Recipes for use with the Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung recipes

The future of FoodTech or food technology is promising, especially when companies as important as Samsung dedicate their efforts to research and innovate in both health and nutrition. According to the latest data we have learned, the Samsung Galaxy Ring can be your personal nutritionist in less time than it seems. Let's see What plans does Samsung have to help us with nutritional health?.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring can be your nutritionist

Samsung Galaxy Ring

As you know, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is a smart ring that was announced in January this year and that is responsible for taking biometric data about your health so that taking care of yourself is easier.

In addition to this, what makes the Samsung smart ring easier is the integration with the different apps of the Korean company so that you can have a control of your health and diet practically without moving a single finger.

According to the information about the new ring from the Korean brand on the news website of the same country, Chozun Biz, now we know that The Galaxy Ring will likely have many nutrition-related features, specifically with the Samsung Food app.

Plan your diet with Samsung Food

Samsung food

Samsung wants to be at the forefront of technology in all areas where the company steps. Well, the field of food and nutrition cannot be less. Therefore, for some time now Samsung launched the Samsung Food app on the market.

This app is what allows its users to apply all the biometric and behavioral data obtained from the Galaxy Ring, or a Smartwatch of the same brand, for tips and ideas on adaptive nutrition to the conditions of our body.

This is very interesting because what we spent on buying the new Galaxy Ring, which seems to have a price of about €200, we saved on a nutritionist. Of course, the assessment, experience and analytical skills nutrition that can offer you a professional nutritionistFor now, it will be much more valid than what the Samsung app offers us. If you need to have a nutritionist for any serious health reason, I recommend going to a professional.

Now, if your needs or limitations are not very complex, you can configure the app with your personal data to indicate what type of allergies or food restrictions you have. This way, when you go to the refrigerator to get something to eat, the app can recommend what you can eat, without worrying about allergies or poisoning.

I leave the app below so you can take a look at it and see everything it can do for your diet and health.

Samsung Food: Meal Plan
Samsung Food: Meal Plan
Developer: Samsung food
Price: Free

Samsung takes giant steps in the world of TechFood

Harvesting recipes

Samsung's intentions in the FoodTech market are ambitious and are focused on the integration of its wearable device, the Galaxy Ring, with its global cooking platform Samsung Food.

The reason for this association is dominate global food technology through the creation of technological infrastructure. This infrastructure would consist of both the Galaxy Health app that processes the information, the Galaxy Ring that is responsible for measuring the user's health data and the future home appliance applications that the company releases. In other words, the idea is to use the Galaxy Ring to collect real-time information about the user's health to offer personalized diet recommendations through the Samsung Food platform.

Of course, to offer a better user experience, total nutrition linkage is proposed by adding Samsung appliances to the equation. So in the future we can have a refrigerator that knows what food we have and when it will expire so you can make recipes for use and others. fully personalized dietary recommendations.

The future of food technology

Food Tech

Without a doubt, this advance that Samsung proposes in the field of nutrition poses many dietary improvements but also raises some doubts for users. Are doubts are related to privacy Users may want to have the benefits of this infrastructure but may be jealous of giving their feed data to large companies like Samsung.

And the privacy of medical data is something that should be taken very seriously. That's why I ask you if, to improve your diet, Would you be willing to let a company like Samsung know what you have in your refrigerator or what you had for dinner yesterday?

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