10 tips to save battery life on your smartphone

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Any user who has a smartphone has to live most of the time with battery problems that appear sooner or later. External batteries and certain improvements by the manufacturers have allowed us to no longer have to run out of battery in the middle of the afternoon in our device, although unfortunately the problems have not completely disappeared.

If you are one of those who does not have the battery of your smartphone at the end of the day or even in the middle of the afternoon, today we are going to offer you a series of tips with which to save battery and have autonomy to enjoy and use throughout the day our mobile.

Avoid compulsively consulting your device

Although it sounds a little strange, the best way to save battery on your smartphone is not using it, or at least not using it in a compulsive way. It is increasingly normal for us to continuously consult our terminal, to see the time, to know if they have responded to that WhatsApp message or to simply see if in the 10 seconds that have elapsed since we looked at our mobile for the last time we has reached the message or email.

If you compulsively look at your mobile device, it may be a great idea to acquire one of the new accessories that have hit the market and that allow us to have a second electronic ink screen and that consume much less battery. This second screen can be ideal to check the time or even our email banner. Unfortunately they are not available for all terminals on the market, although they are increasingly available for a greater number.

Dark backgrounds can be a good resource

Despite what many think backgrounds with dark colors can be a great resource to save battery, and is that AMOLED screens, like the ones Samsung uses in most of its devices, only illuminate the colored pixels.

By placing a background of dark colors, not all the pixels light up and therefore there is a battery saving that can be of great help at the end of the day and when we begin to run out of our precious battery.

Don't play it with non-original batteries


On many occasions, to save a few euros when changing the battery of our smartphone, we usually prefer any battery, rather than an original one, which is usually somewhat more expensive. The original batteries are optimized for each terminal and inserting a non-original battery is usually not a great idea.

Non-original batteries or even Chinese ones are usually cheap, but in the long run they can be really expensive. Do not try to save where you should not save and buy an original battery no matter how much it costs you to pay for it.

Widgets, those big battery guzzlers

Widgets are things that look very nice on the desktop of our smartphone, but they often consume a lot of battery. For example, those of the weather or those that show news are updated every so often with the expense, not only of energy, but of data.

If you have your home screen of your mobile device full of widgets and you do not know why your battery and the data offered by your mobile phone company disappear at high speed, perhaps you have the explanation in them.

Widgets should be used, but in moderation and making sure that they are not updated every minute.

Auto brightness may not be as good as it sounds

A too bright screen or what is the same with too much brightness consumes more battery. Having the automatic brightness mode activated can be a way to end the battery in a short time, and it is that despite the fact that this option is tremendously comfortable, it consumes much more battery because in most cases it offers us a higher screen brightness than we need.

Set a screen brightness that is comfortable for you and change it when you need it, for example in the street when it is sunny.

Do you use everything you have activated on your smartphone?


Smartphones are increasingly equipped with a greater number of options and functions that in most cases we do not use, but that nevertheless we have activated, consuming a lot of energy in some cases. A clear example is NFC technology, which is very interesting and offers us great possibilities, although at the moment few users use. Of course, if you take the smartphone of almost any user, most have this option activated with the consequent battery consumption.

If you are not going to use the NFC technology, the location or the Bluetooth, keep them deactivated because they consume a lot of energy and if you are not going to use them it is not convenient for us to have them activated. When you go to make use of them activate them, and when finished deactivate them, you will see how your battery and you notice it.

Avoid activating the vibration, your battery will thank you

The vibration of a smartphone is usually quite common and it is natively configured when touching an icon or typing on the keyboard. Nevertheless This seems like something unimportant, for the battery it is something of great importance and it makes it run out faster.

Every time our mobile device the battery suffers, so it is more than interesting to turn off the vibration when touching the icons or typing with the keyboard. With this simple adjustment our battery will last longer and surely we will perceive it quickly.

Power saving modes can be your great friends

I can tell you that I am the first to deny the energy saving modes that different manufacturers of mobile devices install in their terminals. However, on many occasions they can be really useful and they have advanced a lot for years. The first energy saving modes left our smartphone practically like a brick that could only receive calls, but today we can save battery without taking away from doing almost anything.

If you are going to need your smartphone's battery to last you all day, or you are already very low on battery Activate one of the different energy saving modes that you will find on your mobile device and this may be of great help to you.

Keep a close eye on the waiting time of your device

The standby time of a mobile device is the time it takes for the screen to turn off after we stop using it. In most terminals it goes from a few seconds, to several minutes and we are even given the possibility that the screen never turns off, although this is only used in very specific moments.

The longer the standby time you have selected, the greater the battery consumption., so if you don't want to waste energy uselessly select a waiting time of 15 or 30 seconds (depending on your smartphone, this time may vary) and save a lot of energy.

Always keep your terminal updated


The majority of smartphone manufacturers on the market release software updates from time to time. On many occasions we are quite lazy to install these updates because they entail restarting the terminal and deprive us of using our device for a few minutes. Nevertheless Our recommendation is that you install these updates whenever they are available since sometimes they solve battery consumption problems or some components that consume battery irregularly or excessively.

These that we have offered you today are just 10 tips to save battery on your smartphone, although we are aware that there are many more and that there are much more drastic and at the same time simple solutions such as acquiring an external battery and carrying it always with us so as not to run out of battery at any time and also not have to be aware of applying any of the advice that we give you today.

If you know any more tips to take care of and save battery life on a mobile device, we would be delighted if you would send it to us to share with everyone. For this you can use the space reserved for comments on this post or the social networks in which we are present.

Ready to save battery on your smartphone and extend its autonomy?.

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