DRM and used games - although judging by the statements of those responsible for Sony through social networks, it is implicitly assumed that they will not follow in the footsteps of Microsoft products, especially after the scandal unleashed after the horrific presentation of Xbox One and what an impact it has had.

ps4 specs menu

I am also very interested in knowing what games he will present Sony like the great exclusivities of PlayStation 4, titles that may be able to sell the console, well let's be frank, what has been shown so far, of course, does not look like the heavy artillery that must have been saved for the days to come. I have faith in this company, which now seems to be governed under the motto of «from players, for players», and a tremendous desire to know what will happen with Final Fantasy Versus XIII, The Last Guardian, Agent, if they revive old franchises of the first PlayStation and with what new they will surprise us. And is that the punch on the table Sony It must be loud enough to silence the Redmond men, who engage in statements impregnated with a bluster that causes embarrassment: "We will kill Sony at E3«.

FF Versus XIII

As for the Microsoft products, after that grotesque image they found with Xbox One, It is very difficult to make the console fly, mainly among the true gamer, although it is true that this does not seem to be the true audience they are after. There was talk of up to fifteen exclusives for the console during its first year of life as if it were the great ace up the sleeve of Microsoft productsAnd if not to detract from them, I urge readers to take a refresher on how many new IPs were released in previous console releases. It is too obvious that it was a piece of information to fill your mouths and divert the speech beyond the television applications with which we were fed up in the presentation of the machine. Personally, I do not expect great news or surprises in this regard from Microsoft products: The Force on duty, the Fable on duty, the Halo on duty, maybe a Gears of War and the corresponding kinectad brush.


The most complex for Microsoft products It will be to detail how the semi-permanent connection will work and the limitations to the traditional second-hand market, which it seems that they intend to control and monopolize, taking a slice out of the way, of course, we are talking about Microsoft products and we already know what kind of behavior we adhere to by this company. I take it for granted that online gambling will continue to be paid, although it remains to be seen if they have taken note of the advantages of PlayStation Plus and they would have the minimum decency to compensate their loyal customers with something more than being able to play a few games online when in the competition it is something free and the payment service includes more than interesting services and discounts and for which people are paying with pleasure.

Xbox One

Nintendo It is another matter. They themselves play in their own league and know that they have no competition: whoever wants to play their games will have to, yes or yes, go through the hoop. Wii U. And this is indisputable: you just have to see the laments of many thirds where they assert that the only games that make box on game consoles Nintendo they are sagas like Mario o The Legend of Zelda. Although there will not be a show of the company in style, it does not mean that the big N is not going to try to gain the attention of the public with its Nintendo Direct and the physical presence of its stands, where we should finally see a new Mario in three dimensions, maybe something about the new Zelda de Wii U -that not the remake of Wind Waker served as an aperitif to shorten the agonizing wait until the game that the fans really expect-, Mario Kart, Smash Bros… The traditional line of Nintendo that has kept the company afloat for decades and decades.


Interestingly, after the traumatic presentation of Xbox One, sales of Wii U soared in online stores, the same ones that a few weeks before were lowering the price of the console with juicy offers to try to get rid of a dusty stock that, in all probability, will not be a problem for next Christmas if the release schedule of Wii U It is adequate. Price cut? By Nintendo, I doubt it - just think of the time it took Wii to lower the price-, although yes PS4To name one of the two future new systems, it has a basic model at € 350, the big N will have no choice but to back down, give its arm to twist and lower the surcharge that it currently has Wii U.


Regarding the third party presence, I hope that the start of the generation will serve to bring new IPs and fresher playable experiences. It is true that we would all like to see a new installment of our favorite saga, but these beginnings of generation are ideal to launch new names and characters. As for exclusivities, I doubt horrors that there will be too many, unless there is direct financing from the interested parties, of course, because we are again encountering increased production costs for the development of video games, although they say, it will not be so exponential as in the jump of the previous generation - I still remember those statements by Kojima about the multiplatform of the saga Metal Gear Solid in the future, something that the players of PlayStation for the favoritism treatment they have always had on the part of Konami, but of course, that Fox engine It did not have to be turkey mucus when making it, and also, Konami It has had 40% less revenue in the last fiscal year, and that's a worrying percentage. I foresee more wars for exclusive DLCs than for titles per se, which, in a way, is good for everyone: internal studies and firsts. Sony y Microsoft products they would be pushed to create new franchises and hopefully quality, which would be a joy. What I fear the most is that downloadable content policies are more aggressive than in this generation, despite, for example, movements as strange as the resignation of the online pass by Electronic Arts: make no doubt that what they earn on the one hand, they will try to get double on the other. This is how business is and this is an industry that handles figures that produce vertigo, especially if we think that it is leisure, something that should not take precedence over certain values, but that would be another topic to discuss.


In short, Sony It is very easy for him to strike at Microsoft products and finish it off, although the Redmond people are very confident and believe that they will exploit their customer niche, mainly located in the US: but we still have to know prices, dates, policies and games - although I foresee some immobility and little innovation in playable concepts and new IPs, something I want to be wrong about. Nintendo, for his part, will follow his ball and as continuous as ever, but after the presentation of Xbox One, many decided that Wii U would come to your house, so in a way, the company of Mario has had relative luck - it remains to be seen if they will hold out against the new Sony y Microsoft products when they are in the street. I do not know about you, but I am looking forward to quickly passing these days to start receiving the first news of this E3 2013.

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