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Regarding the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, the new and surprising smart ring of the Korean brand, a complete infographic has been presented that summarizes the history of samsung wearables. Since the launch of the peculiar SPH-WP10 watch-phone in 1999 until today.

The evolution since that portable device, once presented as the "first marketed watch phone in the world", has been spectacular. That first wearable was far from the idea we have today of the concept of a smart watch, although it was the first step on a path full of success.

The term w, which we can translate as "to wear" or "to wear" has been gradually introduced into our daily vocabulary. This category includes a series of technological products such as watches, activity bracelets, headphones, smart glasses, etc. These are accessories or items of clothing that we wear and that allow us to track our routines and our state of health, as well as offer us updated information about the weather, etc.

This is the famous infographic that shows the history of Samsung wearables:

samsung wearables infographic

The first models

From the launch of the SPH-WP10 to the appearance of the brand's first real smartwatch in 2013, it can be said that what Samsung did was experiment with different ideas. Not all of them managed to capture the market's attention:

  • SPH-WP10. It was the manufacturer's first attempt to combine the functions of a watch and a mobile phone in the same device (or the idea of ​​what this was in the late 90s). It was a fairly bulky watch, with dimensions of 67 x 58 x 20 millimeters, although surprisingly light: only 50 grams including the battery. It also offered an autonomy of an hour and a half for calls and already incorporated the vibration mode.
  • SPH S100. Only a year later this improved version of the SPH-WP10 was released. In particular, there was a lot of attention to aesthetics, which had not been very careful in the first model.
  • Watch Phone. In 2003, this model appeared, the first to sport a 96 x 64 pixel resolution OLED screen. Its size was 6,3 cm and its weight was 85 grams. Among other things, the Watch Phone supported voice-activated dialing and Bluetooth compatibility. In addition, it had an integrated phone book and 40 polyphonic ringtones.
  • GT-S9110, a 2009 model that incorporated one more step in this evolution: the touch screen.

At the same time, in 2005 the Samsung WEP150, the brand's first wireless headphones. Still a very rudimentary model, but it would serve as a basis for the manufacturer to test future improvements.

Gear Series

samsung gear s2

Samsung's first series of wearables itself is the Gear smart watches. The Korean manufacturer kept it in production from 2013 to 2017. Not all of its models achieved the same level of acceptance by users, but what is beyond doubt is that they brought with them an undeniable technological leap:

  • Gear, officially considered as Samsung's first smartwatch. It measured 243,1 x 171,4 x 7,9 mm, weighed 73,8 grams and boasted of being a smartphone that could be worn strapped to the wrist. Ideal for browsing the internet, taking photos and performing many other functions.
  • Gear 2 (see image above). Only a year later, and after the success of the first model, a more developed version with a more powerful processor appeared. In addition, the range was diversified with the following variants:
    • Gear S, which for the first time included a 3G connection.
    • Gear S2, from 2015, the first in the series with a circular dial.
    • Gear Fit, with applications to monitor the user's health and physical activity.
  • Gear S3. This is a model that had all the appearance of a normal watch, although it was equipped with all the technological equipment of the smartwatches of the moment. It was also the one with which Samsung launched its Tizen operating system, which differentiated it from the competition.
  • Gear Fit, Gear Fit Pro y Gear Sport. Three smart watches aimed at users with a more sporty profile. They went on sale between 2016 and 2017, with a special, more ergonomic design and additional features such as water resistance or heart rate measurement.

Samsung's Gear series also had a model of wireless headphones, the Gear IconX. Far superior to the WEP150 both in aesthetics and in capacity and sound quality.

Galaxy Watch Series

galaxy watch

Despite all efforts, the Gear series had been surpassed by a powerful rival: the Apple Watch. For this reason, Samsung decided to invest all its experience and means to bring the Galaxy Watch to market in 2018. It was the beginning of a long and successful period.

  • Galaxy Watch. A Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass DX+, 1,5 GB of RAM + 4 GB of flash memory, WiFi, Bluetooth and other features were the calling card of this model that was marketed in three different sizes.
    • Galaxy Watch Active and Active2 They were the two sporty variants with a minimalist design that followed the path set by the Galaxy Watch. Two versions designed especially for sports fans.
    • Galaxy Fit and Fit2, similar to the previous ones, although more oriented to be used as activity trackers. They are light and resistant watches, with good quality in terms of screen and battery.
  • Galaxy Watch 3 (no, the Galaxy Watch 2 does not exist), it was presented in 2020 as a smartwatch model that brought together the characteristics of the models that have appeared to date. It improves all the features seen until then, incorporates better quality materials and also includes the rotating dial.
  • Galaxy Watch 4. It came out in 2021, with a continuous exterior design, but incorporating notable software improvements. In addition, it is the first to release the WearOS operating system.
  • Galaxy Watch 5. Better materials, new functions.
  • Galaxy Watch 6. The most recent in the series, presented in 2023.
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Galaxy Buds

galaxy buds pro

The WEP150 and Gear IconX wireless headphones provided Samsung with experience to design a much more complete model that was marketed starting in 2019: the Galaxy Buds, which are currently one of the most popular Samsung wearables. This is its evolution:

  • Galaxy Buds. A light and functional design. The earbuds are sold with a wireless charging case, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, and a single battery. Between 2020 and 2021, new improved versions arrived in terms of autonomy and improvements in sound quality:
    • Galaxy Buds +
    • Galaxy buds live
    • Galaxy Buds Pro
  • Galaxy Buds2 y Galaxy Buds2 Pro, smart headphones that introduce, among other things, a new active noise cancellation technology. In addition, they went on sale with a really attractive price, which made this a very popular and best-selling model.
AirPods Pro
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Galaxy Ring

galaxy ring

Samsung's latest great wearable is the smart ring Galaxy Ring. It is a revolutionary device that will be available in different sizes (one for each finger size) and, at least, in three colors: silver, black and gold. Everything we can currently do with a smart watch it will be possible to do with it smart rings, with the added advantage that it is more comfortable to wear.

The Galaxy Ring will go on sale this summer. At the moment, we do not know the details of its technical specifications and price.

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