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Petkit Pura X, a litter box for your cat that is intelligent and cleans itself | Gadget news

Petkit Pura X, a litter box for your cat that is intelligent and cleans itself

If you have a cat, you know that the litter box can become a real nightmare, if you have two or more, I won't tell you anything at all. However, you already know that at Actualidad Gadget we always have the best connected home alternatives in order to make life easier for you and of course for your beloved pets.

We take a look at the innovative Petkit Pura X, a clever litter box that cleans itself and has a ton of amazing features. Discover with us how you can say goodbye to the tedious task of cleaning your kitty's litter box, you will both appreciate it, you will gain in health and of course in time.

Materials and design

We are faced with a large package, rather I would say very large. Far from what you could imagine being a sandbox, the dimensions are quite large, we have a product that measures 646x504x532 millimeters, that is, approximately as high as a washing machine, so we will not be able to place it precisely in any corner. However, its design does accompany it, it is built in ABS plastic for the white exterior, except for the lower area, which is in light gray, where the stool deposit will be located.

  • Package content:
    • Sandbox
    • Cover
    • Power adapter
    • Odor eliminating liquid
    • Garbage bag package

At the top we have the slightly concave-shaped lid where we can leave things perched, on the front a small LED screen that will show us information, as well as the only two interaction buttons. In addition, the package includes a small mat that will allow us to collect the possible traces of sand that the cat could remove, something very appreciated. The total weight of the product is 4,5Kg so it is not excessively light either. We have a good finish and an interesting design, which looks quite good even in any room, because as we will see below, its execution is so good that we will not have problems in that regard.

Main functions

The litter box has a cleaning system based, if we observe its interior, on a drum (where the cat's litter will be located and where it will relieve itself). The cleaning system is quite complex, so we are not going to dwell on the technical and engineering details, but rather in the final results that the Petkit Pura X offers us, and in this section we are quite happy with the tests carried out.

We should not worry about the fact that it has a mechanical operation, since the sandbox has an automatic cleaning system that we must adjust through the application, however, it has various sensors, both weight and movement, which will prevent the Pura Petkit X goes into operation whether the jack is too close or inside. In this section, the safety and tranquility of our little feline is fully assured.

  • Jack inlet diameter: 22 centimeters
  • Suitable device weight: Between 1,5 and 8 Kilograms
  • Maximum sand capacity: Between 5L and 7L
  • Connectivity systems: 2,4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth

It should also be noted that the package includes a series of accessories, these are four cans of liquid odor eliminator, as well as a package of bags to collect dirt. Although the stool container has a peculiar size, I do not think there is too much problem to use any type of small size bag, however, we can purchase bags and odor eliminators separately for price quite content on the Petkit website. Of course, these accessories are also available in PETKIT Refills ....

Regarding the accessories, the general quality of the device and the rest of the complexities of the Petkit Pura X, we have been quite satisfied, we will now have to dedicate a whole section to both the application and the different programming systems. and smart sandbox settings.

Settings and ways to interact with the sandbox

To configure it, we will simply have to download the application Petkit available for both Android as if to iOS completely free of charge. Once we have completed the application configuration and registration procedure, we are going to enter to add this device in question, we will be asked to follow some instructions with the buttons of the Pura X, however, if you have any questions, we recommend You can see the video that we have uploaded to our YouTube channel analyzing the Pura X where we show you the configuration procedure step by step.

The application allows us to keep a detailed record of the times our pet goes to the sandbox, as well as their cleaning schedules, both automatic and manual. And we can turn it off, proceed to immediate cleaning and even schedule an immediate odor removal. For the rest of the determinations we can carry out the «Smart Adjustment» also available in the application. In addition, in this registry we will be able to observe the variations in weight of our cat.

This weight of the kitten will be instantly displayed on the screen of the Pure X, this that gives us information about the state of the sand, to notify us when we have to change it, in the same way that all the actions provided by the application can also be carried out directly manually through the only two physical buttons that the Petkit Pura X consists of.

Editor's opinion

Without a doubt, this has seemed an extremely interesting product, you can buy it at Powerplanet Online as the official distributor of the product here in Spain, or through import mechanisms from other websites. Without a doubt, it is an expensive alternative, around 499 euros depending on the selected point of sale, But especially if we have more than one cat, it can save us a lot of time, helping us to maintain both the hygiene of the cat and that of our home, so it could become an invaluable ally for our day-to-day life. We have analyzed it, we have told you about our experience in depth and now it is up to you to decide whether or not it is worth it.


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