7 reasons to buy an iPhone X

iPhone X

El iPhone X It is already a reality, after a huge amount of rumors and leaks that we have enjoyed to a great extent in recent times, although we will not be able to reserve it until next October 27, and we will still have to wait a few days more to be able to have it in our hands and begin to enjoy it.

There are many who have raised their voices to say that the news that this new iPhone offers us are minimal, and of course its price is exorbitant for the days in which we live. I personally do not agree with one or the other. That is why I have been thinking for a few days until 7 reasons why you should spend your money buying an iPhone X, which I am going to detail just below.

Finally an iPhone is almost all screen

Image of the new iPhone X

One of the great novelties that the new iPhone X has brought with it is the disappearance of huge screen frames, that until now we had to suffer all users of one of Apple's devices. The Touch ID has disappeared and with it all the frames, giving way to a huge screen that will quickly conquer any user.

If someone asks you the reasons why you bought one of the new iPhone from Cupertino, without a doubt and in the first place the huge screen should appear, which occupies the entire front and which looks very much like the one from The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Face ID will give us a plus of security and peace of mind

One of the great novelties that the iPhone X offers us, compared to, for example, the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is the incorporation of the one baptized as Face ID that replaces Touch ID, offering us an advanced easy recognition system that will give us added security and peace of mind.

As revealed by the company directed by Tim Cook, it is based on a neural motor and infrared sensors, which works even in the dark, adapting to the face of a user, very little important if you let your hair grow or decide to grow a beard. The Touch ID showed a probability of 1 in 50.000 chances of false authentication, while the new Face ID raised this probability to 1 in 1.000.000.

There is no doubt that we are talking about enormous security that will allow us to have any image, file or document on our iPhone X, without the risk that it can be unlocked and accessed. Of course, unfortunately the Face ID will not prevent us from leaving our terminal forgotten somewhere or even losing it, although the positive part is that it will be practically impossible to unlock it to access it.

iOS 11

IOS 11 Image

Along with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X it has made its premiere iOS 11, the new version of Apple's mobile operating system, which, as we are used to, comes with a large number of improvements and news. Unlike Android, this new version will reach practically all Apple devices, being able to get a huge benefit with the new iPhone X.

El new Control Center, gestures, or the new notification system are just some of the improvements that we are in iOS 11, which for many is already the best mobile operating system on the market.

Cameras are once again outstanding, making a difference

Image from iPhone X camera

Every time Apple launches a new iPhone on the market, it tends to focus heavily on improving the cameras, which in this iPhone X give an important leap in quality compared to those that we could enjoy so much in the iPhone 7 and the 7 iPhone Plus.

The novelties that we find reside mainly in the rear camera, which is again double, and that this time has TrueDepth technology, which will serve to offer us advanced AR capabilities and also to offer us a higher quality in what is known as portrait mode. The front camera will not be left behind either and the Cupertino people have worked very hard on it, taking it to a higher level.

One of the great advantages that smartphones offer us with the ever-increasing improvement of cameras, is that we can go anywhere with our mobile device and get great quality photos. This iPhone X will not replace any SLR camera, but it will be the best camera that we can always carry with us without it being a problem.

The battery will no longer be a problem for almost anyone

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have approximately the same battery as the iPhone 7 that were already available on the market, always according to the information provided by Apple. Nevertheless The new iPhone X will have a battery that will offer us an autonomy two hours greater than that offered by the iPhone 7 Plus.

The new processor and the new screen with OLED technology are the main culprits that the autonomy of the new iPhone grows. This is undoubtedly great news for all those who arrive at the end of the day with very tight batteries, or as in some cases like mine, who do not arrive and have to charge the device in the middle of the day.

It is also important to note that the new iPhone X will allow wireless charging, although the charging base will have to be purchased as a smartphone accessory, which is always a great advantage and convenience.

The price should not be an inconvenience

Image of iPhone X

Nobody is aware that the price of the new iPhone X, 1.159 euros for the most basic version, is very high, but luckily for everyone the price should not be an inconvenience. And it is that as in many other occasions this new device It can be purchased through the operators in 24 or more terms, with also a significant reduction in the price on account of the commitment to stay, or through different financing methods.

The new iPhone X is not a cheap smartphone, but if we take into account everything it offers us, we are talking about a terminal that is possibly worth what it costs.

A high price, a safe investment

We have already talked about the high price of the iPhone X, but few talk about the safe investment that buying an iPhone involves. When we buy an Apple device, there is no doubt that we leave a large amount of money in it, but in the long run we get a great deal out of it and like any good investment, its value devalues ​​very little over time.

Buying an iPhone X is a safe investment, and in the time you are with us it will be our workplace, the best camera we can always carry with us or our music player. When it comes to selling it, in a few years, it will surely continue to have a good market price and we will recover a large part of the investment, which we can possibly use to acquire the iPhone 10 or iPhone 11.

Do you think these are enough reasons to buy the new iPhone X?.

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