Roborock S7: High-end cleaning now with ultrasonic scrubbing

Robot vacuum cleaners have grown in size and capabilities over time, which began as a product with somewhat questionable efficiency, has become a product capable of making our lives easier, especially when it comes to the brand. Roborock. specialist in high-end intelligent robots.

Discover with us what are all its novelties and if the difference between high-end robot vacuum cleaners goes far beyond price, will it really be worth it?

As on many other occasions, this time too we have decided to include a video in our analysis, only that we have decided to create a "special" video in which you will be able to see much more than a simple review, you will have precision details and information about the configuration of the device and much more. To do this, you only have to play the video where you will find all the information that words are not capable of developing by themselves. Take the opportunity to subscribe to our YouTube channel where you will find a multitude of content and help us to continue growing.

Design: House brand

Roborock keeps betting on something that works. His designs are easily recognizable and that has earned him a lot of satisfaction among his users. and of course numerous sales. There are many editions with a very similar design, with that central extractor at the top, a completely round and quite tall device accompanied by two shades to choose from, white or black. Of course, as always we bet on plastic materials, three configuration buttons in the front center and an interactive LED that changes its hue according to the function represented.

  • Box contents:
    • loading port
    • Power cord
    • Roborock S7
  • Size: 35,3 * 35 * 9,65 cm
  • Weight: 4,7 Kg

We have the rear cover that when lifting it shows us the solid tank and the WiFi indicator. At the bottom we have the central rubber roller, its extractor, the blind wheel and a single "collector", this time made of silicone. The water tank and the adjustment for the scrub pad remain at the rear. A design similar to that seen so far, yes, the quality of the adjustments and the lThe materials, which quickly make us realize that we are dealing with a fairly premium product. We do not find in the packagin, yes, any type of replacement for cleaning accessories.

Technical Specifications: Nothing is missing

We go directly to the suction power, one of the most decisive sections when it comes to differentiating this type of device. Nothing less than 2.500 Pascals that quickly make us realize that this Roborock S7 is going to be able to with all kinds of dirt. To store what you collect, it has a deposit of 470 milliliters that is extracted from the top and has a HEPA filter replaceable if needed.

We have WiFi connectivity to manage your application, fully compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. Speaking now of ultrasonic scrubbing, we focus on the fact that we have a deposit of "only" 300 milliliters, which we will talk about next. It is important to mention that it will only be compatible with 2,4GHz WiFi networks to extend the operating range.

We have a fairly simple and typical charging station for the brand, with a status indicator LED and a standardized power connection cable. Of course, at least the transformer is integrated into the base that offers a fairly efficient performance in terms of consumption.

The Roborock app, an added value

Software is an especially important part. Its initial configuration is extremely simple:

  1. Download the app (iOS / Android)
  2. Turn on the Roboorock S7
  3. Press the two side buttons of the Roborock S7 until the WiFi LED blinks (where the solids tank)
  4. Search from the app
  5. Enter the password for the WiFi network
  6. Will configure it automatically

It's that simple to get the Roborock S7 up and running. In our video you will see the different settings as well as the possibility to change the language, schedule cleaning times and much more. However, it is worth mentioning that its application will allow us to manage the maps of our home, adjust three levels of vacuum power, another three of scrubbing power and even adjust the areas in which we want it to be cleaned.

Different cleaning and scrubbing modes

We start with aspiration, the mode that we will most commonly use and that uses the different LiDAR sensors to take advantage of performance:

  • Silent mode: A low consumption mode that brings the device closer to three hours of autonomy.
  • Normal mode: A mode that will allow the device to automatically adjust the suction power based on the detection of dirt and carpets.
  • Turbo mode: Something more powerful and noisy, especially recommended when there is larger dirt and debris.
  • Maximum mode: It uses 2.500 Pa of power, extremely noisy and we would say that even annoying, yes, there will be no dirt that resists.

Regarding the behavior of the Roborock S7 with the carpets We can adjust between three different options: Avoid it; Ramming and deactivating scrubbing; Increase suction power when detected. I always bet on the latest version and the performance has been exceptional.

Many options also for ultrasonic scrubbing which has surprised us precisely by how well it works. So much so that we would recommend it even for parquet or wooden floors, something that had been posing a risk in similar devices until now. It will vibrate with a frequency of up to 3000 times per minute. All this is still far from a manual scrubbing in terms of ceramic floors, but in my opinion it is enough for the daily maintenance of a deck, yes, forget about scrubbing notorious dirt.

  • Light Scrubbing
  • Moderate scrubbing
  • Intense scrubbing

It has ad300 milliliter reservoir in which we want to remind you, you cannot include cleaning products, the brand itself indicates that it could adversely affect the strength of the product.

Maintenance and autonomy

As you well know, this device has a maintenance indicator in its application. For this we must take into account that HEPA filter is washable and that we will need to replace most of the consumables within approximately six months. In the same way, the cleanings will be programmed such that:

  • Main brush: Weekly
  • Side brush: Monthly
  • HEPA filter: Every two weeks
  • Scrub cloth: After each use
  • Contacts and sensors: Monthly
  • Wheels: Monthly

Regarding autonomy, It will vary between 80 minutes and 180 minutes depending on the number of functions, this will help to squeeze the 5.200 mAh from your battery to the maximum.

Editor's Opinion

Obviously this Roborock S7 fulfills almost everything promised, something that can be expected from a product of 549 (AliExpress). The scrubbing is still far from a traditional scrubbing in ceramic dreams, however, the vacuuming and its efficiency accompanied by a very complex application helps a lot to become one of the few robot vacuum cleaners that generate more satisfaction than headaches. Obviously we are not facing an entry-level product, so its acquisition will require weighing our needs.

Roborock S7
  • Editor's rating
  • 4.5 star rating
  • 80%

  • Roborock S7
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  • Posted on:
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  • Integrated
  • Screen
  • Performance
  • Camera
  • Autonomy
  • Portability (size / weight)
  • Price quality


  • Good and complete application
  • High suction power and cleaning efficiency
  • Sufficient scrubbing for pallet maintenance
  • Sufficient autonomy for homes of 90 m2 Aprx.


  • Does not include consumables in the packaging
  • Sometimes it does not pass through narrow gaps
  • A very loud noise at high powers

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